Adoption Notifications

So ever since I gave up on this story, I've had a lot of different people make offers to adopt it. They all fell through. I've given permission to LOTs of people, but for the longest time, it looked like it was just never going to actually happen.

Now, out of no where, two different authors have picked it up at virtually the same time. Go figure.

So there are presently two adoptions of this story out there for you all to check out.

The first is being posted over on Adult Fanfiction .net, instead of here at ffnet. Affnet doesn't have a story alerts system so if you want to get alerts to updates on that one, you'll have to either join her yahoo group, or follow her on twitter.

Her name is Danyealle-sama Her affnet author profile can be found here:
hp. adultfanfiction. net/ authors. php? no=1296835077

And her adoption of Breeding Darkness is being posted here:
hp. adultfanfiction. net/ story. php? no=600095379

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Also know that because of affnet's rules on posting adopted stories, she's reposting the entire story there - which includes my original mass of chapters. She's doing a beta pass on them and posting only a few a week, so it's going to take a bit of time before she gets to her stuff.

The second one is being posted by Darth Keyara here on ffnet.
www. fanfiction. net/ u/ 2262744/ Darth_Keyara

She has started with posting my last complete chapter and then my incomplete chapter and going from there.

It can be found here:

www. fanfiction. net/ s/ 7744525/ 1/ Harry_Potter_and_the_Breeding_Darkness

As an additional note, because I've already had someone write me a PM informing me that 'someone is posting DiD on affnet and claiming to be me' - that person IS me. Athey is me. That's my name. So the person on affnet and on archive of our own under the username Athey and Athy respectively, are in fact, me. Not someone pretending to be me.