Chapter 1

Present 2020

It is the year 2020. I, Zack Epicdemulia, am 22 years old. I am the best soldier in the U.S. navy, and am currently at war in Europe. The world is at war. The cause of all the war? Well, it started when I was 12. The Russian ambassador, Tai Lou Bui, wanted to buy half of the United States from the president of the United States of America. And as you could possibly guess, the president refused. The Russian ambassador was mad, I mean mad like flames in his eyes, door slamming, and killing feeling mad. Therefore, the Russian ambassador sent an assassin to kill the president. The assassination was a success. When the U.S.'s allies heard about this, the world went to war. Young ten year olds and up boys were taken from families to be trained for war and women and young children taken away to underground safe camp. I was one of those boys who were taken to be trained for war and this is my story of how I became the best of all soldiers.

Past, 2010

"NO! DON'T TAKE MY BOY!" said my mother with all the other families crying for their children. A soldier guided me and other boys to a truck where we would get sent to an U.S. naval training facility. I kept thinking this isn't like the video games; this isn't like the video games. No matter how many times I said that over in my head I was scared I wouldn't see my family again.

The soldier guided me into the truck and I looked back to see my mom's crying face, and my little brother's frown before I went inside the truck.

The trip to the facility camp took 15 hours, exactly. Creepy huh? Along the car ride I met and made many new friends. The kid in front of me was a girl. She was about my age and her name was Kohana. After while I realized that she was A GIRL, and we were going to an army naval facility… for boys. Apparently she told me that she was training there as one of the guys. Great! A girl to ruin guys' fun I thought. So continuing on. I also became friends with twins. Their names are Tom and Tobias, they are orphans, but they also take care of other little kids too.

When we finally got to the facility, I got assigned to a cabin with Kohana, Tom, and Tobias, after having a tour around the campus. There were a lot of boys and signs…weird...I said to myself. We went to our cabin and found there were two bunk beds. Tom and Tobias shared a bunk and I was stuck with Kohana. On the beds were clothes and notes saying that we had to take a shower and change into the clothes. There were signs on the way to the showers. Kohana was grateful that the showers had curtains. Of course like every other girl, they want their privacy.

After our showers, we heard announcements from the speakers on the walls to go to the cafeteria for lunch. When I went to lunch, Kohana, Tom, and Tobias, got separated from me, so we decided to meet in the lunch line. I was in the middle of the lunch line when Kohana, Tom, and Tobias found me after getting haircuts. Kohana got her hair cut to the middle of her neck and Tom and Tobias got their hair cut like those buzz cuts you see in the war movies.

We made a few more friends. By we, I mean Kohana made a few more friends, she's been attracting the other boys. They says she's cute. I just don't see it. But, thanks to her, I got to meet half the guys on campus.

To be continued…