You Shall Be Mine 3

Evilly Ever After

"You've certainly changed your mind quickly, my sweet," Myotismon said, his arms still crossed. 

"I've had a long enough time to think it over, believe me."  Angewomon admitted.  "I must confess, I still thought of you time to time.  It was dull and boring with the other digimon.  I liked it better with you.  I even began to miss it.  I never told anyone about this.  I never felt like I belonged, but you made me feel wanted.  And I'm flattered to know that you still want me, even now.  Go on, Myotismon, let's get started."

Myotismon paused and smiled, "couldn't wait, could you?  Couldn't wait to come back home?"

"I'm back home, master," she whispered.  "What are you waiting for, Myotismon?" She grinned and leaned forward, "didn't you say that angel food was one of your favorites?  Hmm?" 

She pressed her lips against his and Myotismon was startled by her action, but he acted quickly.  He uncrossed his arms and put them around her, participating in the kiss and pushed his body against hers so that her back pushed into the wall.  She didn't care if the rough wall scratched her body.  Last night when Myotismon kissed her, she pretended that she was somewhere else.  But now, she was all here with her Lord Myotismon.  She tried to get her feet and hands out of the metal locking devices but they were too strong.  She just had her head to work with.  The touch of his hands, the taste of his lips, she never thought that they could be so pleasurable.  Myotismon stopped the kiss and pulled her hair to her right shoulder.  Angewomon was breathing hard.  She had never been in an earth-moving kiss like that before.  She closed her eyes as Myotismon ripped the white covering of her neck and pulled it off.  He circled his finger on the left side of her neck and without being told to, Angewomon tilted her head to her right shoulder and moaned. 

"Yes…yes…Do it, Myotismon," she breathed.  "I'm ready."

"This will hurt a little," he warned.

"I can take it."

He kissed her neck before he opened his mouth and bit into the soft flesh.  His fangs were inserted through her skin and into her jugular vein.  Angewomon let out a little moan, but didn't flinch or cry out or even wince.  It did hurt, but only for a small moment when she felt him bite.  After that, she felt no pain.  She was feeling something else now.  It was odd, strange.  She could feel her blood being drawn but at the same time, she felt something coming into her, like a dose of energy, power.  She tried to speak, cut couldn't.

'I feel so strange,' she thought.  'And…good.'  She closed her eyes and smiled as if she were having a peaceful dream.  The color from her face and body went away and she was as white as snow but her lips were a deep purple.  All of her feathers molted away and her wings shriveled up.  Her breastplate and clothing fell to the floor and new attire started to appear over her body.  She wore a dark blue sleeveless dress with a collar.  The front of her dress had a V-neck that went down slightly past her cleavage. She wore fishnet-like gloves that went up to her elbows connected around her index finger in a ring.  Her fingernails were now dark red and razor sharp. She wore a golden bat brooch.  She had a slit on the right side of her dress that went up to her thigh and wore boots that had bat wings on the ankles of them and they went up to her knees.  She wore a long red and black cape and now had a red streak

Myotismon extracted his fangs from her throat and drew back to look at his new queen.  Once an angel of the light, now a blood-sucking creature of the dark, Angewomon finally opened her eyes.  Her left was blue and her right eye was red.

"Did it work?" she asked, in a different, new voice.

"Oh yes," he replied.  "My Lady Myotismon."

"Lady Myotismon, I like the sound of that." She grinned as Myotismon undid the locks around her feet and then her hands.  Lady Myotismon knelt down in front of him.  "Thank you, master."  She said, grasping his ankles.  "I feel so…good."

"Get up," he said, grabbing her by the arms and lifting her up. "You no longer have to grovel at my feet, my darling."  He cupped her face.  "Now, you may stand by my side.  For eternity."

Lady Myotismon let out a sigh and pressed her face against her king's shoulder.  She fell asleep from standing on her feet for all night and he lifted her up in his arms.  He kissed her forehead.

"Welcome home, my sweet," he whispered.  He carried her up to the tallest tower of his castle.  Inside the tower was a large room with a vanity mirror and red and blue bed shaped like a casket and a canopy.  He laid her down on the bed for her to sleep and left.

After sleeping for an hour, Lady Myotismon opened her eyes.  She felt refreshed and it was nearly midnight.  She didn't want to sleep the whole night, not when there was so much to do.  She can now sleep in the day, like Lord Myotismon.  Lady Myotismon sat up and yawned. 

"This must be the room he told me about," she said, getting to her feet.  "Now, I wonder where he is."  She walked down the stairs to search for him.  The old, creepy and yet familiar surroundings would've frightened her, like they used to back when she lived here as Gatomon.  But now, she found it inviting, homey.  She lifted her hand and touched an old painting, "Aw, it's so good to be back home."  She smiled and went on looking for Myotismon and found him sitting in a chair next to the fireplace.

Lady Myotisimon stepped up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder.  "The room is lovely."

"Awake already?" he asked.

"The night is still young," she said.  She leaned down to him and bit his neck.  She withdrew and sat on his lap.  "There is some unfinished business I must attend to.  I want to know what I can do in this new form."

"You can start by showing your old friends a thing or two," he suggested.

"Exactly," she said, "I want them to pay for leaving me alone.  Won't they be surprised when they get a surprise visit from me!"

"Shall I come with you, my sweet?"

"Thank you," she told him, running her finger down his cheek, "but this is something I must do alone."


Lady Myotismon left the castle to search for the others. She found Agumon first, guarding his area.  She de-digivolved to her old familiar form, Gatomon, planning to surprise him by changing back to her new form at the right moment.

"Gatomon, is that you?" Agumon questioned.

"Hello, Agumon," she muttered. "Been a while, hasn't it?"

"How've you been?"

"I've had better days," she said. 


"But all that has changed now."


Gatomon grinned.  "It's too late for you now, Agumon."

"Gatomon, what's going on?"

"You and the others all left me behind!" she shouted.  "I knew I was different, that I didn't belong.  Well, now, you're going to pay the price!   All of you will!"

Agumon stepped back, "I don't understand."

"You didn't care for me.  None of you did.  Just because I was different!  Thought I was darker than all of you."

"That's not true!" he shouted.  "What's gotten into you?"

"I'm a whole new digimon now," she sneered and changed back to Lady Myotismon.  "I met my old friend Lord Myotismon and he made me stronger.  You all left me, but the whole time, he's been waiting for me to come back to him!"

"He's only using you!"

"Hurry up and digivovle, Agumon," Lady Myotismon challenged.

"No!  I won't fight you!"

"Why, because you know I'll just destroy you?"

"No, because you are on our side!"

"I WAS NEVER ON YOUR SIDE!" she shouted.  "You never gave me a chance!  Sorry it had to be this way, Agumon!" 

"Gatomon, no!"

"I am not Gatomon," she corrected, "I am Lady Myotismon."  Her red eye flashed.  "EVIL EYE BLINDING!"  A red streak came from her eye and to Agumon's, blinding him.  He backed up and she finished him off.  "STONE CURSE!"

He turned to stone and she smashed him to bits.  "Well, that finishes Agumon." She said, wiping her hands.  "Now, I'd better get to the others."

One by one, Lady Myotismon finished off what she believed were her old friends.  With these new powers, this new body, she felt like she could do anything, fight anyone.  The screams did nothing to her.  She took pleasure in it all.  After finishing the last one, Gomamon, Lady Myotismon let out a laugh of victory. Then she heard a familiar voice.

"How could you, Gatomon?"

"Who's there?" she asked, turning around.  "Show yourself!  Fight me!"

Before her, appeared Wizardmon.  "How could you?"

"Wizardmon," she mumbled, "I--"

"They were your friends," he said, "how could you kill them?  How could you return back to Myotismon?"

"They are not my friends!" she hissed.  "They all left me!  Myotismon was the only one who wanted me.  I had nowhere else to go."

"This is not why I sacrificed myself for you and Kari," Wizardmon said.  "I was trying to protect you."

"Now I can protect myself," she said.  "You just don't understand, Wizardmon.  He was only going to destroy Kari because he didn't want me to leave him.  He knew I was the 8th digimon and he didn't want me to learn of my destiny."

"You see?" he asked, "Myotismon was keeping you from finding Kari. He knew."

"I am where I belong now."

"Don't you realize it is because of him that I'm gone?" Wizardmon demanded.  "That you almost lost your life and Kari?  Why have you returned to him? Why?"

"He is not the reason why you're dead, Wizardmon," Lady Myotismon corrected. "I am.  I found you when Myotismon ordered me to find new servants and then, I found you.   At first, I didn't think to help you after watching the other digimon walk by you.  I thought that someone would stop to help you and I can continue my task.  But no one did.  So, I figured, if anyone going to help you, it had to be me.  That is why I helped you, Wizardmon.  I thought that maybe you'd join us but I told you that I didn't want anything in return anyway.  You didn't seem like the kind of digimon that would serve someone like Myotismon.  That is why I helped you and that is why you're dead now. You wouldn't leave.  You were too worried about paying an old debt."

"That's not true!" he cried.  "You are my friend!"

"Isn't it?" she asked.  "It's too late now though.  I'm sorry that you had to die on my account, Wizardmon.  I belong with Myotismon now.  If I just hadn't betrayed him…then none of this would've happened."

"Think about Kari."

"I am." She muttered.  "She doesn't' need me anymore.  She can take care of herself now.  She's a big girl now.   All the digidestined are.  I bet they've forgotten all about the digimon."

"Then why don't you just go to the real world and find out?" he asked before disappearing once again.

"I will."


Lady Myotismon reached Earth.  She stood on a tower and looked at the world below her.  "Aw, Earth…it seems that it's been so long.  Well, let's see what else I can do here.  If Myotismon was able to turn everything into fog, then so can I!"

She held her hand in the air and began to chant a spell.  First a fog appeared over her and around the tower.  It stretched over the bridge and buildings.  She pushed herself to do more.  It was springtime, but she forced the wind to become stronger.  It started to hail.  The hailstones were the size of tennis balls and they smashed flowers, broke twigs and went through windshields of cars.  She created sleet and snow.  People looked outside, unable to understand and believe the discovery.

"It's snowing!" they exclaimed.  "But in the middle of April?"

But she wasn't done yet.  Lady Myotismon conjured the power of a typhoon.  The water rose up and flooded arrears close to the beach.  The winds were too powerful for flying and what planes were in the air went straight down.  After having her fun, Lady Myotismon turned everything to normal, much to people's relief.

"I can have fun with these powers," she said.

Then she decided to have a little walk around down. A teenage boy was playing basketball in a court.  The ball got away from him and hit Lady Myotismon in the ankle.

"Sorry about that," he said, "could you throw that back please?"

Lady Myotismon picked up the ball and walked up to the boy.  "You should be more careful."

"I said I was sorry!" he muttered, reaching for the ball.

She pulled it back and dug her claws into it.  The ball deflated and she tossed it behind her.  "You have no manners, boy."

"OH, bite me!"

Lady Myotismon grinned.  "Don't mind if I do!"  She grabbed him by the arm.

"Huh?  Hey!  Let go of me!"

She restrained him and bit into his neck.  She found that blood had such a pleasant taste.  So thick, so creamy, yet light, salty, tangy, it was like nothing she ever had. She felt the need for more.

"I wonder what's going on out there," a sixteen-year-old Kari said, looking out the window.  She had just taken pictures of the weather. "The weather went all weird and it went back to normal so quick.  Something isn't right."  Camera in hand, she went to investigate the cause of whatever just took place.

Before long, Kari crossed paths with Lady Myotismon in the park.  Kari dropped her camera and stepped back.  'I wish Gatomon was here,' she thought.  "Who--who are you?  Stay back!"

Lady Myotismon walked toward her with a grin on her face.

"You're the cause of this, aren't you?" Kari demanded.  "That crazy storm.  You did it!"

"Yes.  Amazing, wasn't it?"

Kari eyed a rock and picked it up.  "Don't' come near me!"

"You wouldn't dare attack me, Kari," Lady Myotismon said.

"You know my name," Kari whispered.

"Because once, I looked like this."  She reverted to Angewomon and de-digivolved to Gatomon.

Kari dropped the rock and gasped.  "Gatomon?  What happened to you?"

Gatomon changed back to her old form.  "Don't I look beautiful, Kari?"

"You're different," she said.

"Yes," she whispered.  "I feel so much stronger now.  And I have Myotismon to thank for it."

"Myotismon's alive?"

"It seems that he just couldn't let me go," she replied.  "You know, he was really looking out for me.  He only wanted you dead because he knew I was the digimon for the 8th child.  He didn't want to risk losing me.  Isn't that romantic?  He wanted to rule the Digiworld with me by your side."

"You've gone nuts," Kari said.

"And, I would've killed you too," Lady Myotismon said, holding her hand in front of Kari's face, as if she were to cut her into ribbons.  "I was expecting to find a little spoiled brat.  But you were nothing like I thought.  I was surprised to find such a sweet child full of light."

"You couldn't kill me," she whispered, "because we were destined for each other."

"Know this, Kari," she muttered, pointing her nail between her eyes, "the one reason why I decided to let you live because you were so full of light and not a spoiled, annoying brat.  That is the same reason why I do not kill you right where you stand now."

"You're still good inside," she insisted.

"Oh?  Good?  Far from it."

"Gatomon, listen to yourself!" she cried.  "You've gone crazy! What did Myotismon do to you?"

"Silence!" she hissed, bringing her hand to her side.  "I no longer Gatomon.  I am Lady Myotismon now!"

"Why?  Why?"

"Because I was at home when I was living in Myotismon's fortress.  Because I do not belong with you.  If I didn't betray him, Wizardmon would still be alive today and he wouldn't feel threatened by you.  The others all left me and so I ran away.  Myotismon took me in.  After Angemon died, I didn't have much of a choice."

"Angemon's dead?" Kari whispered.  "Poor TK…"

"So I became Myotismon's lady, his bride.  And I've never felt better.  The others got their little payback from me for leaving me."

"You killed them, didn't you?" Kari demanded.

"I wanted to see what my new powers were," Lady Myotismon explained, as if it justified her action.  "And who better than the ones who betrayed me?"

"Please," she said. "You don't need to stay with him, Gatomon.  You're still my digimon, no matter what he says!  You belong with me!  We're destined for each other."

"No!" she shouted. "You don't need me anymore.  You left me too.  I'm surprised you even remember me."


"I take my leave now," she said.  "I don't belong here.  You're so full of light, so sweet, so kind.  So unlike me.  I cannot be in your presence.  I'm tainted by darkness and that is where I belong.  That's the only thing that welcomes me.  That is why I can't be your digimon any more, Kari.  We're different.  You should've gotten a digimon that was with the others, one full of light like you.  Not one that was alone up to when she was a rookie and found by the darkness.  That's all I know.  Goodbye, Kari, forever." She turned around and began to walk away.

"Wait!  Don't go!"  Kari cried, taking a few steps forward. "Come back!  Maybe there is a way we could change you back.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Gatomon!"  Tears welled up in Kari's eyes and she dropped her head in sadness.  "Gatomon."


Kari's cries saddened Lady Myotismon, but she pushed herself to keep moving.  It was better this way.  She had no other choice. She saw a stagecoach approaching her.  It stopped and Myotismon came out.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

 "Just wanted to see the real world again," she replied.  "Let's go home.  I don't belong here."

"Yes, it is almost sunrise," he agreed, "and you look like you can use some rest.  Come on."  He wrapped an arm around her and they got in the stagecoach.  When they got inside, Lady Myotismon immediately laid her head on her Lord's chest.

"It's good finally know where I belong," she whispered. "With you."

Myotismon put his hand on her head and stroked her hair.  "Of course, my sweet.  Forever."

The End