"Let me get this;" Faith said, giving Adele a disbelieving look. "My life for my life?" She sneered, just a little. "Doesn't quite ring true. Does it?"

Adele just raised her eyebrows, she'd said what needed to be said. Any more was just over kill.

Frustrated, Faith banged her hands on the table and stood up once more. Adele wondered how she had lasted so long in incrassation when the woman clearly had deep seated issues about feeling trapped. "Seems a little cliché don't ya think?" Faith snarled, almost hissing like a cat. "of course you probably get off this shit, don't you?" She threw her arms wide, "Saying all this bullshit about redemption and second chances to people who's only other option is what? Death? prison? You're sick."

"I can assure you that I have much better things to do, Ms. Lehane, than try to convince a self destructive young woman into making the best decision for her." Adele replied, keeping her tone even. The tea had gone cold. Liquor was seeming like an ever better option.

"Decision?" Faith took a step back, aghast, as if she'd been hit in the face. "You're actually going to throw that word at me now?" She ran a hand through her hair, taking in a few deep breaths. "Do you see any decision making around here? Seriously?" Faith was furious. "You've had me locked up in here for HOURS with nothing but your fucking tea! And FYI," Faith's eyes were slits of resentment. "Decision implies option, and I am so not seeing any of those flying around right now."

Adele let out a sigh and tucked a stray lock behind her ear. "I am aware of how this must feel for you. However…"

"Really, do you?" Faith cut her off. " You know me that well huh? On a deep, personal level? We're gonna be best buds now, right?" She let out a harsh, short laugh over her still crossed alms. Adele took note of the defensive posture and allowed herself the tiniest bit of pity. This was a woman who had learnt never to drop her guard.

"But I honestly believe in the work that we do here, Faith." It was the first time Adele had called her by her first name. "We're helping people. The money this program raises funds life-saving research. You can make a difference by helping us make a difference." Faith's lip curled. "Its not the most.." Adele searched for a word "…traditional of means. But we're saving lives. That's what we do here. That's what you can do here. That's what you want, isn't it?" Adele looked the broken slayer directly in the eye, "To make a difference?"

"Helping people at the Dollhouse?" Faith almost spat the word out. "I've heard of it. Prostitutes for the rich and famous. You think that's helping anyone?"

Adele leaned back ever so slightly and crossed her legs. Now this was a conversation she'd had before and was well within her scope of practice. "I can assure you, Ms. Lehane, that you, like so many other members of the public, have been deeply miss-informed." Adele responded, watching the tiger pace from over the brim of her teacup. Adele was a woman who had been trained in not missing a beat. It had taken quite a few hours, but the director was pleased with how negotiations had progressed. Not that this was a necessity. Ms. Lehane was a criminal of the State, and certain documentation passed by people far more powerful than herself had ensured that prisoners did not have the right to say no. At least not to Rossum. This was something that had never sat well with the woman. And regardless, of the fact that Faith Lehane was now and for the next five years already Rossom's property, Adelle Duitt was going to make sure that she was at the very least giving the illusion of free will. Whether she wanted to be or not, Faith was her charge. And Adele took care of her charges.