Premise- Garcia starts to spend all her free time with Morgan after her boyfriend takes an oversees assignment.

God Makes a Way

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

January 2010

When the woman that means so much to him has teary, red rimmed eyes it officially becomes a bad day for SSA Derek Morgan.

"Garcia?" he questioned, right before she tried to end the web conference with the team. The tone of his question asked her what had her so upset.

"Allergies, love bug," she lied, quickly clicking off the web cam so the screen changed to black.

Derek was sitting across from JJ at the table in the police station. "Do you know what's bothering her?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," JJ answered before her eyes grew a little darker with traces of anger. "It had better not be Lynch."

Derek watched as JJ gathered her papers and left the room, his mind exactly where hers was. They all put up with Kevin Lynch because he was Penelope's boyfriend and she loved him. He seemed to be good to her. God help him the day any of them found out any different. For as much as Derek did not get Penelope's attraction and devotion to the tech guy, Derek respected their relationship. It seemed to make Penelope happy on most days.

Still if Derek's baby girl was crying then the odds were it had something to do with Lynch. Derek was eager to get home and find out exactly what, when she was right in front of him and couldn't fob off his questions. Most of all he was eager to take her into his arms, hold her close, wipe away her tears and promise it would all look brighter in the morning.

If he could he would take her home with him and cuddle her all night. But only a handful of times had he ever been able to do that. Only when she was recovering from her gunshot wound a few years back. After that she found Lynch to cuddle her and Lynch to love her and Lynch to be her man.

And Derek was cool with that. Sure he was. He just wanted her happy.

Jaw clenched he snatched his papers off the table and headed out of the room, trying to force his mind back on work and away from his angel who was thousands of miles away in tears, needing him but too stubborn to admit it.


"Hey, baby girl."

Hearing his voice behind her in her lair sent shivers down her spine. And brought a flood of fresh tears to her eyes. She hated crying but she couldn't help it sometimes. She knew she was the most sensitive of any of them on the team. Things got to her that others let slide off their backs but this time she had good reason to tear up.

He had left her. The man that she let herself believe would always stay and always love her.

Turning around in her chair, head titled to the side, she could barely see her best friend for all the tears in her eyes. "Hey, handsome," she murmured.

Derek gave her a worried look and reached out to touch her arm. Quickly she stood and moved into his arms, hugging him tightly, and sniffling as she pressed her face against the soft cotton of his shirt, soaking in his familiar, safe, comforting and yet pulse pounding at the same time, smell.

After a few moments Derek leaned back a little. He used his thumb to wipe a tear off her face. "Talk to me."

"He says he loves me but he's leaving me. Do you leave behind the person who you love? Isn't love supposed to be reason enough to stay and if its not then what is? What could be more of a reason than love? If love isn't enough then nothing ever will be and I don't want to live in that sort of world."

"Slow down. Fill in the blanks."

She sighed and moved back. "Kevin was offered a job overseas. It's the third time he has been up for an overseas post since we started dating. The first two times I sort of...made the positions disappear with a cyber poof."

Derek gave her a stern look. "You know that wasn't very smart. I don't want you getting into trouble over trying to keep Lynch from taking another job."

"I know. I know! But, at the time, I just wanted to make sure he wouldn't have to choose between me and the job and he didn't because there was no job. The second time he didn't tell me about the offer till he had been to several interviews already and this time...he called me from the airport, when he landed, in Europe and said he was sorry he couldn't tell me sooner but he knew what I would do. And he wouldn't even tell me where he is! Not that I can't find out with a few clicks but I guess this is very top, top, top secret and it's a lot of hacking around firewalls and I haven't had the time yet but I will track him down-"

"Baby," Derek put his hands on her arms "do not use your genius on that. Its not worth the risk."

"So I'm just supposed to sit here for the next year and not know where my boyfriend is? I don't think I can do that."

His eyes held hers for a long moment. "What you're gonna do is live your life and not spend any time worrying about a man who left you. Okay? Don't give him the power to make this year miserable for you. Hey, you have me still. I'm right here and we can hang out so much you'll barely remember you have a boyfriend somewhere in the world. Sound good?"

"You're a prince, Derek Morgan."

He grinned at her and pulled her into another hug. "And you're my princess, Penelope Garcia."