Teddy- 14 Victoire- 13 Dominique- 12 Fred- 12 James- 12 Roxanne- 11 Louis- 11 Molly- 11 Lucy- 9 Rose- 9 Albus- 9 Hugo- 7 Lily- 7

"Victoire, will you please stir this for me?" Grandmum asked of Victoire. "You need to stir it just right."

"Okay, Grandmum." Victoire happily went over to the stove and took the wooden spoon from her Grandmum and took over the stirring.

"Stir it nice and hard." Grandmum advised Victoire. "We don't want it to get too thick."

"Okay." Victoire nodded, and she stirred the tough liquid to the best of her ability.

"Who else wants to help?" Grandmum asked all of the gathered children, though there were quite a few of them.

"Can I eat the popcorn, Grandmum?" Rosie asked as she gestured to the big bowls of popcorn on the kitchen table. "I'm hungry."

"Oh that popcorn is for a yummy treat we're going to make." Grandmum told her. "You're going to love it, Rosie."

"Promise?" Rosie and asked, and Grandmum just nodded.

"Who wants to help me get the apples out?" Grandmum then went on to ask, and she got many little helpers.

Within no time at all, Victoire's stirring was finished, and the delicious caramel she had been stirring was finished. Today, they were making Halloween treats; caramel popcorn balls and caramel apples.

"Can I just have caramel?" Fred asked as they all sat at the table with all the ingredients laid out in front of them.

"That's no fun, Fred." Grandmum told him. "Just make a popcorn ball and an apple. They're super yummy."

"I want those!" Lily exclaimed. "Hurry, Grandmum!" Most everyone giggled.

"Okay," Grandmum took a seat in between Lily and Molly before grabbing a single apple from the basket they were in. "Everyone's going to take an apple, when I say to, and you're going to dip it into the caramel, and then sit it on your plates." Grandmum explained. "Okay, go!" All the children scrambled for one of the pots of caramel, trying to get theirs done first.

Within no time at all, everyone apples were caramelized and it was time to move onto the popcorn balls. Grandmum explained how it was done, before, like before, the children scrambled for the ingredients and quickly made their balls.

At the end of the night, there were 13 sticky, happy children, and one big mess.

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