God Makes a Way

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter Nine

God will make a way
where there seems to be no way.

He works in ways we cannot see.
He will make a way for me.

He will be my guide.
Hold me closely to His side
with love and strength for each new day.

He will make a way

He will make a way (Song lyrics by Don Moen)

June 2010

The first two nights of that week Derek and Penelope went out each evening after work. Since the team was without a case, Derek had been sent to teach some self defense classes at the academy. After dinner the first evening they went to a jazz club and after dinner the second night they saw a movie.

During their dates they were more touchy feely than ever.

Though they shared kisses and caresses Derek would leave her each evening at her door. Not that it was easy at all. Both times he walked down the stairs at her apartment, paused, and thought about going back...the memory of her kisses, her throaty words, her gentle touch stuck in his mind. The need for more paramount in his body. But his heart ruled his actions and he wanted to take things slow with her.

It felt like the biggest miracle to be dating Penelope. He knew that it showed in his happy smiles and bright eyes when he was working. Rossi teased him about it. Prentiss got in her licks about him finally dating a real woman who could hold his attention. Reid was just glad that his friends were happy and neither would have time to try and set Reid up with anyone any time soon, like both of them had done before to the young genius.

JJ came up to him one time in the break room and sang "Derek and Penelope sitting in a tree."

He laughed. "That's enough of that. Don't any of you have lives that you can focus on instead of Derek Morgan's love life?"

She smiled at him "Just so you know...I hear every dirty detail."

He shivered at that news and walked away, while JJ laughed happily.

On Wednesday the team was sent on a case in New Mexico. They stayed gone till Saturday night. When they got back Penelope greeted them all in the bullpen and suggested they go out for a drink. At the bar Derek finally got Penelope to dance with him. He had to smirk at how overheated she got as his hands roamed her body and their hips moved in rhythm. Her cheeks reddened and her eyes dilated. He bit his bottom lip and fought the urge to kiss her. Because if he started he was liable to not be able to stop.

After the song he clasped her hand in his and whispered against her ear "Lets go get some air."

They headed outside.

Derek pulled her close and stroked her face. "Hot enough, Garcia?"

"The bar was stuffy tonight."

"Oh yeah?" he teased. "Cause I think dancing with me got to you."

"A gentleman would not mention such things." She smiled at him and lifted her lips for a kiss.

He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips but soon it grew fevered and other bar patrons were cat calling them. Cars driving by honked at them. Derek reluctantly pulled his lips off hers.

They hadn't talked about their feelings yet. They just showed each other how much they wanted to be together in their kisses, caresses, and all the hours that they spent together.

Penelope said "You get the car. I'll get my purse."

His gut flared with lust. "You got yourself a deal, my beautiful baby girl." Leaving go of her he turned her toward the bar doors and lightly smacked her ass. "Get a move on it."

With a giggle she headed inside, his eyes locked on her legs as they peeked out under her skirt then moving up to her ass and finally the curve of her back before she disappeared inside. His woman. God, how he wanted her so bad tonight.

Slow was over. He had no willpower left. That had been burned out during six years of friendship and one week of dating. To deny her tonight would crush his soul and to deny himself would be a torture he couldn't bear.

He had to claim her body. Be inside her. Be in her warm, wet heat. Surrounded by her love. Feeling all that trust for him. Their bodies moving together as they spoke words of love. Tonight was theirs to show everything they felt for each other. He couldn't be more primed for this moment. It was way too long in the making for him.


Moonlight streamed over nude bodies as they lay their after making love. He brushed tears off her cheeks. Looking into his eyes she saw so much love that it made her breathless, her chest filling up with returning love for him to the point that it hurt.

She stretched upwards and brought her lips to his again. She decided to tease him, to lessen the intensity of an overwhelming moment. "A good first try."

He chuckled, emotionally, then tangled his fingers through her hair. "Well I got as much time as you want to keep working on reaching the absolute pinnacle of what you consider perfection. Days, months, years, whatever you want. I'm your man."

"I want," she said before kissing him. "I want." She kissed him again. "I want, I want, I want you, Derek Morgan." Penelope rested her head on his chest and listened to his fast beating heart. "Your sister was so right about you."

"Whoa! No talking about my sister when we're in bed together."

Penelope laughed. She looked up at him. "She said you're in love with me and I should go for it with you. She pushed me to kiss you and swore you saw me as more than a friend."

"Which sister?"


Derek kissed Penelope's nose. "We'll get her a great Christmas present this year."

Penelope gave him a slow, sensual kiss. Her chest resting against his, her fingers running all over his cheeks, jaw and throat. When they broke apart she stared deep into his eyes. "You make me feel so good."

"Well, baby, that's the idea!"

She smiled. "So loved. So cherished." Gently stroking his cheek she said "I love you very much, handsome."

His eyes darkened with emotion. He choked out "Love you too, baby girl," before pushing her on her back, holding her hands over her head and kissing down her arms, over her throat and chest before bringing their mouths and body together once again.

Never before had sex been so soulful for Penelope. She could get addictive to being with Derek. And it was an addiction she would gladly welcome getting and keeping forever.