I wrote this when I was very bored in my World Religions Class, I hope someone finds entertainment out of it. 3

Eli's P.O.V

I took my seat in English class, with a rather smug look on my face. I laughed aloud; as I let what I just saw in the hall way, replay in my head. I had just witnessed Clare yelling at KC, my Clare, and then she just kicked him; right in the shin. *That's my girl* Although I'm not exactly sure why she had kicked him, I was extremely proud of her. Ever since Casino night, she had been more edgy, and I liked it, a lot.

"What's with the smile?" Clare asked as she slid into the seat behind me. "What was that in the hallway?" I ask, still smiling. "I just discovered that KC had left Jenna because she was pregnant, I thought he deserved it." She has stated this in the most subtle tone, I couldn't help but chuckle.

I turned around and gave her one of my lopsided smirks, "You want to come over later, Edwards?" I rubbed her knee as I waited for her reply. Her blue eyes lit up, and she nodded. I was still lost in her beautiful blue eyes, when a hand on my shoulder made me jump.

"If it's alright with you, Mr. Goldsworthy, I would like to start my lesson" I nodded and slowly turned to take my position facing the front of the class.

The rest of the day could not have gone by any slower. I was so anxious to have Clare come over. Things had been really starting to heat up between us lately. It made me really nervous, I respected her ring, but I also think she forgets it's there sometimes. I sighed as I shoved the rest of my books in my locker, thankful that the end of the school day had finally arrived.

A pair of hands wrapping around my waist made me jump, followed by a soft kiss on my neck, which set chills down my back.

"Hi, Baby." I sighed

"You miss me?" She breathed on my neck.

Without answering I turned around, placed her arms around my neck, and placed mine on her waist. I took a swim in her eyes, until I was interrupted by her soft lips kissing me fiercely. It felt so good. Our lips moving in perfect rhythm. I let my tongue slide across her bottom lip; wanting to explore every inch of her mouth, like I had many times before. Just as she was parting her lips…

"Hey Guys!" Alli yelled

I growled a little at the interruption.

"Hey Alli," Clare giggled, still flushed from our kiss.

"If you guys are going to be like that, the least you can do is get a room," Alli explains

I watched as Clare looked down and blushed *Still the same old Clare* I smiled at the thought.

"Anyways," Alli said a little too loudly. "What are two doing after you leave here?"

"I'm going to Eli's," Clare says shyly. I slipped my hand in to hers and gave it a tight squeeze. She raised her head to look at me slowly, and gave me one of her sweet smiles. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach again; I wanted to feel her body on mine, the touch of her fingers, and the taste of her lips.

"Alright lovebirds, I'm gonna leave now, you two have fun." Alli said with a giggle.

I felt a sense of relief when she left.

"Want to get out of here, baby?" I asked with a small smirk.

She didn't say a word, just pulled me along, out the door.

Clare's P.O.V

As I was sitting on the couch at Eli's, I became very interested in a trailer for a movie of a man buried alive in a box. Although it wasn't much of a trailer, it caught my attention. As I was watching it, I felt Eli's hot breath on my ear. My body went tense.

"Nervous?" He whispered, sounding very sexy I may add.

I could hear the smile in his voice. I took a large gulp; he knew I was nervous. His lips touched just below my ear, and my blood started to boil. I could feel my face get hot. He slowly kissed is way to the hollow of my neck, and started to suck softly; A moan staggered from my lips. He sank his teeth into the spot he was just sucking on; I moaned much louder than I should have. Eli's reaction to my moan showed me it had made him all the more excited.

He laid me down on the couch, and looked into my eyes as he straddled me. I could feel the heat forming in-between my legs. Things have gotten really intense with Eli lately, I knew I needed to stay strong to my promise but Eli just made me feel so- My thoughts we're interrupted by his soft lips crashing into mine, my eyes slid closed as his hands slowly roamed my body. I felt my head get clouded, all judgment gone. His hips started slowly grinding on mine, my libido boiled over the top by this point. My moans were escaping from my lips into his kisses.

He made his way back to my neck, nipping and sucking here and there. I wanted to touch him all over. I slowly slid my hands into his shirt, roaming his stomach and chest. He let out a gasp as my hand skimmed the waistline of his jeans, accidently I may add. I smiled at his reaction; Even though I had never been this way with anyone, I loved how I made him react. Eli started massaging my breasts, moans buzzing in my throat.

His hands still massaging, he placed his lips to mine again. He teasingly pulled my bottom lip in-between his teeth, I was going to explode. His hand slipped under my blouse, and he twisted my nipple lightly through the thin lace of my bra; my body arched as I yelped in pleasure. He dug his hips deeper into mine just as a stern voice yelled,

"Elijah Goldsworthy!"