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"Does this mean you're leaving out all the rest?" Koichi asked confidently.

"Of course not," Takuya snapped. "I'm still going to find out who Zoe Sy really is and why she's familiar to Zoe Orimoto."

"You're not gonna let it go, are you?" Koji rolled his eyes.

"How are you going to investigate?" Koichi nodded.

"Zoe Sy reminds me of her, and I'm going to rebuild this previous dates with Zoe related to Zoe," Takuya explained.

"Oh, I get it," Koichi grinned marvelously.

"Isn't that a little rude?" Koji questioned. "You're finding evidences that Zoe Sy is Zoe Orimoto. You're saying that you're only—"

"I'm not. . .pretending!" Takuya interrupted.

"Do you even like her?"

"No!" Takuya cried Koji. The sense of doubt and wrongness washed through him.

"Wow," Koichi snorted. "That's not the Takuya I know."

"If you mess this up, don't drag me into this," Koji said patiently.

"Don't worry, I've got this under control," Takuya raised his can of soda nobly. But Koji and Koichi ignored him, a little bad trip to his idea.

They were hanging out at the park, feeling the blinding sun.

Shibuya's Hospital

Zoe walked around the corner of the emergency room, a long room with a line of beds separated by pastel-patterned curtains. She looked very young. . .and she was more beautiful than any movie star her patients had ever seen. She was tired-looking though.

"So, Lina Ronan," Dr. Sy said in a remarkably appealing vice, "how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," she said.

Zoe walked to the lightboard on the wall over Lina, and turned it on.

"Your X-rays look good," she said. "Does your head hurt? Harry said you hit it pretty hard."

"It's fine," she repeated with a sigh.

The doctor's cool fingers probed lightly along Lina's skull. He noticed when she winced.

"Tender?" Zoe asked.

"Not really."

Lina heard a chuckle, and looked at Zoe's patronizing smile. Her eyes narrowed.

"Well, your father is in the waiting room—you can go home with now. But come back if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight at all."

"Can't I go back to school?" she asked.

"Maybe you should take it easy today."

She glanced toward Zoe.

"Actually, Lina," she said, "most of the school seems to be in the waiting room."

"Oh no," she moaned, covering her face with her hands.

Dr. Sy raised her eyebrows. "Do you want to stay?"

"No, no!" she insisted, throwing her legs over the side of the bed and hopping down quickly. Too quickly—she staggered, and Dr. Sy caught her. She looked concerned.

"I'm fine," she assured her again.

"Take some Tylenol for the pain," she suggested as she steadied her.

"It doesn't hurt that bad," she insisted.

"It sounds like you were extremely lucky," Dr. Sy said, smiled as she sighed her chart with a flourish.

Suddenly, she got occupied with the papers in front of her. Then she looked away, at her next patient.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to stay with us just a little bit longer," he said to him, and began checking his cuts.

Then a nurse came in the room.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Dr. Sy but you have a visitor," the nurse said.

"What does it want?" Zoe asked without looking at the nurse.

"He said it's urgent."

"Please take care of him whole I'm gone, thank you."

"Yes, ma'am."

When Zoe has reached the waiting room, she was shock when she knew who it was.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" he hissed under his breath. She took a step back from her, her jaw suddenly clenched.

"What are you doing here, Takuya?" she said through her teeth.

"I'd like to speak with you alone, if you don't mind," he pressed.

She glared, and then turned her back and strode down the long room. He nearly had to run to keep up. As soon as they turned into a short hallway, she spun around to face him.

"What do you want?" she asked, sounding annoyed. Her eyes were cold.

Her unfriendliness intimidated him. His words came out with less severity than he'd intended. "Are you free tonight?"

"What do you have in mind?"

He flinched back from the resentment in her voice. "I was wondering if you would like to go for a dinner."

"I still got some work to do." Her tone was cutting.

He chuckled. "I'll help you."

She glared back. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Oh c'mon, it couldn't be that hard," he said

"I'll think about it."

It came out in a rush.

She was staring at him incredulously. But her face was tense, defensive.

"By the way, your uniform suits you," Takuya complimented. It was like a perfectly delivered line.

Zoe grinned. "Thanks I thought—" Zoe snapped out of it when she realized she he was dazzling her. "You really should stop doing that," she criticized. "It's hardly annoying."

"Stop what?"

"Dazzle me like that—you're making me more confuse."

"So is that a yes?"

Zoe merely shook once, jaw tight. "Nope."

"I could take you anywhere you want, you know." He said each word slowly.

Surprise flitted across her face. "Why does it matter?"

"It matters to me," he insisted. "I don't like being rejected—so there'd be a good reason why you're doing this."

"I've got a report to do."

"About what?" He waited, fuming and expectant.

Zoe sighed. "You're not going to let it go, are you?"


"In that case . . . I hope you enjoy disappointment."

They smiled at each other in silence. He was the first to speak, trying to keep himself focused. He was in danger of being distracted by her livid, glorious face. It was like trying to stare down a destroying angel. But he easily ignores her refusal.

"Why can't you go?" he asked cheerfully.

She paused, for a brief moment her stunning face was unexpectedly vulnerable.

"Ugh! You could be physically, emotionally, mentally annoying," she whispered.

And then she turned her back on his and walked away.

"What time will I be at the house?" Takuya catching up with Zoe. From his expression, he was up to exactly the kind of thing Zoe had been hoping to avoid.

"Oh, will you look at that," Zoe smiled enthusiastically. "I have other plans tonight."

"Oh, be fair, Zoe!" he complained. "You aren't going to ruin all our fun like that, are you?"

"I thought this was about what I want."

"I'll get you from your parents later," he told her as he ignored her.

"My parents and I are going to have dinner," she protested.

"You don't, actually," he told her smugly. "They said you're very free tonight. I told your parents about it. They're okay with me taking you to dinner."

Zoe stopped walking and groaned. "I—I still can't come over," she stammered, scrambling for an excuse. "I, well, I need to attend this seminar for tomorrow."

Takuya snorted. "You have this seminar memorized."

"But my boss said we needed to attend because we're going to have reports about it."

Takuya rolled his eyes.

"You're parents said you've already seen all the kinds of seminars about medical," Takuya accused.

"But not the nineteen-sixties version. I heard it was the best."

Finally, Takuya lost the smug smile and glared at me. This can be easy, or this can be hard, but one way or the other—he thought.

"If you want to watch this seminar, then you can."

"So there," she added.

"I'll bring you over around seven," he continued. "That will give me more time to set up," his laughter climbed. "Sounds good, isn't it? See you tonight, Zoe! It'll be fun, you'll see." He grinned—the wide smile exposed all his perfect, glistening teeth—then pecked her on the cheek and ran off to his car before she could respond.

"Dammit, Takuya!" Zoe cursed under her breath.

At the Park

Zoe's arms were folded while Takuya's driving.

"I thought I could drive?"

"I'm pretending I didn't said that."

"If I'm not going to drive, then I don't have to go to the dinner you're talking about. . ."

"You're already in the car and if you steal the wheel away from me, we're going o crash."

"Promise-breaker," Zoe pouted.

Zoe recognized the song on the radio then, and quickly reached for the dial. "Do you mind?" she asked.

"No, go ahead."

Zoe played with the radio while he drove, shaking her head in disapproval. She scanned through the stations until she found one that was harmless. She peeked at Takuya's expression as the music filled the car.

His eye squinted. "You listen to rap?"

"Yeah," she said. "You've got a problem with that?"

"You like this?" he asked doubtfully.


"Okay. . ." He stared out of the windshield with wide eyes. Zoe was so nervous about Takuya's plans, on top of her already gloomy mood, she was hardly ever ad-tempered with Takuya, and her tone made him press his lips together to keep from smiling.

Takuya drove north through Shibuya, visibly chafing at the speed limit enforced by Zoe. The engine groaned even louder than usual as he pushed it over one-hundred.

"Take it easy," she warned him.

"You know what you would love? A nice little Audi coupe. Very quiet, lots of power. . ."

"Slow down, Takuya!" she shouted.

"Chill, Zoe." He rolled his eyes, still not slowing.

"If you want to kill yourself, don't drag me into it."

He laughed. "I'm not that desperate."

"We're not in hurry, are we?"

"I've never been in an accident, Zoe—nor a ticket." He grinned and tapped Zoe's forehead. "Fastest-but-coolest-driver."

"Very funny." She fumed as he stared deeply into his eyes.

He sighed, and she watched with liberation as the needle gradually drifted toward eighty.


"I hate driving slow," he whined.

"You think this is slow?" Takuya rolled his eyes, and Zoe finally relaxed as the needle reached fifty.

"Much better," Zoe stretched.

"Don't you think it's already Christmas," Takuya joked.

"Anyways, you're not going to spend any money on our dinner, are you?"

"Not a dime," he said virtuously.


"Can you do me a favor?"

"That depends on what it is."

He sighed, his lovely face serious. "Zoe, cut me a little slack, and don't be too difficult tonight. Shouldn't you be excited?"

It always startled her a little when he brought up things like that. "Fine, I'll behave."

They were pulling up to a garden. Bright light shined and a long line of glowing candles hung from the gate, reflecting a soft radiance. Big bowls of roses—pink roses—lined every corner.

"This is a date," he reminded her. "Try to be a good sweet girl."

"Sure," she muttered.

He came around to get her door, and offered her his hand.

"I have a question."

"You dragged Koji and Koichi into this, didn't you?" she asked.

Takuya started laughing. He helped her out of the car, he was still laughing until he gave her a white rose.

Koji was the host while Koichi was the waiter. When Zoe walked through the gate, they greeted her "Good evening, Zoe!" while she was giggled and asked the twins.

"How'd he do it?"

"He gave us twenty bucks," Koji replied.

Takuya pulled Zoe to the table with a cloth draped over to the center of the garden, holding two glass plates, and a red wine. Scented candles surrounded the table, and Zoe inhaled the sweet scent of it.

Koichi served the menu for the night, Lasagna. The couple eat while Koji and Koichi were playing a song. Koji was playing the guitar while Koichi's singing.

You're scared
It shows
Been there
You're not prepared to be

In love
With me
So soon cause you've been through enough to have
Something hold you back

We don't need to go that far
Let's hold on to where we are
If it's real we'll make it through
Cause all I need is you

"I didn't know that they're musical," Zoe clapped her hands for the twins and threw a pink rose at them.

"Are you having fun?"

"Not bad. . .for a starter," Zoe continued her meal.

"Starter? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Figure that out for yourself."

"You mean, you're falling for me already?"

"In your dreams."

After they finished their meal Takuya took Zoe for a slow dance. Zoe put her arms around his neck and they were whirling.

"When are you going to leave?" Zoe asked with a frown.

"Would you miss me?" Takuya gagged.

"Not in a zillion years," Zoe chuckled. "Would you?"

"Whenever you're not around I do."

Zoe's heart sting when she heard Takuya reply. She stopped dancing and scanned for something to make the subject change.

"Let's drink," Zoe pulled Takuya hand to the table.

Takuya grabbed the red wine, and gave Zoe a glass.

"To freedom," Takuya accidently spilled wine on Zoe's favorite shirt.

"Oh shit, my bad," Takuya cursed.

Zoe didn't react instead she just laugh it off. "Freedom much?"

"Sorry about that," Takuya quickly apologized. Takuya didn't bother to look at the spilling wine off of the table. The wine reached the flames and the candles burst into a big fire.

Zoe's eyes narrowed but she wasn't in the expression of panicking. "Whoa, Takuya!"

"Seriously, could I get a little help here?" Takuya snapped.

"Who knew Takuya could be clumsy," Koichi muttered to Koji.

Koji was trying to hold his laugh but he couldn't take it. Koji and Koichi tried to find the hose while Takuya and Zoe tried to get some bag of soil. Takuya and Zoe got wet while the twins got dirty. But at least they set the fire off before it was too late.

"Alright, this means war," Koji turned on the hose again face it to Takuya.

"Hey, hey!" Zoe shielded herself with her arms but it was no use.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Koichi sneaked to get the cake he bought for the couple. He removed what's on the table and place the family size cake on it. "FOOD FIGHT!"

Takuya, Zoe and Koichi grabbed icing and looked at each other.

Koji turned off the hose and let it fall onto his side. "I gotta go. See ya when I see ya!"

Then Koichi ran after him and shove an icing on Koji's face. Everybody laughed out loud.

"So that's the game we're playing eh?" Takuya raised an eyebrow and put an icing on Zoe.

They played icing until they end up throwing cakes at each other. They now realized that they're wet, dirty and sticky.

"That was the best date I ever saw!" Koji exclaimed.

"Yeah," Koichi agreed. "When can we do this again?"

"I think never," Takuya shoving removing a few grasses on his jacket.

"Oh c'mon, don't kill the joy," Zoe pinched Takuya's stomach. "Thanks, guys. That was the most ingenious date I ever had."

Koji chuckled. "Never thought Takuya could be panic sometimes."

"Fire! Set the fire off!" Koichi mocked and gave Koji and high-5.

"Hey, I never and will never said that," Takuya pointed.

"Is that a promise?" The twins raised their eyebrows.

Takuya stared at them deadly.

The twins cleared their voices.

"It's getting late," Koji put his hands up in the air. "I guess we should leave."

"Yeah," Koichi agreed. The twins both said a quiet goodnight. Zoe could see them stealing quick glances at their impassive friend, much like she was.

"See you tomorrow," Zoe waved goodbye.

"I'm sorry if our romantic dinner didn't go well," Takuya frowned as he held Zoe's hands.

"Things did didn't turn out as well as you planned when you spilled the wine and set the garden on fire but I still had fun," Zoe confessed.

Takuya touched Zoe's muggy face, and brushed off a few icings on her face, as if he was trying to groom her.

"There's a lot of something on your face," he said. He left his hand against Zoe's burning cheek.

After a few long seconds, Zoe's thoughts were cleared up and she could think about what was coming next. But even though Takuya looked like a mud man she knew she would never look the same to her. That tingly sensation in the pit of her stomach had been there ever since she met Takuya. She had the feeling it might be there permanently.

"I suppose I should take you home now."

Takuya sighed and dropped his hand. "You're right, I don't wanna be bitten with one hundred crazy ants," she said. Her face became smooth, unreadable, but there was something wrong with her eyes—something she was trying very hard to hide. They were both feeling a spasm of unease in their stomach.

Zoe looked down at her ruined shirt; the light blue cotton was soaked and spotted with icing. Her shoulder was covered in thick white frosting.

"You don't look fine." Takuya's voice was unemotional. "You need to change. You'd give Derek a heart attack the way you look. I could take you home then lend you some of my Mom's clothes."

It was a relief to have a dinner at a garden; They strode out of the kitchen, passing the wrecked candles and the roses.

Zoe was looking at Takuya anxiously. "Can you sing?"

"No," Takuya replied.

"Can you play?"


Zoe looked away from his wise, beautiful eyes. She could feel that her face was bright red again.

"How do you feel?"

"I'm fine," she assured him. "I do feel sweet."

They both chuckled.

When they pulled in front of Takuya's house, Zoe felt nervous again.

As soon as Takuya and Zoe walked through the front door they could hear the announcer rambling over the babble of the crowd.

"Takuya?" Charles called.

"Hey, Dad," Takuya said as he came around the corner.

Takuya introduced Zoe in front of his family and they were shocked at Zoe's alikeness to her.

Takuya just simply went to the kitchen door to get something to drink while Shinya hurried to Zoe's side, their face both indecipherable.

"C'mon," Shinya said. "I'll get you something less macabre to wear."

He found her a shirt of Emily's that was close to the same color hers had been. Her parents wouldn't notice, she was sure.

"Shinya," she whispered as she headed back to the door.

"Yes?" He kept his voice low, too, and looked at her curiously, his head cocked to the side.

"Do I really look like her?" She couldn't be sure if her whispering was a wasted effort. Even though they were upstairs, with the door closed, perhaps he could hear her.

His face tensed. "One hundred percent sure."

"How's Takuya when she slipped away?"

He sighed. "He's very unhappy with himself. It's all so much more challenge for him, and he hates feeling guilty."

"Wow. It must've been very hard for him, mustn't it?"

"Of course."

Takuya was waiting for her by the front door. As she got to the bottom of the staircase, he held it open without a word.

"It was very nice to see you in person, Zoe!" Shinya cried as she walked warily toward Takuya. "I hope takes good care of you."

Zoe thanked Takuya's parents with a peaceful goodnight.

Takuya kept pace with Zoe silently. He changed his clothes as well. He opened the passenger side for her, and she climbed in without complaint. The rain started to drizzle, stinging here and there against the window.

He didn't look at her. Neither of them switched the stereo on, and the silence was somehow intensified by the sudden purr of the engine. He drove too fast down the dark, serpentine lane.

The silence was making Zoe insane.

"Say something," she finally begged as he turned onto the freeway.

"What do you want me to say?" he asked in detached voice.

She cringed at his remoteness. "Tell me I'm such an idiot."

That brought a flicker of life to his face—a flicker of confusion. "You're an idiot? For what?"

"Just do it."

"Zoe, you're not stupid."

"Stop the car."

Her words opened up the floodgate.


"Stop the car!"

Takuya hit the brakes immediately. Zoe hopped out, and frowned, ignoring her now-occurring-heavy-headache. Takuya followed Zoe, ignoring the sting of the rain.

"Are you okay?" Takuya asked.

"If I'd been more careful, nothing would have happened."

"Zoe, what happened? Did you get yourself hurt or something?" Takuya held Zoe's arms.

"It's my fault."

"What are you talking about?"

"The worse that could possibly have happened would be what? Maybe he couldn't find me a bandage? It's like I tripped and knocked over a pile of glass plates on my own—with him throwing me into them—even then, what the worst? I'd get blood seats when he drove me to the emergency room? He could have held my hand while they stitched me up but he couldn't because he didn't make it. I always take any of this on myself, Takuya. And it's making me more disgusted with myself when I met you."

"What are you saying, Zoe?" Takuya demanded.

"If I were you I would stay away because I would surely hurt you," she growled.

"I'd rather die that be with somebody else," he protested. "I'd rather die that be with anyone but you."

"Don't be melodramatic, please."

"Well then, don't be ridiculous."

She didn't answer. She glared up in the sky, her expression black.

Takuya racked his brain for some way to salvage the evening. But he couldn't come up with anything.

"To top it off, I used to have a fiancée. I found out that he has leukemia and has stopped responding to treatments. I was initially upset, but he said that the reason why he didn't tell me was because he was moving on with his life and using the time he had left," Zoe explained as she pull back her tears. "The next day, he was dead."

"I'm sorry."

"Now I'm really afraid," Zoe smirked, still crying.

"I know how hard it must've been," Takuya put his hand under her chin and looked at each other's eyes. Takuya never thought how he missed Zoe's shining emerald eyes. He wiped the tears away and removed a few strands of hair on her forehead.

"What are you think about?" She wondered in a whisper.

He hesitated for a second before he told her. "I was thinking about right and wrong, actually."

She felt a chill tingle along her spine.

"Remember how you kissed me?" He asked quickly, hoping it wasn't too clear that he was trying to distract her.

"How'd I do it?" she said, forming a smile.

"Like this," he pulled her face up to his.

The kiss began much the same as he kisses Zoe Orimoto—Takuya was as careful s ever, and their hearts began to overreact like it always did. His lips became much more urgent; his free hand twisted into her hair and held her face securely to his.

"Thanks again," she whispered as she pulled away.

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