Title: Of Secret Shags, Talks, and Fainting.

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Pairings: Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Ron/Hermione, past Harry/Ginny.

Rating: M

Word Count: 1,830.

Warnings: DH spoilers, sexual content, language.

Summary: Remus and Sirius decided to give Harry The Talk a few months after the final battle. But has Harry already done the dirty, so to say? And with whom exactly? And is that...Lucius Malfoy fainting?

Author's Note: A slash. My first attempt EVAR! Just a note: Sirius and Remus survived beyond the battle. But other than that, no one else. Everything other than Sirius' death in DoM and Remus dying at the Battle of Hogwarts is canon.

Six Years Later...

"Sirius, you run your hand through your hair one more time, I will jinx it to stick in your pocket. For the last time, you have no grey hair. "

Sirius sighs again. His hand twitches, and Harry just knows he wants to run it through his black mop one more time to check for non-existent grey hair.

In fact, that is the only part of him not grey, otherwise, he is dressed head to ankles in grey: grey tie, grey pinstriped vest, grey suit jacket, grey trousers. Narcissa and Andromeda said something about eyes and bringing out the color. It had surpassed Harry at the time, but he has to admit, Sirius does look dashing. The gaunt look Azkaban had given him all gone, leaving Sirius a man more reminiscent of the young adult Harry had seen in his parents' wedding picture.

"How do I look?" he asks finally.

"Very handsome," Harry admits, brushing invisible lint off his godfather's shoulder.

"He'll be there, won't he?" Sirius inquires, worrying his bottom lip nervously.

"I hardly think he isn't going to show up after saying yes four years later."

"I just-"

"Sirius," Harry interrupts sternly. "This is Remus. Of course he'll come."

Sirius looks back at his reflection, smooths his hair one more time, smiles tentatively. He nods as though answering a question of his own. "Okay."

Harry smiles encouragingly, claps Sirius on his back. "All right? Let's go. We wouldn't want one of the grooms to be late for his own wedding."

They begin walking out when Sirius stops suddenly by the door. "You have the rings, don't you?"

Harry rolls his eyes exasperatedly, and a little fondly. Sirius has asked him this question for the sixth time in as many minutes. "No, I accidentally dropped them in the Black Lake and the Giant Squid swallowed them."

Sirius tether on the brink of panic before realizing his godson is only joking. "Brat." He pinches Harry's cheek. "Don't joke about that."

"Well, it's better than running up the aisle after the bride," Harry responds, smirking at the older man.

"You, Potter, are far too cheeky for your own good."

"Funny," Harry teases, holding the back door to the patio deck open. "Snape said the same thing. It seems you do agree on something."

Sirius gives him an affronted look. He opens his mouth to retort, but before he can get the words, Andromeda is there, all but dragging Sirius to the makeshift gazebo that the wedding planners erected last week behind the cottage where now only Sirius, Teddy, and Remus live.

Harry moved into Grimmauld Place with Draco after another thorough cleaning with the help of Narcissa and Andromeda. The two women also made the house fit to be inhabitable and child safe, allowing Teddy to spend most weekends with Harry and Draco.

All their friends are gathered on the many small white chairs. Harry has to admit, Andromeda and Narcissa have done a marvelous job. Silver and blue silk ribbons weave in and out of the bushes, drape over chairs, while small fluttering golden fairies light the poles of the gazebo. A golden chiffon saree is lain down from the very last row of chairs to the steps of the white and blue gazebo. With the late afternoon sun over the forest surrounding the cottage as it's backdrop, the entire setting has a ethereal, fairytale like feel.

Once they are standing at the very edge of the golden carpet, Andromeda leaves to take her seat next to her sister.

Harry sees Remus and Teddy- who is sporting vibrant blue hair much to the chagrin of Narcissa and his grandmother- already standing with Arthur who volunteered to be the wizard to oversee the wedding.

Sirius sees them too, for he halts, clutches at Harry's elbow almost painfully. "Merlin, I'm getting married."

"Yes." Harry grins goofily, catching Draco's eye as the audience turn to look at the other groom.

"To Remus."


"My best mate."

"Yes," Harry says again, because he knows that is all Sirius needs right now. Affirmation.

"Okay," he says again. He looks at Remus, and Harry sees his godfather's whole face light up. He looks skyward once. Harry thinks he might be remembering his other best friend. He was told his parents married on a late-June afternoon as well. He wonders whether his parents would be approving of their best friends being together. He can't imagine them being anything but. Sirius begins walking, his best man by his side. "Okay."

"Almost late there, weren't you?" Remus mutters once Sirius is standing next to him.

Sirius grins widely. "I have reputation to uphold. I can't possibly arrive before the bride now, can I?"


Harry smiles at the easy banter.

The ceremony is over before he knows it. Both Remus and Sirius had insisted on a relatively short one wherein rings are exchanged, wands are twirled, and vows are made.

Harry stands back with Draco and a very pregnant Hermione, watching the newly wed couple as each struggle to lead . Remus wins out in the end, much to the amusement of everyone watching. Teddy follows next, leading a young Victoire onto the dance floor. Bills looks torn between disapproval and amusement. Fleur coos contentedly, rocking baby Dom back and forth.

Harry just laughs before pulling Draco close and stumbling haphazardly onto the make-shift sleek wooden floor. Draco scowls at the graceless entrance. Harry kisses his nose affectionately.

This is it, Harry thinks. His family. Sirius and Remus, Teddy and Andromeda, the Weasleys, Draco and even the Malfoys who, in their own way, are fiercely loyal to family. There isn't anything he needs or wants for anymore.


"Do you want this?" he whispers in Draco's ear, swaying on the spot.

"A gathering with disgusting amounts of red hair? No."

Harry chuckles breathlessly. He has stopped taking offense at Draco's jibes long ago. He hardly means them anymore. It is more out of habit than anything. "This, what Remus and Sirius have."

Draco leans his head back to look at Harry properly. There are more people on the floor now, swaying, laughing, dancing. "A marriage?"

"Yes," Harry replies sincerely.

"Are you proposing, Potter?" Draco asks incredulously.

Harry deftly slips his hand into his pocket and pulls out the ring box he has been carrying around for three months, two weeks, five days, and fourteen hours since he saw it in Muggle London. "Yes?"

No one is looking at them. Everyone is busy gazing at their own partners.

Draco blinks. He lays his left hand on Harry's breast pocket."You have no finesse, Potter."

"You still love me," Harry says, knowing that is as much of a 'yes' he is ever going to get. He slips the ring on Draco's pale finger while it is resting against Harry's chest. Draco pulls him in for a kiss before looking at the newly adorned finger.

The ring is silver with an emerald dragon. The dragon has obsidian eyes.

It reminds Harry of houses almost Sorted into, and friendships declined. The obsidian forces Harry to recall Potions professors dying for lost love, and stolen wands saving lives. It speaks of history, and promises, and futures unwritten.

Draco kisses him again, and just like that, they are engaged.

When the speeches are made, and toasts are done, Harry's eyes meet Sirius'. The latter nods. Harry grins, waves his wand. Draco, Ron, and Hermione who are closest to him, look curiously.

A loud rumble answers the question plainly written on their faces. Sirius' old motorcycle- or, a newer model of the motorcycle- drives around the shed, parking itself at the edge of the tent under which everyone is standing, staring at the two-wheeler as though it has personally offended them. Andromeda and Narcissa doubly so.

Sirius bounds toward it, pulling Remus with him before anyone can recover and protest. He throws a helmet to the werewolf. Remus, as baffled as everyone else, catches it a mere second before the hard head hits his nose.

By the time Molly cries in outrage, Sirius has kicked the clutch, geared the bike, and taken off into the sunset. Literally.

Everyone turns to Harry instead.

"Oh shit."

Draco sighs next to him, pulls on his hand, and before he knows it Harry is being squeezed through a tight invisible tube. Harry, Draco, Sirius, and Remus as still the only ones allowed to Apparate or Disapparate in and out of the cottage.

Draco topples him onto their bed in Grimmauld Place. "Silly Potter. No finesse at all." However, Silly Potter is being snogged senseless so he doesn't feel so silly for making such a quick getaway after all.

They get married a year later in the church in Godric's Hollow even though neither of them are religious. Harry wants it to be there because only a few meters beyond the church wall are his parents' graves.

Draco understands.

It is a small gathering. Well, as small as you can get with all the Weasleys, Malfoys, Andromeda, Neville, Luna, Blaise, Pansy, Goyle, and of course the Black-Lupins.

Ten minutes before the ceremony, Harry stands before the familiar graves. Snape is somewhere here too, at his own behest, but he isn't here for Snape today. He knows Draco has already visited his old mentor.

Harry touches the headstone gingerly. There is nothing to say. Nothing he can say. He only asks they be there today like they always have been.

Sirius meets him at the kissing gate, a small smile on his face. "They are proud of you."

Not they would be or they would have been. They are.

And it means everything to Harry.

Harry utters "This I swear" before the words are even out of Remus' mouth, and everyone in the church chuckles. Draco quirks that familiar smirk at him. Harry shrugs sheepishly, mouthing I'm impatient as explanation. Pink tints Draco's pale cheeks and he mouths I love you too.

When Remus finally- finally!- says "You may kiss," their first kiss as a married couple is everything symbolizing their relationship. It is tongues clashing, battling for dominance, hands roaming for purchase, and yet...despite the fierceness, it is also tender and passionate and loving.

Draco pulls away first, a beautiful flush covering his neck and cheeks. Harry has a shit-eating grin on his face. He leans in and places a chaste kiss on Draco's red lips. "Love you so much," he murmurs against them and forces himself to pull away from his husband.

He looks out the stain-glass window from where he can see the first of the headstone. Harry thinks he can see lily blossoms at the foot of the tree beyond the church yard.

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