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Alright, this is the sequel to Nobody's Home called Tomorrow. The term Tomorrow because "tomorrow days for Takuya is always dark ever since he lost Zoe but when she met this young woman who looks like Zoe, it brightened his paths again". I hope you like this first chapter.

Takuya: Do you believe in ghosts?

Me: nope and never

Takuya: i did

Me: when?

Takuya: right now.

Me: *gulp, a little scared* who?

Takuya: YOU. *laughing out loud*

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Takuya, Koji, Koichi and Ashley were in a nightclub to celebrate Zoe's birthday twentieth second birthday.

Ashley says, "This is an amazing day—three cheers for us!"

Takuya is now a vice president of his company with his co-workers Koji and Koichi while Ashley's a thriving receptionist at a hotel.


The four put up a raucous chorus of hurrahs like a bunch of happy drunks.

"Zoe would've been very proud of you, trust me, I know," Koji remarked as he drank his bottle of vodka.

"Don't worry, she's where all good and innocent people are," Koichi pointed.

"Oooh, I love this song!" Ashley squeaked as a hypnotic song was played then grabbed Koji at the dance floor.

A girl approached Koichi with an absently smile. She had amazing long legs, darkened with tights, were exposed by shortest of miniskirts. Her top was long-sleeved and high-necked, but extremely close-fitting, and constructed of red vinyl. Her long mahogany hair was lustrous, and her eyes were the strangest shade of violet.

"Hey, party boy," she greeted to Koichi. "You wanna dance?"

"Sure," he responded in a silky voice. "C'mon, loosen up, Takuya!"

"I'm cool. I'll taste the music later," Takuya insisted.

Be happy,Takuya hasn't heard the sweet voice of Zoe's for a while. He simply grins then continued what he was doing.

A few long seconds later, a young woman who looked familiar to Takuya was waiting on a table while reading the menu.

Takuya stood quickly and went near the young woman to take a better look closer. She had a beautiful figure, similar to Zoe. Her hair was blonde. She also had dark shadows under her eyes—purplish, bruise-like shadows. Her nose, was straight, perfect, and angular.

Something about her heart-shaped face, her billows are soft, reminded him of his childhood memories with Zoe. She was dressed casually, in light colors. She glanced at Takuya many times with a welcoming smile similarity with Zoe's.

Then Takuya's mind was snapped.

"Sorry," he apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you. It's just. . . .you looked a lot like somebody who I know."

"I get that a lot," the sweet voice related to Zoe's voice spoken. "I guess it's sad I got their features."

"You're not related to Zoe Orimoto, are you?"

"No," she chuckled. "I don't think so."

"Really because you remind me so much of her."

"So where is she?"

"She's gone. But don't worry, I know she's where all good people are," he used Koichi's statement but it's so true.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

"What's your name?" Zoe changed the subject.

"Takuya Kanbara," Takuya shook her hand and felt a sting through his heart.

"Zoe Sy."

"I thought you weren't related to her?"

"Well, only the first name."

"Okay, so you're waiting for someone?"

"Not really, you?"

"We were celebrating her birthday today. My friends are kind of dancing right now."

"You want something to drink?"

"No, I just had a bottle of vodka while ago."

"Oh," Zoe gulped. "Would you like to take a seat? Or you could stand there for hours?"

Takuya smirked then sat beside Zoe. Takuya and Zoe ordered a bottle of Red Wine while talking about stuffs.

"I haven't seen you in Shibuya, are you a newbie?" Takuya asked curiously.

"I just move here with my parents two weeks ago."

"What do you do for living?"

"I worked as a doctor here at Shibuya Hospital."

"No wonder you're wearing glasses," Takuya joked.

"Shut up," she punched his arm playfully.

"So where do you live?"

"Hmm. . . .It's kind of indescribable."

"I have a car, maybe I can give you a ride home."

"Sorry, but I don' ride with strangers."

"But we're friends now, right?"

"Yeah, but—"

"Pretty please?" Takuya pouted.

Zoe bit her lip. "Oh, alright. In one condition. . . ,"

"Name it."

"Don't fall for me, okay?"

Takuya burst into laughter. "As if I'll fall for you."

"Ugh. Just don't fall in love with me."

"Yeah, sure."

Zoe grinned again as she held up a glass of red wine imperially. "It's very nice to meet you," she toasted. "Takuya."

"I am very glad to have a friend like you," he emphasized.

Both of them grinned like they've never smiled before and touched his glass to Zoe's and drank straight their red wine.

"Have you seen the Shibuya's Park?" Takuya asked.


"The builders were just finish remaking the Shibuya's Park just last week. I haven't seen but I know it's just lovely."

"I always get lost, before you take me home, will you first take me there?"

"That wouldn't be a problem," Takuya said happily.

A few blocks from the nightclub were Shibuya's Park, bordered on one side by a Shibuya National High School and on the other by a basketball court. There were a few young trees now, and a fashionable playground with a sandbox, a slide, a set of monkey bars, and one of those hand-pulled merry-go-rounds. Of course there was a swing set, too, and big size fountain with fascinating different kinds of lights under it.

Takuya and Zoe were enjoying the cooler evening air.

"You were right," Zoe agreed with an angelic smile on her face. "It's beautiful."

Takuya kept his locked to Zoe until she noticed it.

"What are you staring at, Takuya?"

Zoe's question wasn't anxious, because he smiling softly at the most important person in his life.

"Something I've never seen in all this months. I'm staring at. . .hope."

Zoe didn't realize that she was smiling as well. They have no idea how long they've been smiling like idiots for nothing.

She cleared her throat. "Our condition," she reminded.

"Yeah, right," Takuya finally looked away.

Zoe sat in the swing as she shivered in the icy air. Takuya noticed, he was shrugging out off his jacket then handed Zoe the jacket.

"Thanks," Zoe said, sliding her arms into his red jacket.

Takuya pushed Zoe in the swing gently from behind. This had Takuya remembering his first date with Zoe.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-two," she answered promptly.

Takuya's heart raced in his chest as he heard her answer. "Don't laugh—but are you sure your name's Zoe?

She laughed anyway. "Do you want to see my birth certificate?"

"Where did you used to live?"

"Italy." Zoe used to live there also, he thought.

"Why'd you moved here?"

"Got some. . . ," she paused. "bigger opportunities here."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

She smirked. "None and never."

"Why not?"

"Okay, my turn to ask the questions," she snapped.

"But I'm not done."

"Oh c'mon!" she exclaimed. "Don't be a pooper."

"Fine," she can feel him pouting behind her.

She bit her lip. "Tell me about Zoe Orimoto."

Takuya could feel his blood pulsing hot and fast through his veins again. "Zoe Orimoto is a different but brilliant. She was my bestest friend. She's a pro at playing instruments such as guitar, piano and drums. But most of all, guitar. She composes songs whenever she's bored.

"She loves eating lasagna. Zoe runs like a cheetah, she always wins the first place in track in field," then he chuckled. "Fun fact, she never gets tired."

Zoe laughed as well. Then Takuya's face was inch away from Zoe's. Zoe can feel his hot breath, and that gave her a strange hold of warmth in the pit of her stomach. "You're fogging up my glasses," she said jokingly.

Takuya cleared his throat after he stretched his body. "It's getting late. Maybe we should go."

"You're probably right. My parents are going to kill me," Zoe muttered.

Takuya chuckled at the kill part.

Takuya wasn't' sure what the hell Zoe leaves.

Was she trying to push myself back into the zombie stupor? We're going straight to Orimoto's Residence. This was not a healthy thing to do.

"Zoe, are you sure we're going the right way?" Takuya asked.

"Of course. I've been here hundred times. You think I'm stupid to get ourselves lost?"

"No, it's not that. . .I'm—"


"Never mind."

Takuya focused on driving rapidly down the very quiet and dark lane—dark enough that the trees flying past them were nearly invisible. He had a hard grip on the steering wheel.

"Takuya, are you okay?" Zoe asked thoughtfully.

"I'm just tired, that's all. But I'll be fine."

"Do you want me to drive instead?"

"I got this," he grinned a little.

"You must have a fever or something," she grumbled. It was freezing. She touched her fingers to his forehead, and his fine.

"Whoa, Takuya—I think you should slow down."

"I feel fine driving this way." He shrugged. "I'm fit as a fiddle, don't worry."

She frowned and touched his head again.

"Your hands are like ice," he complained. "Are we there yet?" he almost lied.


And then, after a few minutes, the gloom of the forest didn't relent, though, for there were six primordial cedars that shaded an entire acre with their vast sweep of branches. The trees held their protecting shadow right up the walls of the house that rose among them, making obsolete the deep porch that wrapped around the first story.

"It's been a while since I haven't been here," he muttered under his breath.


"I said wow."

"No, you said something like. . .you haven't been here for a while."

"Well, yes I did say that," he admitted, refusing to look at Zoe.


"Four months ago," he answered looking at the mansion.

Takuya opened the door for Zoe, taking her hand easily, without thinking about it.

"Thanks for dropping me by," Zoe grinned.


Takuya stopped when he got to the porch stairs, because he was remembering his dark times with Zoe again.

"What's wrong?" Zoe questioned with a frown.

"Nothing, I just remembered something," he smiled widely.

"Would you like a cup of chocolate inside?"

"No, I think I should go."

"It's still early to go home," she pouted and hugged Takuya arm. "Please."

Takuya tried to look at Zoe's eyes but he couldn't with Zoe's glasses. He bit his lip before he answered. "Do you have little mash mallows?"

Zoe laughed. "I make the best of it."

The room was just as he'd remembered it before he left Zoe—the piano and the white couches and the pale, massive staircase. No dust, no white sheets.

Zoe called out her parents with no more volume than Takuya's used in regular conversation. "Mom? Dad? I'm home. I've got somebody to introduce to you."

"We'll be right down, Zoe," it was her Mom.

"Nice place you've got here," Takuya said while looking at her pictures displayed on the kitchen.

"It's the place where I called home," Zoe agreed, finishing the chocolate

"Yeah, where you weren't suppose to hide."

"Here's my famous 'Chocó Mocho' with little marsh mallows under it," she handed him the cup with a delightful smile.

Takuya tell how delicious it is. "You didn't put poison in it, did you?" he asked teasingly.

"I'd tell you when I want to."

Then he drank it straight, letting the chocolate flavor burn his tongue.

"Easy there—we're not in a hurry here," she snapped.

"That was the best hot chocolate that I had in years!"

"I'm glad you like it."

Then they proceed to the living room and Takuya saw their family picture. Takuya's body was frozen, his heart beat is faster than ever.

"This. . .are. . .your. . .parents?" Takuya asked. He has no idea if his afraid to meet his parents or excited to find out.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"None at all."

Takuya studied the picture thrice and the father and the mother were really also similar to Zoe Orimoto's parents. Takuya had already out back their family picture before he drops it in no time. As he turned around, Zoe's father was suddenly standing beside him, as if he'd been there all along.

"Mom, Dad, this is Takuya. Takuya, these are my parents," Zoe introduced.

"It's nice to see you, Mr. and Mrs. Sy," Takuya shook their hands.

Mr. Sy smiled.

"Is your name Derek and Susan?"

Zoe's eyes widened in shock.

"How'd you know?" Susan smiled.

"Good guess," Takuya answered.

"Then please, call us Derek and Susan," he insisted.

"Derek." He grinned.

"It's very nice to know you," Susan said truthfully. "Thank you for dropping Zoe by."

"How lucky she is to know you," Derek remarked.

"Thank you. I'm glad to meet you Derek and Susan." And Takuya is. "I have to go home. I have so many things to do tomorrow."

"I'll see ya when I see ya," Derek said.

"Drive safely, Takuya," Susan added.

Zoe led Takuya through outside.

"They approved to you," Zoe said. "They're nice, aren't they?"

"Very," he agreed but his thinking of something else.

"Thanks again for tonight."

"No, thank you," he pointed.

Then Zoe reached for Takuya and kissed him—just a peck, but right on the lips. The shock of it zinged through their whole body. Then she said, "Be safe," and headed down to her mansion with looking back one last time with a wave goodbye and Takuya grinned mysteriously as well.

Then he slid into the driver's seat then tried to grab his keys in his pocket but there was nothing.

"Damn," he muttered.

Then there was a knock on his window, it was Derek. He let the windows rolled down so he could see what's up.

"Can I help you, Derek?" Takuya asked.

"You forgot your keys," Derek handed it to him.

"Uhm. . .thanks!"

"No problem, kid."

"It's really nice of you to drive my daughter. You're the one and only first boy she had ever introduced to us you know," he beamed.

"Really?" Takuya had started his engine.

"I'm sorry if there wasn't any food left to give to you on Zoe's birthday," Derek apologized. "Have a good night, kid."

"Zoe's Birthday?" Takuya exclaimed then Derek ran back to his house without looking back. "Perfect."

Takuya cut off the engine of his truck, soon his thoughts drowned out everything else.

"They have the same outward adornment and inner self," Takuya scoffed. "I wonder if they have the same likes, dislikes and interests. Let me see, same name, place, birthday, parents," he realized he was talking to himself. "And what kind of a stranger would kiss me?"

He bumped his head on the steering wheel and touched his kissed lips and laughed. "Okay, I get it. I'm dreaming. I'm at the nightclub, I drank too much vodka and then I passed out. I never met Zoe Sy and her parents. And then when I wake up, I'll. . . .realize it was all true," he spluttered and remembered the morning when he thought it was a dream but it wasn't.

He jumped out of the car, thankful that her family is fast asleep already then went to bed. Whispering a few words to him before he drifts away.

Before he closes his eyes, he looked at him and Zoe's picture taken years ago and whispered, "Happy Birthday, Zoe. I love you."

And then he drifted away. Hoping everything will sort out just fine by tomorrow. He doesn't believe it's a nightmare, it's just a dream. A dream where he saw and felt Zoe again. He has no idea if he wants to end it or continue it. One question he wanted to be answered, what would he do if it isn't a dream?

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