::Prologue: Sloppy, Sloppy:: Notes

This is probably one of the most complex storylines I've ever done. This takes place two years after 02. Mimi has moved back to Odaiba for high school. No one is dating anyone, though Sora and Tai might as well be. I don't know much about Michael, who's an American Digidestined that comes late into 02, ala Kari in season 1, so he's not in this. And I don't know anything about Wallace, and he's only in the 3rd movie anyway, so he's not in this, either. Sorry boys.

Trikmon is a character I created in my sick, twisted little mind. So he's mine. Unlike other evil Digimon, who seem to have annoying, intimidating lackeys, Trikmon is not going to have any comic relief. There is no Demidevimon to his Myotismon. Trikmon is pure, unfunny, mindbending evil. He has Ghastlymon, and they're not that funny at all. They don't even speak.

Everyone's English version name is used, except for Iori. I like Iori more than Cody any day. Also, while Miyako is going to go by Yolei, I'm making Yolei her middle name. Everyone else's English names can be taken as nicknames. I can't, for the life of me, figure how Yolei can be a nickname for Miyako, though (nor can I understand how they thought of the name "Cody" for Iori). Armadimon is not going to be called Amardillomon (the English version). He's simply Armadimon in my story. Why? Because the English version --Armardillomon-- is just plain stupid.

Also, I'm basing Wormmon, Armadimon and Hawkmon's voices all on their Japanese seiyuus, not the English voice actors. I can't stand the English VA for Wormmon! Wormmon is so cute with his seiyuu, but when I hear the VA all I can think of is Mickey Rooney. Not cool! And not happening. Why Armadimon was given a dumb Texas accent for the dub, I don't know, and Hawkmon's VA makes me cringe. Only Veemon got away lucky, and even he's pushing it. At least the VAs for the new Digidestined are all right.

Yes, Jun is in this fic. I like her character. Mind you, I don't like her, a seventeen year old young lady, going after a fourteen year old boy, but I like her personality. So, be prepared for no Jun-bashing. Be also prepared for Jun to never be paired with Matt in this fic. Be you a fan of Mimato, Taito, or Sorato. We might not agree who Yamato should be with, but we all agree it's not Jun.

There will be some pairings in the fic. Some obvious, some not so obvious. If you've read my other two fics, you probably already know one pairing. The others you'll just have to wait and see.

Well, there's really nothing left to warn you about. Except for a lot of angst, some bad words, and some adult (nothing very graphic) situations down the road. Each chapter will be rated depending on content.

Do enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. I do own TrikmonĀ©, and the concept of this story.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Prologue: Sloppy, Sloppy

A little old man sat in a room, his stubby fingers hectically working the keyboard on his computer. His fingers ached, but he ignored it. He had to finish this firewall and send it. The fate of two worlds might depend on it.

If his legs were long enough, Gennai would've kicked himself. How couldn't he had known? How hadn't he noticed the changes in the digiworld? An idiot could've spotted some of them. And he was one of the oldest creatures in the Digital World. He should've eyed it the moment they began.

It started with some virus digimon disappearing. Gennai, foolishly, hadn't thought much of it. One less problem he had to deal with. But then, some land began to lose its luster, like the energy was being drawn out of it. Then more, stronger and important digimon vanished. Someone was feeding upon the digiworld.

And Gennai should have spotted it right off the bat. But he hadn't, and now he was desperately trying to make up for it. He had gotten lazy since the defeat of the Digimon Kaiser two years back. He had gotten too confident and comfortable. And now he was paying dearly for it.

The Digidestined were the last hope. If they lost, well, there was nothing left past them.

Gennai's pace quickened. He had to get the firewall done. It was the only thing he could do against this new threat, this new... thing. It was the only way Gennai could describe this Trikmon character. A Mega virus type, that fed on energy. He tortured other digimon for simple fun. He was twisted. More so than Myotismon or Piedmon had ever been. And that terrified Gennai. He didn't know if the Digidestined could handle this.

He shook his head. Of course, they could. They had to. They were the Digidestined.

The firewall was done. Gennai quickly clicked up an e-mail screen, and typed in Izzy's address.

'Send,' Gennai urged. 'Send, you stupid thing.'

It finally did, and he sighed with relief.

Relief that was short lived. The temperature in the room seemed to drop to below freezing, and Gennai stilled. He was here.

"Oh, Gennai," someone behind the old man cooed. "Did you just do something bad? You know I don't like it when others do bad things."

Gennai didn't turn. He refused to look at the creature, refused to give him that respect. "You'll never defeat them, Trikmon," he stated, adamantly. "They're stronger than you. They'll destroy you!"

The creature chortled, highly amused. "On the contrary, old man," he whispered. "I'll destroy them. Slowly. Emotionally, mentally, and in the end, physically. I'll cripple them. Toy with them like one would puppets." Gennai gasped, as strings, or what seemed like just strings, wrapped tightly around him, cutting into his skin. He was yanked back, and he fell to the ground. And his eyes met the creatures pale blue ones. The creature smiled, a cold glint in his blue orbs.
"I'm going to tear your precious Digidestined apart, Gennai," the one called Trikmon stated. "They'll die screaming... singing to me. One by one."

Gennai could do nothing, but shudder.