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This is set post R2, and of course, since yours truly is a raging LuluxC.C. fangirl, Lelouch comes back to life. This will just be a little continuation of what happens after. And since everyone basically already knows the whole theory about how Lelouch got his code from Charles, I won't go into detail about it in the later chapters.

I just wrote this for fun, meaning it might be weird. Just warning you...

Also sorry if C.C. is a bit OOC, I'm still getting the hang of writing for this anime. So forgive me!

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Continued Stories

Stage 1 - Madness in Love

In its relentless march onwards, it seemed Time had left her by the side of the road again.




C.C. did not try to chase yesterday because there was nothing but pain. She did not live for the moment because her 'present' was infinite. She didn't look to the future because there was nothing there. It was empty, just as she was. Yesterday was gone, nothing but ash and dust. Today and tomorrow were the same.

An immortal witch, she surmised, had no life. She did not live; she existed.

And as C.C. lay on her back on the soft grass at the foot of a large tree, gazing up listlessly at the dappled patches of sunlight that danced across her vision through the green foliage, she realised that it was all very simple. Why she did not feel alive – the reason was because she didn't have one.

She had no reason to live.

She watched a leaf float down upon the tresses of a soft breeze. The purpose of life was to not die. Without the possibility of death, life became meaningless. You cannot live without dying. The excitement of being alive lay in the feeling of enjoying life simply because one day, you know you will inevitably die.

Death never came for C.C.; thus, she could never feel that thrilling rush to cram everything in to the few years of life humans were grants. She could never feel the satisfaction of achieving something important before it is too late. And it was because it was never too late for her; it was because she had all the time in the world, that her existence was meaningless. Like this, C.C. supposed, she'd already practically died inside anyway.

That frightening emptiness threatening to creep up again, the witch sat up abruptly, directing her troubled gaze across the gentle landscape of the Britannian countryside.

It had been a year.

Three hundred and sixty five days, to this day, when the Demon Emperor of Britannia saved the world with his death. A demon and a guardian angel all at once. An enigma. A paradox. One who redeemed humanity by destroying it. C.C. allowed herself a humourless smile.

"Hmph. As expected of my accomplice."

She'd never met another man like him. She doubted she ever would again. Of all the people she'd met in her life, she'd forgotten almost all of their names, forgotten their faces, but he was engraved into the centuries-spanning depth of her memory for the rest of eternity. He was a king among men. A demon; the scourge of mankind that was to save mankind.

She wanted to curse that man for so many reasons. She wanted to curse the day she'd met him. Because he had given her a purpose, and he'd taken it away. He'd promised to kill her, and he didn't do that either. He'd brought so much into this tired and faded existence of hers, but it also meant he'd given her all the more to lose. He was a liar through and through.

"Bastard. And you called me selfish."

Lonelier than she had been in centuries, C.C. had found that in Lelouch's absence, she'd developed a nasty habit of talking to herself, or rather, him, in her head. In the end, she was just a lonely witch. A lonely girl who wanted someone to love her. And Lelouch could have granted her that wish, but no, he had to go off and die to save the world.

C.C. was selfish; she knew that. Being immortal, it was all she could do to be selfish. Her selfishness kept her human. If she could still care about herself, that meant she had the capacity to possibly care for other.

"That lying idiot of a man…don't think I'll forgive you…"

The world can go screw itself.

It doesn't matter.

You do.

His death was possibly the only thing she'd every truly heartily cried about. To the immortal C.C., tears were precious. She wasn't heartless – no, not yet, because the tears she was still capable of crying were proof of the last remnants of her humanity. The vestiges of what little emotions she still had. Thus, she saved her tears only for those rare, sensitive moments. She'd cried for Lelouch and she cried for herself.

Of course, he had probably been the first person she'd cried in front of for a good several hundred years or so.

Again, that man…just a single man could do this to her…

Perhaps she had been thinking about him too much, or maybe she had finally snapped. Either way, the sudden desperate longing for him to just be with her overwhelmed the numbness inside her chest.

If you hadn't wanted this so badly…

If you hadn't died for the sake of creating a better world…

I swear…

I would bust into hell and drag your sorry ass out of there myself…

"Lelouch!" C.C. stood to her feet, feeling a sudden, overpowering urge to call his name. The way his name sounded on her tongue, how it rolled around her mouth…maybe, just maybe, she could pretend he could hear her…

"Liar. Idiot boy. Accomplices don't abandon accomplices. The warlock doesn't leave the witch. We had a contract…a promise…liar…" she stopped and paused suddenly, spying a figure making its way over the crest of the hill.

There was no mistaking it – that familiar, self-confident stride, the lean frame, raven hair barely visible as it poked out from underneath a straw hat, that sharp, strong chin…C.C. watched the man silently, her countenance expressionless as always, as he approached.

He stood now, only several metres away before where she was standing, and when he tilted his head up slightly she had full view of his face underneath the brim of his hat. Eyes of amethyst purple that turn to crimson red. A faintly haughty, teasing smirk.


C.C. blinked.

You've done it this time, you…



She'd been pushed this far, eh?

It had come to this, had it? Immortality had finally driven her insane. Or was it from lack of pizza? They didn't have Pizza Hut stores out here in the country…though none of that really mattered anymore, she still supposed it was sad knowing that she would now be both alone and crazy. Dammit, next thing she'd probably be hearing voices in her head, or talking to Cheese-kun – no wait, she already did that.

Great. Just fabulous.

It was lucky she was out here in the middle of nowhere, then. Had she been in town they would probably have her locked up in the local asylum. Just like the witch she was. The stark raving mad witch who ate nothing but pizza and had hallucinations of the much-hated dead tyrant emperor. Orange-kun and Anya would have a hard time bailing her out of that.

Had she really been so desperate to just see lay her eyes upon him again that she'd started imagining him walking up to her? Well, she decided, if she'd already started to have hallucinations then she might as well start talking to them too. No point in stopping here, she'd just go mad the whole way.

After all, there was always some madness in love, C.C. mused soberly, but there was also always some reason in madness.

She must really love Lelouch then, for this sudden madness.

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Lelouch vi Britannia commands you...


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