Tony looked at Gibbs in contemplation. The way his boss looked when he was focused on a case made him melt inside. Something about those piercing blue eyes… or those hands…For a moment he considered telling Gibbs everything; how he wanted to be kissed passionately by those lips he had been dreaming about lately, how he would always have his Boss' six. When Gibbs looked up to find Tony staring blankly at him he barked something about getting to work and Tony snapped out of it, trying to refocus on the pile of paper in front of him. He could never tell him, could never bear to see the rejection that would be written all over Gibbs' face when he spilled his guts to his Boss.

He sighed softly and blinked a few times but he couldn't pay attention to the paper work that had to be done. He looked around for an excuse to leave the bullpen for a few minutes, get some fresh stood up and asked "coffee?" to no one in particular. Ziva and McGee looked puzzled as to the reason of Tony being nice and Gibbs didn't move an inch so Tony shrugged and was about to walk to the elevator when he heard Gibbs' voice. "Going to check on Abby, see if she's matched that fingerprint yet." Tony realized he would have to endure another one of those painfully slow elevator rides where he wanted to keep pushing the elevator button as if that would make it go faster.
Gibbs caught up with him as he pushed the button and Tony cast a quick glance at Gibbs before turning and looking the other way when finally the elevator arrived at their floor and they got in. The doors closed, separating them from everything else and Tony felt his heart race in his chest at the close presence of his Boss.
"Everything alright, DiNozzo?" Tony almost hadn't heard his words as he was concentrating on taking deep breaths to keep from panicking. What if Gibbs could see through his façade? He realized that the older man was looking at him intently. "Eh… What was that, Boss? I zoned out for a moment, thinking about my hot date tonight, smoking hot piece of ass…" Before he could ramble on about his imaginary date, Gibbs had slapped him on the back of the head and Tony almost lost his balance as Gibbs punched the emergency button and the elevator came to a stop. "I asked if you were okay. Don't need a detailed report of your sex life." The older man grunted.
Tony could headslap himself at this moment, why did he always have to be that lighthearted guy who didn't even have the guts to face his own feelings? As quick as that thought had emerged, he pushed it back down. There was no way Gibbs would return his affection or even understand. He would always be a Marine, no, he definitely wouldn't understand. "Of course, Boss, why wouldn't it be?" He forced himself to smile and brought up his hand to push the elevator back into motion but he was caught off guard by Gibbs who growled and punched the wall next to Tony. "Damned Tony, don't shut me out!" Tony looked at Gibbs with big eyes and swallowed hard as he tried to back away but he hit the wall behind him and couldn't escape those beautiful blue eyes anymore. He wanted to say all kinds of things but swallowed them all. Gibbs' frown softened at the sight of his confused Senior Agent and he backed off a bit. "Tony…", he sighed, "never mind I said anything." Gibbs muttered as he pushed the button to get the elevator moving again. The lights flickered for a moment but then everything was dark. "What the hell is this?" Gibbs grunted. Tony couldn't help the chuckle that escaped from his throat but he regretted it almost immediately as he felt Gibbs' close presence and his breath against his cheek. "Something funny, DiNozzo?" The younger man cleared his throat nervously. "Well, actually this was bound to happen seeing as how you always push that button on and off…" the playful headslap was unexpected and Tony yelped in surprise. "Ow! Shutting up, Boss, I'll call maintenance."

A few minutes later they sat up against the wall, waiting for the elevator to be fixed. Although Tony couldn't see clearly in the absence of light, he felt Gibbs' heat radiating from his body and his heart rate shot up once again. It was stupid of him to think that Gibbs wouldn't notice, nothing had ever successfully escaped Gibbs' attention, yet he was still surprised when the older man spoke. "Gonna be here for a while Tony, might as well make it cosy." and he felt his Boss move a little closer.