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Shinra was yelping in the background and Celty was tap-tap-tapping away on her PDA while Shizuo flung the door to the ground. The poor, bewildered doctor held his palms up, trying to stop Shizuo in his movements, but he grabbed my wrist instead and began yanking me towards the exit. "Please Shizuo, just wait, I'm sorry we shut you up in there, it was the wrong thing to do—"

"SHUT UP!" Shizuo bellowed in Shinra's face. Even Celty backed up. I didn't say anything, just watched the scenario unfolding before me. "You know I don't like being locked up! You know I don't like being shut in a room with this—" He pulled my arm up so I was kind of almost suspended by my wrist. I muttered something in annoyance under my breath. "You know how dangerous this is Shinra!"

"I know, I know, it was stupid, it was just a thought, a test you know, how if you shut two dogs in a roo—"

"—what?" Shizuo replied, unusually quietly. "What did you say? Dogs?!"

"It was silly, completely the wrong thing to say..." Shinra was pushing his glasses up with one hand and fiddling with his sleeve with the other.

"Whatever! I'm out of here!" Shizuo bawled, pushing past the doctor.

"Wait! Where?"

"For a fucking drink! Leave it!" Within a few moments we were out of the apartment and into the street, Shizuo still hauling me along the sidewalk.

"You know, you can let go of me now, Shizuo," I muttered. He threw my arm out of his grip, and I stopped briefly, rubbing my wrist. I peered up at him through my eyelashes. His face was tinged red, seemingly from the anger, and his fists were clenched. He was grinding his teeth and staring ahead of him, focusing on some spot in the distance. "Come on then," I said quietly. "Let's go for this damn drink."

We ended up in a very small bar closer to my end of town. Neither of us really spoke, just stared at the bottoms of our glasses. It was extremely awkward. All we were doing was screaming silently, stuck in our thoughts.

How had this happened? How had our hatred overcome us and leaked into something else? How was it that now, instead of boiling anger, I felt something else bubbling deep within me? I sighed and rubbed my temple. I didn't understand. I wasn't the kind of person who fell in love. That kind of stuff was never in my vocabulary. Was never something I thought about. Was never the kind of thing that I planned to do with my life. Or even involve in my life. I didn't think I was capable of having such feelings or thoughts. I dared to sneak a look at Shizuo.

Oh Shizuo. His soft blonde hair falling into his deep blue eyes. His eyelashes, brown and perfectly separated. His skin, creamy coloured with a light dusting of freckles across his nose. The soft pink tinge staining his cheeks. His large, calloused hands clasped in front of him. He was perfect. He was a monster, but a perfect one. Why had I never looked at him this way before. Why had I never noticed how...how beautiful he was?

What the fuck is wrong with me? I shook my head hard, determined to get the putrid thoughts out of my head. I was Orihara Izaya, for fucks sake. I didn't...I didn't do this...what was the point? For the weeks this had been happening I'd been puffing out my chest and exclaiming who I was and what I did and didn't do. It didn't stop the little, niggling person inside me that wanted to dive on Shizuo and feel those lips again. A breath escaped my mouth, and his head turned to face me. Oh, Shizuo. This time I really couldn't break the gaze. I could practically feel the electric current between us, hear it buzzing loud in my ears. Everything else seemed nonexistent. All I could hear, see, feel and smell was Shizuo.

"What's happened to us?" Shizuo whispered. His eyes were big, blue and wobbling slightly with moisture. "What have we become?"

"I don't know," I replied, slightly shocked at how my voice shook and cracked. I dropped my gaze to his lips, plush and pink and parted a little. I felt myself automatically leaning forward.

"Izaya," Shizuo muttered. I stopped, and suddenly all the sounds of the bar came back. The group of underage kids in the corner playing a loud drinking game. The old lady that stunk of cigarette smoke talking to herself a bit further down the bar. The bartender, rubbing a glass repeatedly with a grubby rag. That same bartender was staring at us, his eyebrow raised. "Let's get out of here."

"Yes," I breathed. I slid off my barstool and Shizuo took my wrist, dragging me out of the bar. I could feel his tight grip on my skin but this time I wasn't complaining. I could hear the blood pounding in my ear as he pulled me into a small alley next to the bar. It was raining, hard, but neither of us seemed to notice. He pushed me into the wall, but this time he was careful, considerate. He stroked my hair with one hand and cupped my chin, his forehead pressing against mine, gazing straight into my eyes.

"What is happening..." He asked again. "What are we doing, Izaya?"

"I don't know...Shizzy-chan...I don't..." I ached for his mouth on mine. In the next breath, he gave it to me, his lips crushing into mine. I whined appreciatively. It was even better than I'd been dreaming for the last few hours. He was warm and strong. He wrapped his arms around me, encircling me, kissing me harder than before. The rain kept coming down. I could feel his wet hair dripping into my eyes, but we kept kissing. Just kissing. I could practically hear fireworks and choirs singing. My palms pressed into the damp fabric of his shirt, wrapped around his neck, my fingers stroking the soft skin there. He gasped into my mouth, and my tongue crept in the stroke his. I felt amazing. I felt like we were the only people in the world. Like nothing else even mattered. It was just the two of us here, sharing this moment. It didn't matter that we were Shizuo and Izaya, who hated each other. It didn't matter about Shinra, or Celty or Namie. It was us.

Finally, we pulled apart for air. I stared into his eyes, waiting for him to remember, to freak out, to accuse me of getting into his head. He stared at me too, and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing. After what seemed like a lifetime, he spoke. "Let's stay at your place."

"My...my place..."I murmured. "Okay. Yes, okay."

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