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Aerrow, Finn, Lachlan and Radarr trooped out of the lusciously decorated room and followed Piper up another flight of stairs, down another brightly lit hallway and through a whitewashed door.

Through the door was a room the size of the cottage the four boys had stayed in previous.

The room was painted completely white with deep sea green bed spreads and other bits and pieces.

Aerrow and the brothers shared a surprised look and was even more shocked when Piper said, "This is where you boys will be staying." Finn shook his head, "Ex-squeeze me?" Piper groaned and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Morons."

Lachlan elbowed his brother in the ribs gently and when Finn turned, he made a cutting-his-throat motion. Finn was quiet after that.

Radarr broke the awkward silence by leaping off Aerrow's shoulders and bouncing on one of the three beds. Squawking, he motioned for Aerrow and the others to join him. Piper started to giggle and shook her head to signal she didn't want to.

Finn and Lachlan on the other hand... wasted no time in leaping up on the bed and joining Radarr.

Piper and Aerrow shared a look and shook with silent laughter before silently slipping out of the room and closing the door. Then they broke into real laughter and Piper breathed out, "Oh dear. Somehow I don't think that their too tired anymore." Aerrow nodded in response.

There were footsteps that sounded down the hall that were coming up the stairs, "Piper! What is that horrid noise?" Piper quietly gasped and yanked the door open.

Gripping Aerrow by his elbow, she towed him in to the room and then leaped on to Finn and Lachlan. Putting her hands over their mouths, she motioned for Aerrow to do the same for Radarr.

When they were all silenced, Piper stared at the door hard, Lock she thought and the boys heard a soft click as the bolt slid home.

Aerrow gave her a questioning look, How? He mouthed. Piper whispered ever so quietly, "Telepathy."

A woman's voice echoed outside the door, "Piper?" She called with a sickly sweet edge, "Are you in there dear girl?" When Piper didn't respond, Aerrow motioned for her to hide in the bathroom.

When she was out of sight, Aerrow and the boys positioned themselves so they wouldn't seem suspicious and Aerrow opened the door, "Can I help you?"

The woman was startled to see a boy no older than fourteen open the door but it didn't stop her from shouting, "Kaname!"

When the man appeared, the woman pointed accusingly at Aerrow, "Who is this filth? Why are they in the White Room?"

Kaname said patiently, "Ah Countess. I see you've met my young friend Aerrow." Countess looked at Aerrow like he was something that she'd scrape off her boot. Aerrow then heard Piper's voice in his head, That's Countess Galatiea. She's Kaname's grandmother and she's also meant to be my governess. She's the royal-pain-in-the-butt around here. Be careful of her. She can get your head chopped off.

Then her voice faded out. Aerrow said cautiously to the leering Countess, "Ah Countess?" She swung around to face him with beady beetle eyes, "What?" She snapped, "I couldn't help but overhear that you were looking for Piper?" The Countess started, "Yes boy. Do you know where she is?"Aerrow pretended to ponder for a moment before answering, "I think that when I came in she was playing in the garden with Ruka."

Countess Galatiea straightened and smiled wickedly, "Thank you dear boy," she started in a sickly sweet voice, "Would you like to dine with me this evening?" Aerrow froze, Decline! Say no Aerrow! Don't let her catch you off guard! Aerrow mentally grinned. Piper's voice was back, "Sorry Countess. But I'll have to decline," he apologized, "I shall see you later than?"

When the Countess nodded, Aerrow bade her and Kaname goodnight before retreating in to the room. He locked the bolt across and slid down the door in relief. Finn and Lachlan looked at him with a million questions on their tongues but the held their ground and said nothing. Radarr ran and opened the bathroom door.

Piper stepped daintily out of the door and in to the bedroom. She sighed with relief when she looked around and saw no Countess. Then she crossed the room to where Aerrow leaned against the door. She took his face between both her slender hands and kissed him lightly on his forehead. Then she opened the door slightly and peeked out.

Then she bid the boys goodnight and sweet dreams before she slipped out in to the now darkened corridor. Only when the door was securely shut, did the boys relax and start to get ready for bed.


The next morning, the boys were woken by a symphony of bird calls coming from just outside their window. Aerrow and Lachlan were the first two awake and they got cleaned and dressed in relative silence. Then, a barely human shriek filled the air, followed by pounding footsteps down the hall.

The door swung open wide with such force that Lachlan – who was standing closest to the door – was in a wind that blew his hair back out of his eyes. There stood Piper, in a pale blue tank top and white shorts, puffing as hard as the big bad wolf.

Aerrow leapt of the chair where he was seated and bounded over to where she stood gasping for breath. He scooped her up in his arms – Aerrow was surprised at how light she was compared to how heavy she looked. Seating her on the chair he'd been sitting in the past few minutes seemed to calm her down enough to tell them what happened.

By this point in time, Finn and Radarr had awoken to the commotion and sat in mute horror of what caused Piper to be in such a mess, "...And when I got to her room it was too late. I saw the blood coming out from under the door and I couldn't bring myself to open the door." Aerrow sat and thought for a minute, "Who do you think that wants the Countess dead?"

Then Kaname poked his head in to the door, "Piper... it happened again didn't it?" She nodded at her uncle mutely. Aerrow and the brothers shared a confused look, "What happened again?" Kaname looked like he was going to tell, but then snapped at them, "Never you mind!" Then he left.


Later that evening, the teens were invited to the annual dance, "Its really just a huge party for everyone here. There's some dancing but none of the ballroom stuff. You don't have to dress like your in the 19th centaury." Piper had explained when the boys questioned her about it.

So that night they all gathered in front of Piper's bedroom door and complimented each other on their outfits. Aerrow, Lachlan and Finn wore matching jeans but Finn wore a blue shirt, Lachlan green and Aerrow scarlet. Radarr wore what he normally did.

When Piper joined the boys they were all shocked at how gorgeous she looked. She wore a hot pink and black corset styled top, black fishnet tights, black and white shorts and black high heeled studded boots. Her midnight, elbow length hair was brushed to a silky smooth texture. She'd also gone and curled it slightly. Her fringe, straightened, partly covered half her face.

When the gang walked down the stairs, they were joined by Ruka. Her waist length long blonde hair was curled dramatically and she wore a pale turquoise ball gown complete with elbow length gloves. On her feet she wore what looked like glass slippers. Piper chuckled slightly and shook her head.

When the group moved to the hall, Aerrow stepped up beside Piper and asked her what she thought was funny back when Ruka joined them, "Oh. Yes. Ruka always goes over the top with her clothing at these 'dances'. She thinks that she'll meet her future husband here." Aerrow was mystified, "And?" Piper looked at him sideways, "I highly doubt it."

Throughout the night, the boys took turns dancing and talking with the two girls. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

What they didn't know, was that they were being watched. That their every move was recorded and their every word was noted. By someone they least expected...


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