kitty screamed along to the lyreics then kurt rurned the music off 'i hate that song' he said adn teleported away and kitty turned the misic backon. lance pulledup in is jeep and ran into kittys room 'ey prettykitty i have a suprise for you' he said and pulled out a bouqet of dandelions. kitty screamed 'i love it thank you lance youres soo amazing' kurt suddenlu appeared again with a gun and said' i hate you both youre so stupid get a room' and shot lance in the stomach and punched itty in the face before laughing crazily and kicking lance off the balcony. he fell into the jeap and it stared roling forward into the trees and there was a bg fireball as it exploded kitty screamed 'no lance no i loved u' kurt grabbed kitty and tried to teleport away but couldnt because of the gun so he thre it wat the wall and wolverine appeared and sliced the gun lie sushie and snarled jumping for kut but he tleoprted to his room. 'help hes gonna rape me' kitty screamed and kurt punched her 'no im not im just gonna koll you' he grownled and took a knife and stabbed her in the stomach laughing. suddenly lances gost apperared and took the knife from kurt and said 'no youre not goingto kil me girlfriend' kitty and lancesghost ran away and kurt got killed by wolvierine who cut his head off the end