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Chapter 3

Tony feared that if he stayed one moment longer in that heavenly kiss, his knees would give way and he'd collapse on top of Gibbs - not that he'd mind and he suspected Gibbs wouldn't either. He inhaled the scent of the man he had come to love so deeply and sighed when their eyes locked.

He wanted to ask Gibbs so many questions but didn't know which one to ask first so he just let his eyes speak for him. Tony felt like he was going to drown in those enigmatic pools of blue that were looking back at him. He intertwined his fingers with Gibbs' and bit his bottom lip to keep himself from blurting out how he felt.

The corner of Gibbs' mouth arched lightly and he bended towards Tony so his lips almost touched the Italian's ear. "I know", he whispered, as he bit his earlobe lightly and kissed it to soothe him. Tony arched his back and moaned at the sensation so he was pressed against Gibbs once more and he could feel himself tremble slightly at the overwhelming desire Gibbs provoked in him.

His mind drifted away. How could the record-holder of divorces be kissing him? Could it be possible that Gibbs just wanted to experiment with men, with him? He knew he hadn't be as subtle about his feelings as he thought he had so Gibbs just may have wanted to see what it felt like. Gibbs grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and brought his thinking to a minimum with a kiss that was even better than the first one. Their lips touched lightly but as they got into it, Gibbs' tongue explored Tony's mouth and suckled on his bottom lip. Tony pushed away whatever worries he had and took Gibbs' hand, leading him to the bedroom. If this was going to be a one-time thing, he'd better do it right so he'd have something to fantasize about for the rest of his lonely days.

Gibbs seemed to read his mind and tugged Tony back. He could read the hurt and insecurities in Tony's eyes and wished he'd said something sooner. "If I'm going somewhere with you, I don't want this to be all I get. I don't want to be another office-story." Leroy Jethro Gibbs rarely expressed his feelings or spoke at all but this was a man he was willing to do everything for. His ex-wives had all served one purpose - replacing Shannon. He thought she had been the one for him and he was never going to get another chance at real love again. Until he met a handsome, cocky agent with the Baltimore PD. Gibbs believed that true love doesn't come with limits, he couldn't care less about the fact that Tony was male.

Tony's sweet smile had broadened to a new level of 'smile', it seemed as if the corners of his mouth were going to touch his ears. He answered by putting his arms around Gibbs' neck and kissing him so sweetly that the words found their way to the outer world. "I love you", he whispered to Gibbs. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Gibbs couldn't resist Tony any longer. He almost ripped his Senior Agent's shirt as he pulled it over his head and pulled his new lover closer. His hands explored Tony's toned body and caressed the scars from dangerous cases they had shared. They had shared so many important moments and Gibbs felt like they were only going to get closer.

Seeing as Gibbs didn't really care about material stuff, he'd probably not care about one shirt less in his closet so Tony ripped it from his chest and almost died then and there. He looked better than he'd imagined. Sure, he'd had the occasional chance to admire Gibbs' body when they worked out or had to take a decontamination shower but he'd never dared to let his eyes get used to the sight.

He let every piece of that gorgeous body sink in - Gibbs' hardened nipples, his muscled arms and chest, the delicious scent that could only be Gibbs. He unbuckled his Boss' belt, pushed down his trousers and sank down on his knees.

He wanted to be Gibbs' property, he'd never love anyone else again. Gibbs hand stroked through Tony's hair and that was all the encouragement he needed. He caressed Gibbs' groin and felt his hard dick pulse under his hand. He felt like he was going to come on the spot, this couldn't be happening, not after all those frustrating fantasies. Everything he had ever wanted, he got right there.

He teased Gibbs by kissing him on his thighs, licking his balls and nuzzling his cock but he never licked it. He backed off just a little to glance at his Boss. Gibbs grabbed his rock hard dick and pulled Tony's face up by his chin. He pushed his member between Tony's soft lips and groaned at the sensation of all that heat that surrounded him. Tony licked little circles on the top and then pulled Gibbs closer by grabbing him by his ass and pushing him towards him. He'd often wondered what it would feel like to please Gibbs but nothing he had come up with, came even close to what he was experiencing now.

Gibbs pushed his dick deep into Tony's mouth and muttered incoherent words of encouragement as Tony sucked hard while stroking his balls. Suddenly, Gibbs pulled back entirely and pulled Tony on his feet.

" Bed, now!", he ordered. As soon as they lay down, Gibbs straddled him and pushed his rock hard cock back in Tony's mouth where it belonged. He grabbed Tony by his wrists and pushed them down on the mattress. His pretty boy was powerless to do anything other than take his whole length in. As soon as Tony widened his mouth, Gibbs began to push harder and faster between those soft lips. He felt his orgasm approaching fast and as he came, he pushed his entire dick into Tony's mouth, shooting his seed far down his throat. He shouted and pushed back down until Tony had swallowed everything.

He didn't want to give Tony a chance to recuperate and rolled him over on his stomach. He began to search the drawers in Tony's night table and soon found what he was looking for. Placing himself between Tony's legs, he lubed up his fingers and pushed one in Tony's ass. Tony gasped at the sensation but pushed back against Gibbs' finger, moaning as he added a second.

Gibbs arched his fingers a little and stroked Tony's prostate once, leaving him panting before he placed himself near Tony's entrance and pushed his entire cock down his ass in one movement. Tony cried out and clawed in the mattress while Gibbs gave him a second to adjust. Then he began to push slowly and soon found a steady rhythm. He was still very sensitive from Tony's blowjob but that's how he liked it, fucking him senseless while Tony wanted to come desperately. He grapped Tony by his waist with one hand and pulled his hair with the other, making him gasp and contract a little.

He replaced one hand and grasped Tony's cock, which was ready to explode by now. He began to stroke it very slowly, only frustrating Tony more. He began to speed up and groaned at the sensation while he jerked Tony off. Finally increasing his speed on Tony too, he kept on stroking Tony's prostate.

When Tony finally came he nearly blacked out, spilling his sperm all over the covers and contracting so much that Gibbs came harder than he ever had before. He collapsed on top of Tony and kept pushing his shaft deeper into Tony's ass until finally the sensation subsided.

Then he pushed Tony on his back and kissed him, a kiss that spoke more than a thousand words. 'I love you too, Tony'.