The room was full of sadness. Family and friends all gathered to bid the passing of Darcy. Clare's fingers we're firmly intertwined with mine as every person, close to Darcy, spoke some words about her. Clare should be going up soon, she wanted to be last. I hated seeing Clare so upset, it was heart wrenching. I gave her hand a tight squeeze before she made her way to the podium, holding back the tears so she could say what she wanted to say;

"Darcy was a great sister. We may have had our fights, and sometimes we wouldn't get along, but I loved her very much. I will miss her until the day I die; and I know she will always be in our hearts."

She barely made it before she was sobbing again, I walked up to the podium and grabbed her hand and guided her back down to her seat. She rested her head on my shoulder as they closed the funeral, everyone was asked to say their good-byes and share their sympathy for the family. After everyone shared with her family their condolences, I followed Clare to the casket. I stood by her side as she went up to Darcy, saying her last goodbye. She gave her an awkward hug before telling her that she loved her. She hesitantly walked away from the casket, and I followed close behind her; I was trying to give her enough space, so she didn't feel overwhelmed.

Everyone cleared out of the room slowly, all postponing the gathering at Clare's house. As everyone got into their vehicles, Clare and I got in the backseat of her parents car (I thought it may be offending if I brought Morty). When we arrived to the house, Clare already looked so exhausted from the long, sad, day. I smiled weakly at her before we made our way into the house. She grabbed my hand and held it tight. People we're scattered everywhere; some still crying, some talking, some eating. I took a deep breath and followed Clare to do a little bit of hosting; see if anyone needed anything. Once she was done with that she went up to her parents and asked if we could be excused to her room. They slowly nodded and we made our way up the stairs.

Once we closed the door Clare laid down on the bed and began to sob again, I curled up with her and let her sob. We laid silent for what seemed like hours, the only noise was her cries. The pain I felt while hearing her cry was practically unbearable. She fell asleep crying, and I followed close behind.


I was awoken when I felt Clare's body sink onto the bed and cuddle close to me. I yawned, "Sorry Eli, I had to get a drink of water. I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's okay baby," I mumbled. I pulled her closer to me, "Is the get together over with?"

She nodded, "It's 2 am. No one's here, Mom and Dad left a note saying they we're going to a hotel for the night."

"Hmm," I mumbled still half asleep.

I felt Clare's warm lips kiss my cheek, "I love you, Eli."

Slowly I started waking up, "I love you too, Clare."

I pushed my lips against hers and I heard a raspy moan fill her throat. She straddled my waist and I was definitely awake by then. My hands rested on her hips as our tongues battled for domination. I flipped us over and my hands moved to her breasts, kneading them softly; as my mouth sucked on her neck. Her moans got louder, and my hands became needier. My hips started to thrust against hers, her raspy breaths and so very hot moans making me move more erratic. I pulled my shirt off and then quickly removed her dress. Her lips found mine once again and I intertwined our fingers together and pinned her hands above her head. I pulled out of the kiss to trace my lips down her neck and chest. When I reached her breasts, I released her hands to unclasp and remove her bra. My mouth worked on her right nipple, sucking and nibbling; while I pulled the other one between my fingers. Clare's hips thrust upward and her head flew back.

"Oh Eli!"

I traced kisses down her stomach till I got to her waist; I slowly pulled her panties down. Once they hit the floor I massaged her clit with the pad of my thumb. She practically screamed my name, when I thrust two fingers inside of her; pumping them fast, as I continued to rub her clit. I felt her walls start to tighten and I pulled my fingers out of her, she whined and I chuckled. "I'm not done with you quite yet, love."

She spared me a smile and I got up and slowly pulled down my pants and boxers. I walked to her drawer where we kept the condoms. I ripped it with my teeth and slowly slid it on. I got back on the bed and positioned myself in front of her. I slowly slid the head of my penis in between her folds; her fingers grasped at her sheets. "Oh. God. Eli. Please."

I leaned over her body as I continued to rub her with my dick, and whispered, "I love you Clare, so much."

She replied with heavier breathing, "I'll love you forever, Eli."

I whispered softly, "Forever…" With that I pushed myself inside of her, her moan coursing through every part of my body.

~The End~

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