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Prologue -

Gohan started at the massive form of the Namekian Dragon deep in thought, it had been a surprise to suddenly find himself here in what he idly guess was a temporary pocket dimension called by the 'Eternal Dragon' of Plant Namek.

But here in lies what was particularly special about this situation, it wasn't the dragon of New Namek but the dragon of 'Namek' sent from an alternate universe from before the planet was destroyed.

Events had for some unknown reason happened much different in that world than in this one, and they seemed to stem from the fact that nobody from Earth had gone to Namek after the fight with the Saiyan's.

Either events on the planet were happening slightly faster than in his world… or there was nobody left on that Earth to 'Go' to Namek, meaning Vegeta had won that battle against His father if that battle even took place.

There were too many unknowns to be certain; the dragon had come to him as part of a wish, a wish for help the Namekian communicating with the dragon for 'Frieza' had riskily pulled a fast one, he had wished for the dragon to bring someone, a Hero who had the power to defeat the Tyrant and save the Universe and by extension the Namekian people.

He was being asked to leave everything behind, his friends and family 'Everything' to come to another universes rescue.

It was a high cost one not many people would truly accept, but there was one impossibly important thing you have to take into consideration when you think of Son Gohan.

"My father once said, that he was 'The hope of the universe' that he was 'the answer to all living things that cry out for peace, protector of the innocent and a light in the darkness' and its true he was all of these things a true natural born hero"

"I guess that's something we have in common, I accept"

Yes it was a simple but no less important fact.

He was his father's son.