You Shall Be Mine: 1

Old Feelings Die Hard

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon.  Also, this is a dark and Angewomon/Myotismon fic, so don't read if it sounds, well, not to your liking.  I'm still a hardcore Angewomon/Angemon fan, but I thought I'd write something different.

It has been some time since the digidestined team left the Digiworld.  They were all on their own working, schooling--their minds on other things than the Digiworld.  They digimon stayed behind in their home and it was almost like they had forgotten the digidestined.  They talked about their digimon humans less as the days went by and the humans didn't come to see the Digiworld anymore.  They were all grown up and able to care for themselves. They didn't need the digimon anymore.  They were no longer children.  With the humans back in their world, doing their own things, the digidestined digimon stayed as a clique for some time.  Gatomon and Patamon were exceptionally closer than the others.  But for the other digimon, they began to fall apart and go their own separate ways, guarding their areas just incase there would be a new 'digimon emperor' from the other world or a different intruder.  They saw less of each other day by day and they didn't seem to care about it.

But for Gatomon, it was a different story.  All she wanted was to find the digidestined she belonged with.  She wanted to find the other digidestined digimon and when that day finally came, she was very happy.  However, it just seemed odd, uneasy for her always.  When Wizardmon died for her, she felt empty again.  He was, she believed, her only true friend.  He stayed by her side the whole time, even while she served Myotismon. He couldn't have just been paying a debt, was he?  He really did care for her.  He had too, right? Gatomon wasn't sure what to believe.  Wizardmon was gone and she'd never see him again.

  Agumon, Gabumon and the others were always so good.  They had their digimon partners longer than she had Kari.  While they met their digimon partners, having fun, growing closer, she was serving Myotismon.  Gatomon always believed they never accepted her as one of them because she was the most loyal servant of Myotismon--their enemy.  While they were looking for Kari to save her, Gatomon was helping Myotismon find her so that they would destroy her. Maybe they never truly had forgiven her. Sure, they were all one team now, but in her heart that was cloaked in darkness, she knew, she knew for certain that she didn't belong.  She caught the glances from the others, the snickers, and the sarcasm.  She knew they were backbiting her.  Patamon was the only digimon that made her feel welcome and the others--they tried.

It was in the middle of the afternoon. Gatomon sighed by the river, her paws crossed.  She remembered what happened while fighting the dark masters.  A guide used Kari's body to tell them the story and she found out why she had been alone.  When Gennai had saved the eggs and crests from Piedmon and escaped, her digiegg fell away from the others.  Why didn't Gennai notice there was one egg missing? Did he not care either?  He was a lot younger back then.  Why didn't he save her egg? Why did she had to stay alone?

"That's my digiegg," Gatomon said.  "So that's why I was brought up all alone."

"Cheer up," Biyomon told her, "We're together now."

Gatomon sighed, remembering that.  Did Biyomon really mean it?  Was she actually trying to make her feel better, or did she just say that to make her quit moping?  Well, now at the moment, they were not together.  Sure, they tried after the digidestined left and even had little parties.  But they all changed and went their separate ways and they weren't a group any longer.  Patamon was the only one who stayed by her side, but how long until he was going to leave too? He had to have been only staying because he was the smallest rookie and needed her for protection.  He'd leave eventually. Gatomon felt that there was only one left thing to do.  She had to leave before he left first.  That way, she would not have to see another person walk out of her life. It would be she doing the walking.  Yes, it was hard, but Gatomon saw no other way.  He never truly cared for her, did he?  He was just like the others.

"Gatomon," Patamon said, flying up to her, "are you all right?  I've been looking for you."

Gatomon cleared her throat and sat up.  "Oh, hello, Patamon.  Nice day, isn't it?"

"Sure is," Patamon agreed and landed. 

"I'm going to go for a walk," Gatomon stated, "and I'll bring something back to eat."

"There are plenty of fish right in this river," Patamon said.

"Oh, I'm sick of fish," Gatomon groaned.

"But you're a cat," Patamon reminded.

"Well, even cats can get tired of fish," she said, forcing a smile.  "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going, Digitomamon's diner?" he inquired.

"No, I know of a place that has much better food," she said, walking passed him.  "Stay right here."  She got on all fours and frolicked away, leaving a confused Patamon behind.

'Forgive me, Patamon,' she thought, 'It's better this way.'


Gatomon ran far away and feeling thirsty and tired, she stopped at a stream for water and a fish.  It was true, being a cat, she was sick of fish and berries.  She wanted more, much more.  The kinds of things rich humans ate--turkey, roast beef, caviar, strawberries and chocolate.  She was getting sick of this life.  Even in Myotismon's lair she had a bit of more fun, a purpose.  With the digidestined gone, all she did was lay around and talk with the others.  Gatomon's heart skipped.  Maybe it was still dark, deep within the core.  She did get a thrill out of the things she did when she worked for Myotismon and he awarded her greatly and treated her differently than his other servants.  They plotted their deeds together.  Realizing this, Gatomon shook her head.

"What am I thinking?" she demanded herself aloud, "I do not work for Myotismon anymore. He is evil, through and through!  He tried to destroy Kari and I almost did it too.  He took Wizardmon from me…my only friend.  Myotismon is dead, so why am I thinking of him now?" She splashed her paw in the water and sighed.  The sun was beginning to set and she continued to run off, her destination unclear.

When the sun had finally set and the stars and moon came out, Gatomon found herself at Myotismon's castle.  She could've walked by it and went somewhere else, but some unknown force pulled her to it.  Gatomon walked up to the steps and she sat on her haunches.

"So, this was where it all began," she muttered.  She sighed and hung her head.  She suddenly felt sleepy and she curled up on the steps and fell into a slumber.

She had only been sleeping for a few moments when she heard a voice calling her name.

"Gaaaaatooooomooooonnnnnn.    Gaaaaatooooooomooooooonnn."

"Huh, wha?" she blinked several times and perked her head up.  "Who's there?"  The voice sounded familiar.  She wasn't sure who it was, but it certainly wasn't Wizardmon.

"I knew that you couldn't stay away," said the voice and a circle of red formed in front of her.  "Welcome home, Gatomon."

"Wait, it's you!" Gatomon shouted, "Myotismon!"

The red swirling color created Myotismon. "Aw, so nice to know you still remember your old master." He said, smiling evilly. 

"I thought you were dead!" she hissed.  "How many times must we kill you before you are gone forever?"

"Oh, Gatomon," he told her, taking a step in front of her.  "You should know that digimon don't' really die when they are destroyed.  They are reformatted and born again in the Primary Village."

"Well, you still look like the same monster I remember," she commented.

"Oh, I may look the same," he said, "but I am different.  What was left of my data created this new me.  And that data was pure."

"You not pure at all!" she hissed. "You're evil and rotten to the core, Myotismon! You're just as wicked as you always were!  Why have you come back? Why couldn't you just stay dead?"

"Because, my pet," he said, "old feelings die hard.  I was reformatted so that we can meet again."

"I am not going to be your servant again, so forget it!" she shouted, lunging toward him. "LIGHTNING CLAW!"

Mytosimon held up his hand and blocked the blast. "Ah, I see you haven't changed much either."  He walked up to her, knelt down and attempted to stroke her behind her chin.  She nearly bit of his finger, growling.  She hopped away from him.

"I'll destroy you once and for all, Myotismon," she said, "so help me! GATOMON DIGIVOLVE TO…ANGEWOMON!"

Mytosismon smiled, "I've forgotten how beautiful you were as ultimate."

"Perhaps because I was too busy attacking you!" Angewomon declared.  "I will get you this time.  I'll make sure you don't reformat, if it's the last thing I do!"  The feathers of her glove created a bow and just as she was about to unleash her celestial arrow, Myotismon spoke.

"Oh, I don't think you would, my dear," he said, reaching out his hand, "You don't have the heart!"

"Huh?" Angewomon mumbled and then, she suddenly felt her heart feel like it was being ripped from her chest.  "Aaah!" she put her hand over it and hunched forward, finding breathing difficult.  "Stop!"


She looked up just in time to see it flying to her.  It hit her back and she slid down the steps.  She struggled to get up.  "What do you want with me?" she asked.

"Now why did you make me do that?" he demanded, stepping to her.  "You shouldn't have made this so hard."  He bent down and began to rub her arm.  "I did not mean to harm you."  He put her under a sleeping spell.

"You lie," she muttered and de-digivolved to Gatomon, finally in unconsciousness.

"Not this time, my love," Myotismon said, continuing to stroke Gatomon cat as if she really was his dear pet. "We shall finally be together.  You shall be mine."

Gatomon moaned in her sleep.

"Yes, isn't that right, kitty?" he picked her up in his arms, rubbing his cheek against hers, scratching her behind the ears.  It was both touching and disturbing, perhaps disgusting at the same time.  "Finally, after all this time, we can be together again."  He got up and carried her inside, still stroking her fur.  There were few torches lit down the hall and they went down to the dungeon.  Myotismon frowned as he set her down in a corner and put a chained collar to her throat that was attached to the wall.

"I'm sorry that I have to keep her in her like this," he said strangely, as if he actually meant it, "I'd prefer to put you in a fancy room but then you'd just run away.  You are not ready yet and I cannot take any chances. I've waited too long.  Perhaps I can take you to your new room soon, I know you would like that. Now, I must away for a while but I shall return.  I have business I must attend to."  He stroked her fur and then walked out of the dungeon.  'I cannot let anyone find her,' he thought.


Patamon walked around a tree about fifty times and stopped.  "She's been gone too long," Patamon told himself.  I should go and look for her.  She might be in trouble."  Not wasting another moment, he flew up in the air to search for her.  He had been flying for quite some time and when he thought that he'd never find her.  He saw something up ahead.

"Gatomon," he said, picking up speed.  Then he stopped suddenly when he did not find Gatomon, but Myotismon.  "Myotismon!" he exclaimed, "I thought you were…"

"Dead?" he finished.  "No.  I am back again, to claim what is rightfully mine!"

"You can't have the Digiworld," he spat.  "Patamon digivolve to…ANGEMON!"

"Oh, you're going to challenge me now, Angemon?" he asked.  "A champion fighting against an ultimate. What makes you think you can defeat me?"

"I can try," he muttered.

"You are wrong about the Digiworld," Myotismon said.  "That is not what I am after."

"It isn't?  Then what?  Earth?"

"Not Earth either.  Far from it."

"You've grown soft, Myotismon," Angemon said. "I thought you evil digimon were all the same?"

"Well, I've changed my priorities," Myotismon insisted.  "I do not want the digital world.  I want something else."


"Don't be foolish, Angemon.  You know what I want. Or I should say, who I want."

"The digidestined," Angemon mumbled.  "TK…"

"No, I want nothing with children," Myotismon rephrased.  "I want a digimon. Maybe you know her. Angewomon."

Angemon gasped, "You have her!"

"She is in my care," Myotismon explained, "and she will be mine.  You cannot stop me, Angemon.  No one can!  She belongs to me!  GRISTLY WING!"

"ANGEL STAFF!" the two attacks canceled each other out.

"What have you done with her, Myotismon?"  Angemon demanded.  "Where is she?  If you harmed her then…"

"Oh, I have no reason to harm her," Myotismon insisted, "I want her alive, not dead.  She's just fine.  You're no good for her, Angemon.  I'm the only one that can give her what she wants."

"You lie!  HAND OF FATE!"

Myotismon dodged the attack.  "Oh, is that the best you can do?"

"Let her go, Myotismon!  She doesn't belong with you, never has, never will!"

"Now that is a lie," Myotismon growled.  "She has always belonged with me.  I've always had her best interests at her.  None of you made her feel wanted, like she belonged.  But with me, she does belong.  It will only be a matter of time until she realizes that.  Now I have her back and I will not let her leave me again!"

"You are wrong!" Angemon commanded, flying after him.  "She belongs with us!"

"Then where are the others?" Myotismon demanded, flying back. They grapple and turn around, "haven't you brought them with you?  They do not want her back.  She belongs with me!"

"Like hell she does!  She doesn't want anything more to do with you!  I know the things you've done to her in the past and I know that you will do it again!"

"It's different now," Myotismon said.  "I did not mean to harm her but I had to keep her obedient somehow!  You will not ruin this chance for me, Angemon!  No one!  Say, goodbye!  NIGHTMARE CLAW!" He sent all of his strength in the attack, so much that it paralyzed Angemon and made him fall to the ground, unable to fly.  He hit branches of trees.  He broke his back and a couple of ribs.  Myotismon appeared over him to finish the job.  Blood trailed down the corner of Angemon's mouth and he coughed.

"I…I won't let you…have her…She and I…are…"

"Don't think for a moment you are better than me, Angemon," Myotismon muttered.  "You have fought well.  Now, it is time for me to finish you off!  CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"

"No…" Angemon tried to move, but he was still paralyzed.  The lightning struck him and he screamed.  He fell into tiny bits of data, leaving his helmet behind on the ground.

Myotismon walked over and picked up the helmet.  "See you around, Angemon."  He smiled and walked away, unable to believe how easy it was to finish Angemon.