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Chapter One- Anxiety

Spin, dodge, duck, twist away, step back and strike- THWACK!

Blue stood panting in front of the practice dummy he'd set up, little more than a dead tree trunk with a spare pot over the top to represent a head, and gave a little noise of irritation when he saw the giant dent he'd made in it. Green would complain, and Vio would make some snarky comment, and Red… Red would just smile at him and offer to help bang it back out.


Growling, Blue grabbed his discarded tunic and used it to dab off the sweat running into his eyes. He wasn't going to think about Red. He was going to pick his sword up from where he left it and practice that new technique Green had come up with again. He was not, for any reason, going to think of the dreams he'd been having recently, dreams of Red. Dreams of himself and Red. Dreams of himself and Red… kissing. Dreams he never wanted to have again in his life, but secretly … enjoyed?


Sweat forgotten, the teen attacked the dummy again, pounding out his confusion onto the helpless log. It didn't help that Red had been looking exceptionally adorable the past few days, not that he didn't always look adorable… wait, what? Blue attacked with even fiercer determination.

Blue had to be the tough one of the group, for the mere reason that it was irrevocably who he was. The "lesser" emotions and feelings, as he snidely referred to them as, had all been parceled out to the other three boys. Aside from his almost obsessive need to keep the area around him neat, all Blue had was his strength.

He didn't like Red. The smaller boy irritated the shit out of him. Every word, every action was filled with some sort of cheerfulness, of love and trust for the entire world, something Blue could never achieve. Red was something Blue could never achieve-

With a scream of rage at these thoughts, Blue swung his sword hard enough to drive it inches into the wood, and then become stuck. He immediately launched in and began pounding his fists into the log, right where he imagined Vio's smirking face to be if he ever found out what Blue was thinking. The purple-clothed boy always drove Blue insane. He was always taunting Blue, always wearing that stupid little grin on his face. The grin that Blue was punching off right now- Even that didn't help, the mental image of the purple teen remained no matter how long he hit the dummy.

"STOP- MOCKING- ME!" He yelled, knocking the dummy off of its perch on another tree and straddling it, pounding repeatedly at the area of its "face," and his cries drew the attention of the other three boys, sitting a short distance away.

"What do you think he's doing now?" Green asked Vio, a little concerned. The other boy was sprawled indolently in the shade of a nearby oak, reading one of his ever-present books. He spared a brief glance upward at Green and shrugged, putting it off as nothing important. The gentler Red, however, scrambled up from where he had been sitting and peered over the hill they were on, down to where Blue practiced. Or, now, flailed away in blind hatred at the rotted log, which was slowly gaining a red tinge from where shards of wood had pierced Blue's knuckles.

"He's probably just yelling at birds or something," Vio finally drawled, closing his book and standing up to stretch before heading over to where Green had joined Red. The latter's eyes were scrunched up, squinting down at the scene below, and suddenly he gasped.

"Blue's bleeding!"

Vio looked over at Green, face suddenly serious. "What is he doing?"

Green was the one to shrug this time, already making his way down the gentle slope to the clearing filled with Blue's increasingly hoarse cries. "Blue. Blue, snap out of it. What are you doing?" He was ignored, and the blond continued to blindly pound the same spot on the tree, now liberally splotched with blood.

Vio and Red weren't far behind, and Red gasped at the sight of Blue's hands and the tree. "Blue!" He cried out, and a sort of spasm went through the other. Then he resumed pounding the log with increased fervor, teeth bared and eyes wide. "Blue, stop!"

"This is ridiculous!" Vio muttered incredulously, more than a little worried, and went over to stand by Green. "Red, just…. Stay back there for a moment, okay?" The teen nodded, and Vio grabbed Green's arm. "What do we do? Pull him off? It looks like he's out of his mind."

"I think we should try- he'll destroy his hands at the rate he's going," Green said with a determined look. "I'll grab the left, you get the right." Vio nodded, and as they turned back toward Blue he finally paused, and looked up at them. His eyes were bloodshot and haunted, and there were a few flecks of blood on his unusually pale face. He was panting, sweat rolling down his cheeks and dotting the ruined wood below. "Blue?" Green said cautiously, taking a few slow steps forward. "Is… everything alright?"

Blue slowly shook his head, not in denial, but as if he was attempting to wake up. "I-" His voice cracked, and he tried again. "I…" His eyes locked on to Vio, who, not really knowing quite how to express himself, allowed his face to settle into his familiar trademark smirk.

That was a bad idea.

"YOU!" Blue roared, lunging at Vio, who, completely and utterly taken by surprise, flailed backward and fell over a large root. Blue would have been on him by then if he hadn't run into Green, who was now holding him back. "I'LL- I'LL SHOW YOU!"

Red rushed forward, grabbing Blue from behind and digging his heels in. "Blue, stop! Please!" His voice was high, filled with fear and worry.

"STOP MOCKING ME!" Blue howled, teeth bared as he struggled to get to Vio. His bloodied and bruised fingers curled into fists, he showed no sign of even noticing them.

"BLUE! What the HELL is your problem?" Green gasped. It was incredible how strong Blue was- it was taking everything he and Red had to just hold him back.

"I- HE- I-" Blue was nearly incoherent in his anger, and Green felt his foot slip back a notch. There was a sudden increase of pressure, and then-

Red was in front of him.

Red was holding Blue's face in both of his hands.

Red was… saying something, but it was so hard to focus on the words when there, right there, Vio was standing, he had the opportunity to knock the smile off of the boy in the purple tunic once and for all-

Drawn back to Red's face, Red's lips were moving, he was saying something, why can't I understand what he's saying?

"It's alright, Blue."

No, Red, it's not alright. Vio is mocking me, Vio is always mocking me, he's making fun of me because… because I…

"Breathe, Blue."

I am breathing. What a stupid thing to say.


Blue unconsciously took a deeper breath… held it… let it out. His head drooped, still loosely cradled in Red's palms. Green tentatively let go of him, moving to stand back by the still-shocked Vio. The boy had bitten his lip during the entire escapade, and Red carefully used a corner of his undershirt to wipe away the line of blood at Blue's mouth. "There," the red-clad teen gave a gentle smile, smoothing Blue's bangs out of his face. Blue's hands slowly unclenched from their tight fists, and he gave a small gasp at the first sign of pain he'd felt. He brought one palm directly under his face so he wouldn't have to look up, which would mean looking at the others, looking at Red, who continued to cup his face in palms that still felt soft, even after hours upon hours of sword practice with Blue, Green and Vio…

Blue turned his hand over to look at the knuckles and backside. The flesh was torn, and numerous small splinters were lodged there still. His other hand received similar scrutiny, and was in similar shape. Blue jerked roughly away from Red, clenching his teeth at the longing to stay there, with the smaller boy's cool hands on his overheated face, just stand there forever as Vio laughed in the background…


Turning, Blue set off in the general direction of the nearby river. He would clean up, try to make some sense out of the mess that was his hands, and then stay down there until he felt like he wouldn't vomit at the sight of any of the other three Links. He didn't want to know what they were thinking, or see any of the looks on their faces. Not even Red, whose hand had somehow slipped into his while he hadn't noticed and had gently tugged him to a halt and was Vio snickering at them already?

"Let go, Red." Blue's voice was harsh and cold sounding. Good. It was better that way, better to let Red think he hated him then to let out the truth, the insufferable truth.

"Blue, your hands…"
"I'll take care of them myself."

"Red, please," and Blue's voice was low enough that only the two of them could hear the slight wobble, the anxiety and fear and anger trying to push its way back past Blue's defenses. "I can't be around you right now. I can't be around anyone."

"Blue," and Red's voice was low as well, but Blue could still hear the worry, the comfort, the understanding… the love… that he showed everyone, not just Blue, so why was his heart beating faster and the world beginning to tilt a little before his eyes…

And then Red released him, and Blue was alone.

"Please come back before dark," the boy in red whispered, head bowed and hands clasped in front of him like an errant schoolboy. "We'll wait up for you."

The words were torn from Blue's throat without any volition of his own-
"I will."

And he strode off into the trees.

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