This is my 2nd attempt at a Kingdom Hearts story and probably one that's supposed to be funny. Also, I dunno if Xigbar and Luxord have a set date (like 8/13 for AkuRoku), but I thought this would be funny for a Luxbar story for 10/2. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts. If I did, I'd be insanely rich

Luxord sat at a table in The Rec Room That Never Was, shuffling his cards. Bloody Hell, this is boring, he thought, continuing to shuffle. He'd been sitting there for at least half an hour, playing all versions of Solitaire he could think of or any other one person card games that came into his head.

The Rec Room That Never Was was empty of all other members of the Organization. Luxord knew that Axel, Roxas, Demyx, and Lexaeus were gone on a two day mission to Wonderland, Zexion was helping Vexen with God-only-knew-what in the Chilly Academic's lab, Xemnas and Saix were…somewhere, Marluxia was probably in his private garden, and he had no idea where Larxene, Xigbar, or Xaldin were.

The Gambler of Fate sighed. He wanted to play a game besides Solitaire, but lacking the necessary second player-

"Hey Luxord! Whoa, why's it so empty in here?"

Number X looked up from his cards to see Xigbar standing next to the table. "No clue mate," Luxord answered. "I only know that four of our members are on a mission. No idea about what everyone else is doing, though I have a good idea about Saix and Mansex."

Xigbar snorted. "Everyone has a good idea of what they're doing when not in public," he said. He noticed that the Gambler had been shuffling his cards. "You so bored that you're just shuffling cards dude?"

When Luxord nodded, Xigbar smiled. "I'll play whatever you want," he said. "I'm bored outta my skull, since there aren't any missions to give out right now." He took a seat at the table, across from the other, smiling.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Luxord's head. Hm…I wonder…

"Strip Gin?"

Hesitation. Then a "yeah, sure why not?" from Xigbar.

"Alright then." Luxord began to shuffle the cards once more, despite the fact that he had been doing so for the last ten minutes or so. He dealt the cards, seven for each player. He watched as Xigbar went over his hand-

Then time around the Freeshooter stopped.



Luxord just put on a coy smile. "Can't you tell? You've lost so many games of Strip Gin that you're down to your boxers and a t-shirt." He waved his hand a little. "And I just won another round, so you've got three options. One, the shirt goes, two being the eye patch, or three, the boxers."

Xigbar just looked at himself, astonished. What the Hell had happened? He certainly didn't remember losing enough rounds to lose both gloves, socks, boots, his pants, and Organization robe. But he must've since he was down to almost nothing.

"Screw that, I'm outta here," Xigbar said, slamming his cards down on the table, grabbing his clothes, then heading for the door.

Zexion was entering the threshold of The Rec Room That Never Was when he saw Xigbar leaving. He watched, somewhat surprised as his half-dressed superior left, slamming the door behind him.

The Cloaked Schemer looked to Luxord, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. "Ten, was there any reason why Two was half-dressed and had ' I'm a free shooter in more ways than one ' written on his forehead?"

The Gambler of Fate just smiled at Zexion. "Wanna play Strip Gin?"