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Authoress' Note: Another story, another ongoing project. I know what you are all thinking and believe me, I'd love to work on my other woks. Problem is, my laptop isn't working. It shut down on its own and has yet to turn back on. I've not the money to take it to get fixed, let alone looked at for the time being so I'm left borrowing my mother's laptop until I can get it fixed. So, until that time I've decided to work on other stories that I was planning on posting up in October. Positive criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

The overly used 'Tony has a sister' kind of plot with a bit of a twist. Before anyone has the chance to say anything to me, I know how old they are supposed to be but the ages don't really fit well for my story so I altered them, made them older. I've also altered the time line of events so instead of everything happening in the span of 5 days, it takes place in terms of months. There are other changes but you need some surprise when reading. This is my first attempt at writing a Little Vampire story and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Prologue: Scotland

Sometimes, I hated my life. Today, for instance, was – is – the worst day of my entire eleven years of existence on this planet, more so than my fifth birthday wherein my beloved twin brother chose a Toy Story 2 theme for our birthday party. Today tops all other subsequent bad days by far. You see, today's the day we move and not just to any place. Oh no, we're moving from beautiful, sunny California to...Scotland. Of all places for dad to get a job, it had to be in a foreign country, away from all that I have known my entire life. The only upside to this whole excursion is that my twin, Anthony – though he prefers to be called Tony – is as miserable about this whole ordeal as I am. As the old saying goes 'Misery loves company.'

To clear up any confusion, I'm Juliette, Tony's younger twin sister. Only by 3 minutes though. He still rubs it in my face that he's older but I have my ways at getting back at him for those times like our sixth birthday. I talked mom into having the party themed after The Little Mermaid and I've never liked that movie to begin with. Unfortunately after the fight that occurred after the party we were banned from having such themed birthday parties again. It was also around that time that we decided to call a truce and get along for the sake of not driving each other and our parents insane. We've been close ever since though every now and then, we still fight like all siblings do.

As much as I hate to admit it, this move may be for the best. I mean, Tony and I have no friends to speak of. Our former classmates pinned us as being weird so we only had each other to depend on for the longest time. Maybe, just maybe, we can make some friends once we're settled in. That would be nice and mom would stop worrying about us so much. She thinks that just because we don't have any friends that we're becoming serial killers in the making. Leave it to moms to jump to the worst possible conclusions when it involves her children.

If it wasn't for dad, I'm sure that mom would have gotten us a therapist. While mom is the everlasting worrywart over us, dad is more lax and understanding. He rather liked us not having any friends as he was able to spend more time with us although I'm not too sure that was a good thing. He liked taking us golfing or to visit job sites and show us around. Aside from the whole golfing thing, it was always fun to hang out with dad.

At least, with dad, we're not fussed over and constantly questioned like we are with mom. She doesn't understand us as much as she likes to pretend that she does. Truthfully, neither does dad but at least he doesn't try to figure us out and try to make us be something that we're not. He's great like that. It doesn't matter that we're into video games and have a fascination with the realm of the supernatural and other things like that. To him, we're just average kids and to some degree he is right. We're average to a point, not that we've ever complained about it before. I doubt we ever will.

Currently, we're on the longest flight we're taking this entire move, the one from Newark, NJ to Edinburgh, Scotland. We only just took off and will be aboard for close to seven hours. A lot of the other passengers, mom and dad included, have fallen asleep. Tony and I, we're too anxious to sleep really. Well, I know that I am, Tony's playing Pokemon Diamond on his DS. I'd be playing my game too but I'm just not in the mood for video games. I'm too antsy about being on a plane for the second time in my life. The last flight had some awful turbulence on landing and I'm still shook up over it. After this move, we better never move again because I absolutely refuse to take another airplane anywhere ever again.

I wonder what our new house will look like? Dad said it was a manor house of some kind. That has me a bit worried as the only manor houses I've ever seen weren't that big. I hope that manor houses are different in other countries than they are in California. Otherwise, we're going to be cramped. Mom says that dad probably got the terms wrong since we're living out in the country somewhere, claiming that we're going to be in a Scottish country home. Tony and I are hopeful that they're both wrong. We want to live in a castle. For different reasons of course. Tony wants to for the reason that his newest obsession – vampires- generally live in castles. My reasons are because of witches. I mean, what self-respecting witch doesn't live in a or close to a castle? Even the Wicked Witch of the West lived in a castle. She also had flying monkeys. Those were very cool. I wish flying monkeys were real. I'd like to have one for a pet.

Flying monkeys aside, I truly hope that this change is for the best. I know Tony and I could use some actual friends outside of each other. I'm also secretly hoping for some kind of adventure as well. I know Tony is, he told me before we left California. Tony and I secretly have bets that we'll run across some supernatural creatures in Scotland. I bet we'd run into the Scottish banshee first while Tony claims we'll run into vampires instead. I hope I win otherwise Tony gets to pick out my Halloween costume this year. Knowing him, if he wins, he'll pick out something along the lines of a zombie or...even worse, he'll let mom pick something out for me and she's obsessed with the Disney Princesses. For the longest time she's wanted me to dress up as Sleeping Beauty. I'll kill him if he does that.

It's getting late and as much as I hate the thought, I'm going to have to go to sleep soon if I want to be awake when we land. Tony's shutting his game off as well, guess he's tired. I should follow his example, good thing my iPod is in my pocket. That should make it easier to fall asleep. Music always helps me sleep, does the same for Tony too. He's already got his headphones on. Place it on shuffle and readjust the headphones and there. All set to fall asleep. When next my eyes open, I'll be in Scotland or close to it at least.