A/N: I was reading Genesis, and this idea sort of came to me. It's just a nice bit of symbolism to me. the characters involved are Light, L, Misa and Mikami. Just my point of view of owning a death note/getting involved with the death note can do.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Death Note or the book of Genesis. Nor do I want to.

In an ancient, beautiful garden, there grows a tree. The tree brings forth fruit continuously, waiting, ready for any who would partake. It would grant knowledge and power to those who ate of it, and they would become as gods. But any who partake of this fruit will surely die.

Once a boy came and took the fruit from the tree. He partook of the fruit and found it sweet. So, he continued to partake, for he desired the power and knowledge.

This boy then offered the fruit to another, who ate of the fruit and found it bitter. He did not wish to partake again, but once one has partaken of the fruit, they cannot go back as if they have not.

A girl partook of the fruit and found it neither sweet nor bitter. So, she continued to eat, sensing no harm.

Another young man ate of the fruit and found it both sweet and bitter. But he continued to partake, seeking the power that it was said to bring.

These four people who ate of the bittersweet fruit were all struck dead, leaving a small void in the world they had been sent to fill. Leaving holes in the hearts of the ones who loved them, fading into oblivion to be eventually forgotten upon the pages of history.