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This chapters title is Without A Word, by Birdy.


Chapter 18

Without A Word

Genesis stood among the spoils of his victory with a smile on his lips. He felt strong and undeniably wantable. His strolling movements were languid and relaxed as walked through the tall concrete walls. Wutai soldier's popped out of gaps every now and then but they were easily dispatched. Really they could have at least given him a challenge.

The men that he'd brought from the shore line to Fort Tamblin with him held the ground that he gained with iron will. They were under orders to make sure no one escaped and under no circumstances were any of them to get under foot. Not one of them. This was his fight, his war, and he would win it.

It would be his name on the lips of every man, woman and child. Genesis Rhapsodos. He would be the hero that Loveless spoke of. He'd started to despair that it would always be Sephiroth. He would hate to think he'd be stuck living in the great and powerful Sephiroth's shadow forever. His lips curled into a frown.

Another soldier leapt at him from behind a gate before he finally forced his way into the centre of the place, easily dispatching his unfortunate enemy. He was drawn short by the appearance of a child. Suddenly stopping in front of the child he leant back with an unimpressed look on his face. The child shouldn't even be here. This was no civilian dwelling, this was a fortified fort. A place for soldiers, not little children playing at soldiers.

The child huffed at him with a disgruntled look on his face, causing him to lean back further as though the child had some kind of infectious disease.

"First, a people weak in the pursuit of knowledge. Second, those protecting the Wutai homeland. Third, an ugly Shinra SOLDIER. Prepare for your punishment!" The short haired girl yelled.

His lips curled further with annoyance, how he'd like to slap the little shit, "Who the hell are you?"

"Wutai's strongest warrior! With me here, you shall not advance any further!" Yuffie asserted.

He just couldn't help it. His lips quirked in a twitching movement and then the sound was loose of its own accord. He huffed a laugh, "You're kidding right. You're the best Wutai's got? No wonder I've been wiping the floor with you. You're just a kid. Do everyone a favour and run back home to your parents where it's nice and safe."

"You're the one who should give up; I told you that this is the end of your progress. I will defeat you!" Yuffie yelled in a tone of voice that caused Genesis to wince. Children should all be muzzled until they learn to speak with normal voices and not the shrill ear drum piercing cries they seemed to manifest with.

"You're kidding right?" Genesis replied with a quirked brown and a disdainful look.

"Pow-pow-pow! How's that! Give up!" Yuffie yelled pretending to punch him, aiming jerky jabs at the air.

His patience lasted only for a second or two before Genesis snapped and lifted the child off the ground by the back of her shirt. She squeaked and flailed indignantly yelling about her true power or some shit. To be honest he'd stopped listening out of pure irritation. He dropped her on the other side of his body, out of his path.

"You haven't seen the last of me ugly Shinra SOLDIER," Yuffie cried bristling like a cat.

"Oh shut up and go home," Genesis snapped, swatting the child on the rear with the flat of his blade before giving her a push in the right direction.

Tuning her cries out with practise honed from ignoring cadets at Shinra he pretended she didn't exist and made his way to the dojo at the centre of the fort. When the doors swung open he found himself confronted by two monsters. With a sigh he swept his sword out at one catching it through the torso, ripping the creature open and taking the items from inside whilst firing a mastered fire materia at the other effectively wiping both monsters from the face of the earth.

Glancing around for a moment he picked up his phone and let it ring.

"Yes?" Tseng replied shortly.

"Mission complete, Fort Tamblin has been taken successfully. I'm ready for extraction. My men are waiting at the outskirts of the Fort holding it," Genesis replied.

"Rendezvous in five at the outskirts," Tseng replied before cutting off transmission.

A sudden noise from behind Genesis showed the monster he'd thought was left for dead attempting to get back up. "Stay down," he said with a frown, blasting it in the face with his fire spell making sure this time that it was dead for sure.

Turning from the dojo Genesis made his way back through the fort until he found his men waiting for him. The SOLDIER's had clearance to withdraw, the infantry however had to stay there and hold the place until their commanding officer caught up. Luckily the path Genesis managed to carve had been only a little bit faster than the standard army. Their fellow troops were only just about a day's march from their current location.

"Infantry, hold your position, reinforcements are nearby. SOLDIER's, with me," Genesis commanded, turning to leave without even checking if they were following his long red coat flicking dramatically out behind him.

Tseng picked them up without incident, the monsters that attacked along the way meeting the easily and calmly controlled business end of a sword. Really, he was almost ready to believe that the child who had confronted him really was the best that Wutai had to offer. Shame really, he'd been looking forward to some kind of challenge. Apparently all the other men they'd had over there in charge had been complete and total idiots.

Left under his control it hadn't taken too much time to break through Wutai's defences at all. It had been almost pathetically easy after the carnage of the first village they'd come to. He slept fitfully in the helicopter, his legs almost itching to get up and carry him into battle even there. Before he knew it he was home.

He'd expected Angeal to come and see him immediately after he got home. It was how this sort of thing usually worked after all. He went out on a mission and then Angeal would come and meet him at the helipad afterwards to enquire about him. Then there would be some sort of conversation that he'd later only barely remember through the haze of actually being home and somewhere in there they'd slip a dinner in.

Sometimes Sephiroth would join them in an after mission success meal. Sometimes he wouldn't. Sephiroth was as difficult to predict as Midgar weather. In fact Genesis found himself waiting just past the door for the helipad for a few minutes before realizing that Angeal wasn't coming. Figuring he must be out on a mission of his own or busy he made his way to the office to file the paper work for his mission.

Sitting at his desk he filled the papers out and sent them to the appropriate places before sitting to relax. Rolling his shoulders he could feel the tension in them. A beep on his phone alerted him to the presence of a new message.

'Thanks to all our SOLDIER's. With all your dedicated work we've managed to win the war. Today Shinra accepted the terms and granted Wutai a conditional surrender. We couldn't have done it without you.'

Shaking his head Genesis smiled to himself, feeling strangely accomplished. They'd won the war, and he had no doubts that it had happened because he'd broken Fort Tamblin. Grinning he made his way back home and ran a warm bath. Ordinarily he'd have had a shower and been done with it, but the sense of pride he was feeling deserved some sort of reward.

The bathtub filled up slowly whilst Genesis poured in relaxing oils and salts, disrobed and set some relaxing music playing. A glass of wine made the moment complete. He lay languidly in the hot water. Some might have said that the water temperature was too hot, but he was a creature of fire. Desire, lust and temper burned hot not cold.

It wasn't hard to believe then that he fell asleep in the relaxing grasp of the bathtub, the wine glass he'd been sipping from completely emptied.

It started simply at first. The open air fresh and relaxing, the grass beneath his feet soft and silken in a way that only dreams could recreate. Loveless was a heavy and comforting presence in his hand. "Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess. We seek it thus, and take to the sky. Ripples form on the water's surface. The wandering soul knows no rest," Genesis intoned without even opening the volume, the words long since etched in his mind.

A scream split the silence and loveless was dropped and forgotten. Running towards the sound he found himself upon a ruined village. On the ground were hundreds of bodies, a mass grave of men, women and children. Blue eyes burned bright with horror. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, who would have done this?

The heavy weight in his hand drew his view away from the deceased. Held in a tight gloved grip was his rapier, surface still shining crimson and dripping with the blood of his victims. Turning around, his long coat whipping behind him in a howling wind Genesis came face to face with all he knew. Angeal looked at him with horror and disgust on his face, "How could you Gen? Where is your honour?"

"Good work Genesis," Sephiroth praised taking a step forward, and driving Genesis a step back.

"Murderer," Zack accused his normally bouncy childish demeanour gone.





The last comment drove Genesis back the final step until he tripped over one of the dead bodies, falling into their suddenly live grasp. Their hands were tight, nails biting into his skin as the pushed and pulled him about, crawling over and under and around him until he was cocooned in their presence.

"I'm sorry!" Genesis screamed.

Lurching and jerking about Genesis pulled himself over the side of the tub and out the grasp of the now cold water. The empty wine glass fell aside and smashed on the floor in his haste to get away. Gathering himself up in a soft towel he left the bathroom and fell on to his bed with a damp flop. His mind was too occupied to think right then, he could be horrified about getting the high thread count sheets wet later.

Closing his eyes he sighed and turned his face to the wall. Where was Angeal? What was he doing that he still hadn't come to see him? If his friend had been there then he might not have fallen asleep in the tub like that. Something just didn't feel right, and it wasn't just his nightmare talking. The word monster resonated in his head. Was he just that? Was he a monster for what he had done?

His actions had won the war and carved a swift path through to Fort Tamblin, but had it been worth it? The war was over, and yet somehow it was still there with him when he closed his eyes. A shudder reverberated down his spine as he forced himself to get the thoughts off of his mind. He wasn't a monster. He was a soldier. A soldier obeying orders. A cold hearted, murderous monster of a soldier.

Turning on his side he attempted to block the world out, throwing the damp towel on the floor next to the bed and drawing the covers over himself to stave off the chill he was feeling. It was a deep psychological chill born in his mind, and no matter how many blankets he pulled over himself he couldn't get warm.

~ 0 ~

Angeal stood in the laboratory with a dark look on his face. He'd left without leave, but Shinra be damned. They'd done this to him, and now they would have to deal with the fall out. He held the folder with information about project G on it close to his body as though at any moment a Turk might arrive and wrest it from his grip.

Project G. Named for the main test subject; Gillian Hewley. His teeth ground together sharply until his jaw hurt. Hollander hadn't been forthright in telling him this information. In fact he might not have had any idea what to do at all if it hadn't been for a note he'd received.


The truth about you is hidden in Banora. Find the lab. The information about Project G will be there. Hollander is lying to you about the degeneration.


He'd wanted to deny it a first. It seemed ridiculous. But then his mind had told him it was worth checking out. After all, other than Hollander who would know about the degeneration? His thoughts had been all over the place ever since. He'd barely taken a moment to check his phone the few times it had gone off, making sure it wasn't another text from 'C' before returning to his research.

The strange message had come from a blocked number. Numbers like those were usually only the property of rebels or Turks. And yet in this instance he had this strange inkling that it was both and neither. He couldn't get a feel for the character 'C' through his message. Between the time he received the note and then he'd been unable to decide how he felt about the matter.

On the one hand he was grateful for the hint in the right direction, but on the other he was resentful over knowing the truth about what had been done to him. To them. He and Genesis. And that posed another question. Did he tell Genesis the truth about them, or did he let the other SOLDIER, his brother in a way, live without the knowledge.

A frustrated huff passed his lips and he turned back to the information again. Genesis was the first progeny of the project. Gillian had been injected with Jenova cells, with the intent that those who received her cells in turn would receive Jenova's traits. The project G cells had been merely injected into Genesis. He'd in turn received the cells when his mother had given birth to him.

G-type SOLDIERs. Just another name for monster in his eyes.

Doctor Hollander injected a fellow scientist, Angeal's mother Gillian Hewley, with Jenova's cells. Gillian's cells were later injected to a foetus, Genesis Rhapsodos. The project hadn't turned out favourable results and Shinra cut its funds. He couldn't believe that both he and Genesis had gone this long without knowing all this. And yet at the same time he could understand that they hadn't told him. He wasn't sure even now that he knew that he wanted to know the truth.

He shook his head. Genesis didn't need to know any of this. He would save the research and leave it somewhere that Genesis might find it if he needed it. He might be angry, bitter and slightly jaded but he had enough honour left to know that unless the knowledge was needed it was unfair of him to burden another with its presence.

Taking note of the words on the paper he discovers some wisdom. To begin with they were considered unsuccessful, although he more than Genesis. Testing of their cells routinely had at some point shown what would happen to him. Copies, clones of he and Genesis had been made from these cells which had their degradation condition.

A person suffering from degradation appears to age, their hair first turning silver, and then white. Their skin takes on a greyish hue and large cracks can be observed on the sufferer's face and neck. Suffering from degradation makes the body weak, brittle, and more susceptible to injury.

Furthermore emotional control, particularly in restraining anger, is also affected due to the process of degradation. Subjects often lose their ability to prevent themselves from giving into brutal outbursts, increasing their risk of devolving into monsters despite raising their skills in combat.

The most important piece of information in that report that Angeal could see was the last line; subsequently, degradation leads to death. That meant that ahead of time, Hollander would have known what was going to happen to them. He'd been experimenting with clones of their bodies and obviously hadn't found anything of value or he wouldn't be there right then and there.

He wouldn't, couldn't, go back to Shinra after these discoveries. He considered sending out a quick message to Sephiroth and Genesis letting them all know that he was leaving. No details, just a quick sorry to do this but I'm leaving. Shinra could get fucked as far as he was concerned, but just couldn't bring himself to do it.

He sent a quick message to 'C' letting them know he'd found what he was supposed to find and that he was leaving. He wouldn't tell Genesis. C sent him instructions for where to leave the research which he quickly read before he smashed the phone to bits and drowned it for good measure. Overkill perhaps, but slightly therapeutic.

The travel took an eternity, crossing land and sea by car, chocobo and boat. Finally he found himself in the secluded town of Nibelhiem, the little place nestled in the grip of snow-capped mountains. Following the instructions he made his way into the mansion and left the reports in the bookcase of the Shinra basement. It was the work of a few seconds to scrawl Genesis' name across the folder and leave it there.

With his work over he left Nibelhiem behind. That town wasn't for him. He left behind his old life and moved into the remains of his new one. His new abode; the outskirts of a town named Gongaga. He felt at home living in the jungle somehow. It felt more natural to him to die there among nature than to die among the cold hard steel of the city that created him.

Midgar and Shinra were a thousand miles behind his still bitter mind. It was only him and his sword against the world. For as long as he had left he would try and hold out.

~ 0 ~

Cloud found himself standing outside the door to Sephiroth's apartment nervously. He knew that it was time to talk. He knew from what he could gather of Sephiroth's schedule that he would be home, but there but it didn't stop him from feeling at a loss. His nerves were all but shot, and rather than standing around trying to gather up the courage to knock he found himself pacing back and forth.

There was all but a track worn in the floor by the time he finally summoned the courage to face his demons. He felt giddy from fear and excitement at once. Knocking softly he tensed as he waited for an answer, blue eyes wide in his face.

A million years later the door opened to reveal a shirtless Sephiroth. Not even the standard trademark coat was present on his body. He was lacking shoes, the only clothing on his body the black pants he normally wore. Blue eyes widened even more as he found himself scanning only the toned body inches away from him.

"Cloud," Sephiroth intoned in that deep tone that set shivers down his spine for good reasons.

"Se-Sephiroth," Cloud choked out trying but failing miserably to remove his eyes from Sephiroth's exposed body.

"What did you need Cloud?" Sephiroth asked.

"Oh, um I…can we talk?" Cloud replied trying to pull himself together.


"Inside?" Cloud questioned, entering the apartment when Sephiroth stepped aside for him.

"So," Sephiroth said to start the conversation, settling into his couch comfortably, the lack of shirt apparently not bothering him in the least. Granted he didn't wear one normally so that might have something to do with it.

"I'm sorry, about leaving. I was…confused. I wasn't sure," Cloud said his mind reeling as he took his own seat in the plush arm chair across from Sephiroth.

"You weren't sure about what?" Sephiroth questioned sitting perfectly still in contrast to Cloud's incessant fidgeting.

Cloud wanted to scream. Why did Sephiroth find it so easy to talk like this when he found it so damn hard? Every word sounded wrong and forced. He wanted to start banging his head on the wall in the hopes that this whole thing would blow over and they could forget that he was drawn to Sephiroth like a magnet. Because the truth was he was repelled like one too.

He wanted to give a straightforward answer but the truth was he wasn't sure that there was ever a straightforward answer when it came to love. Or maybe that was just him. It wouldn't surprise him to know that he was screwed up enough in the head that it was a problem only he experienced.

And he had to be screwed in the head. Because they were enemies he and Sephiroth, and there was no way that he should have feelings for him. The truth was Sephiroth might be the only person who could really understand him. And how sad was that? The only person who could really understand him being the most fucked up momma's boy on the planet with a penchant for his personal suffering.

Sephiroth was his enemy damn it. Why was he even there? He was about ready to start hyperventilating when he snapped back in to reality to find Sephiroth's face only inches from his own. His name was on the silver haired SOLDIER's lips. The word being repeated over and over again. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud.

"Yes?" Cloud said feeling very far away from his body.

"Are you alright?" Sephiroth questioned, "You look pale and upset."

To be honest he was rather flattered that Sephiroth had even noticed. Let's face it Sephiroth wasn't the most brilliant at figuring out emotions. He wouldn't have expected his state to register that much in the other man's mind.

"I don't know," Cloud replied looking so deep in Sephiroth's eyes that he felt like he was drowning in them.

This was his problem. He was drawn to Sephiroth. He wanted him. And yet his mind screamed at him to say no. It was only in Sephiroth's presence that his mind started to shut down. Slit pupils drowned in the liquid of Sephiroth's eyes. And he too was drowning in them. Was he alright? He wasn't sure. Did he care? Well that was another question entirely.

Leaning forward he captured Sephiroth's lips with his own. Long silver bangs brushed Cloud's face in a ticklish way that added to the sensation. The kiss was soft and gentle for all of a second before it turned hungry and desperate as both parties tried to get closer. The confliction they both felt only added to the depth of the kiss.

Air ran short and finally they had to separate. Sephiroth stared at Cloud's face with an impassive look of his own, "What does this mean Cloud?"

"I don't know. I don't know. Gods help me but I don't know," Cloud replied, his breath coming in pants. He was so lost and confused and the only clear thought he had was that he wanted more no matter what he had to do to get it.

"I don't want to repeat what happened last time Cloud. If you want to do this then you need to commit to doing it and not run off the moment I fall asleep," Sephiroth said darkly.

Cloud flinched at the words and thought for a moment before deciding to throw caution to the wind. They could deal with the emotional bullshit later. No matter the cost he would pay it for a moment of bliss. His mind was always running and the reboot it would get from this would be worth it, no matter what it was.

"Yes," Cloud replied.

"Yes?" Sephiroth asked.

"Yes, anything you want. Just please?" Cloud replied his fingers delving into Sephiroth's hair.

Gripping Cloud tight Sephiroth drew him in for a kiss pulling him up from the couch with little effort and heading in the direction of the bedroom. He wasn't the best with emotion either, and perhaps that was the problem with their interaction but right then he could care less.

Kicking the door open he threw Cloud on to the bed and turned to gather some things up, throwing them on to the bed too before settling over Cloud. His fingers settled over Cloud's skin where it was bared. They caressed the flesh within touch as Cloud did the same to him, running callused fingers over the defined planes of his abdomen.

Gripping the knit of Cloud's SOLDIER uniform shirt he pulled the clothing up over the blond head and tossed it over the bed, "Is this what you want Cloud? One more chance to back out."

"No, I want this. I want you please?" Cloud replied almost senseless with need. He'd been so conflicted about this for so long, alternately enjoying and hating his feelings and needs for Sephiroth that it felt good to succumb. He wanted what Sephiroth promised. He wanted to be consumed for a while.

Sephiroth reached up and cuffed Cloud's wrists together so he was unable to leave. Consent had been given, Cloud was his. He wasn't going to let go. He wasn't going to lose him this time. The blond was his.

A gasp left Cloud's lips as he focused on the strange sensation of being handcuffed in an intimate situation. Sure he'd been handcuffed before, but there had never been the promise of something more. His hands were bound over his head and experimentally he gave a light tug just to test the restraints. They didn't give.

"You're not going anywhere this time," Sephiroth growled, "You promised."

Sephiroth's teeth latched on to Cloud's neck nibbling and sucking sharply at the skin until there was a permanent mark left behind. Cloud swallowed hard watching as one of Sephiroth's hands started to slowly run over his chest. Grabbing his lower lip between his teeth, he bit down as Sephiroth's fingers brushed over his nipple. The touch was soft and ticklish, yet hard enough to be arousing.

"No, none of that," Sephiroth whispered nibbling at Cloud's mouth. Cloud's mouth opened under the pressure, feeling Sephiroth's tongue dip into his mouth. The blond twisted his body, trying desperately to rub against his lover, but Sephiroth kept just out of reach of his straining body.

Sephiroth pulled back; looking down he smiled at the blond under him, eyes bright with excitement. Moving he placed kisses along Cloud's jaw until he found the boy's ear. Pulling the lobe into his mouth, he tugged hearing the boy moan.

"You like that?" Sephiroth breathed hotly into Cloud's ear, long strands of hair falling between them like a curtain, tickling his body. He could feel Cloud's body shudder, could clearly see the goose bumps that broke out across the boy's skin.

"Yes, god yes," Cloud moaned as Sephiroth's mouth closed over his nipple. Cloud closed his eyes, gritting his jaw tightly shut as Sephiroth rolled his nipple between his teeth. The sensation washed through him forcing sounds from between his lips.

Sephiroth looked up; reaching out he let his hand run over Cloud's body with gentle teasing touches. He watched the boy's face, mapping Cloud's body with touch. He was determined that this time he wasn't going to miss anything. This time would be perfect, and when they woke up in the morning they would both be there.

Moving his hand down he slowly slid his fingers over Cloud's clothed erection. His hips bucked up into the touch and he smiled, "Want me to loosen those pants Cloud? They must be getting pretty tight right about now."

"Hnnng, please do," Cloud replied feeling very much the restrained virgin as Sephiroth touched him. Long fingers swiftly removed his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and threw them over the side of the bed until Sephiroth was touching him through only the silken fabric of his boxers. It occurred to him that this would have been a good day to be wearing nicer boxers.

Really Cloud ought to have changed them before he headed to Sephiroth's, or at least picked out a nicer pair in the morning. He knew where this was going to end when he made the plan to seek Sephiroth out. Unfortunately for him he was still wearing the joke boxers that Zack had gotten him as a present. The stupid black boxers had golden chocobo's all over them with baffled looks and 'wark' speech bubbles.

"Cute," Sephiroth teased playing with Cloud through the silky fabric of the boxers enjoying the pink flush of embarrassment drawing itself across Cloud's cheeks. He toyed with them for a few moments before discarding them completely, tossing them over the side of the bed. This was the only time when he could deal with any sort of mess.

Moving his hand down he slowly slid his fingers over Cloud's erection until he could cup his testicles. They were firm and heavy in his hand. He played with them leisurely, enjoying the look on Cloud's face as he did so. The way his teeth drew his lip in, the way his eyes slipped closed in pleasure and especially the heated blush crossing his face.

"Sephiroth," Cloud hissed.

"Hum?" Sephiroth asked looking up at the blond through long bangs. He studied the boy's face, seeing Cloud looked incredibly tense. Keeping his eyes on Cloud Sephiroth covered his fingers in lube and slipped his hand down, slowly running his fingers over Cloud's opening. Slipping a finger into the boy's body he listened to the incredible moan that escaped between parted lips.

Sephiroth shifted, leaning he latched onto one of Cloud's nipples. He could hear the boy's low moans and mutters, but paid them no mind. Adding another finger, he pressed in as far as he could searching for the boy's prostate with skilled fingers. Finding it he pressed against it feeling Cloud jerk.

"Sephiroth!" Cloud hissed out as he jerked on his hands. But he couldn't get them free from the restraints of the cuffs. Shifting he pressed against the man pleasuring him trying and finally succeeding in finding some sort of friction. Crying out, Cloud opened his legs further to press down against Sephiroth's hand. "Please…"

Sephiroth continued preparing Cloud for a few more moments before looking deep into blue eyes for some sort of denial. Finding none he slicked himself up and pressed inside with slow movements. Cloud moaned when Sephiroth grabbed his hip, keeping him from impaling himself faster. Keeping a hand on the boy, Sephiroth pushed completely into him a low moan escaping him. God it was nice, the heat and tightness.

Cloud couldn't believe the way it felt. It was good and bad all swirled into one until he couldn't tell which was which and all he could do was pant and feel. Tears gathered in his blue eyes and he couldn't really understand why as they trembled pleasurably in his vision until he closed his eyes allowing them to spill down his cheeks with a sigh.

Sephiroth looked at Cloud, seeing the boy's bright blue eyes were closed. Smiling he leaned down slightly to gently kiss him, feeling as Cloud pressed against him. The kiss was heavy and full of passion, tongues rubbing and toying with each other.

Rocking his hips he watched Cloud, smiling when blue eyes opened to look at him again. They focused on him resolutely, displaying the level of pleasure Cloud was feeling as Sephiroth hit his prostate dead on. Slipping his hand from Cloud's hip he found a nipple to roll between his fingers gently.

"Seph," Cloud groaned as he yanked on his hands again. The presence of the cuffs was starting to drive him insane. He wanted to wrap his arms around his lover; his fingers inched to run though the man's hair. The glorious moonlit tresses were curtaining them and sliding sinfully along his body with every thrust Sephiroth made.

Cloud tilted his head back, a cry escaping him as he felt his orgasm build. His teeth caught and held his lip again as Sephiroth started to thrust faster causing sparks of pleasure along his nerve endings. Oxygen became a scarce commodity as he started panting his breath out.

"Oh god please, I can't take it anymore," Cloud panted the need for orgasm building to an unbearable level.

Sephiroth grabbed a hold of Cloud's erection and began move his long fingers up and down, caressing it from root to tip in time with their frantic thrusting, "Then don't. Come for me Cloud."

Sephiroth's voice was so demanding and the touch of his hand so good that he couldn't help but get off on it. His hips bucked and his fingers clenched and unclenched pointlessly as he shuddered through an orgasm. The erratic clenching of his body drew Sephiroth down with him. The two spiralled off into a white world of ecstasy. The sound of their combined panting huffed loudly in their ears.

Sephiroth collapsed, his large body settling on to the bed beside Cloud as he regained his normal pattern of breathing. His hips pulled free of Cloud and he nuzzled the heated skin of Cloud's neck affectionately. His, absolutely his he assured himself looking at the debauched mess he'd made of the blond SOLDIER.

Accomplishment ran high through Sephiroth's veins. He felt good about this. He'd staked his claim now, there was no way Cloud was getting away and there was no way that anyone else would try and take him away. Not even Hojo. Especially not Hojo. He'd kill Hojo for touching Cloud. Cloud was his. He didn't want to share. He didn't have to share.

"Seph?" Cloud questioned with a tired voice.

"Yes?" Sephiroth replied not bothering to lift his head from Cloud's neck.

"Can you uncuff me now?" Cloud asked.

"Are you going to run away this time?" Sephiroth asked suspiciously.

"No," Cloud replied with a sigh. Sephiroth was being all petulant and possessive. He doubted he'd be able to get away if he tried. Not that he really wanted to. His brain was screaming run you idiot run, but his body and mind were sighing in contentment.

"Fine," Sephiroth sighed getting the keys and unlocking Cloud's wrists. When that was done he helped rub the feeling back in to them before settling Cloud back into his arms. The blond snuggled in to him, contentedly laying within his possessive grasp.

"Mine," Sephiroth muttered under his breath holding Cloud close.

"Mmmhmm, can I be yours while napping please?" Cloud asked his eyes closed. Now that he was done with stressing about the issue he was amazingly tired. Resolutions, as much as they hadn't really resolved much verbally, always tired him out.

"Night Seph," Cloud muttered.

"Goodnight Cloud," Sephiroth replied staying awake as long as he could to make sure that Cloud didn't try and slip out. Eventually he fell asleep and both of them got to wake up the next morning in each other's arms feeling more refreshed than they remembered in a while before rallying a repeat performance of the evening before.

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