This is my first chapter of Your the one I want

Pairings: Kodi/Kirby, Dusty/Ralph

Rated: K

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Ok poeple i have something all you might like i have two story under my belt and I'm doing one of them at the moment so here's the tital and a short story I hope you like the short and review me all of you that read this

Balto: The Fall of a Hero

A.N. you must read before you start story
Hello everyone this is my story of what happens next Balto sdould be and fromwhat i think its an awsome story but thats up to all of don't you get me wrong you think all the charactor are straight your wrong and I'm talking about kodi, he's not gay, he's bi but everyone thinks he's gay but kirby is gay.

Ralph is straight and so is Dusty and I think you Balto and Jenna. But all of you that think Kirby and Kodi should be together you get your wish and so this story has everything you want in a ya! I almost forgot this story is actually adrabble

chapter one
The new love

The door to the boiler room was open just enough for an eye to pear in.

Kodi, a husky with a red back and a white underbelly was snuggled up against kirby, a big husky with a dark tan back and a white underbelly had one paw around the other male on his stumic and the other on his head.

The door creaked open snd the two did not wake (after what happend last night who would want to well enough of me back to the story).

Ralph, a big huski with dark brown back and white underbelly and Dusty, a husky with gray back and a white underbelly walked in and Ralph looked so confused but his mate just sighed and walked up to the to two sleeping dogs and nudged Kodi awake and tried to get up but was back pulled back by kirby then the red husky licked his muzzle and finally let go and watched him got up and look at Dusty with a sleepy look on his face with the silence

"So...Dusty what brings you here..this fine morning" Kirby says getting up and nudging his mate during the 'fine morning'

"Its time to go on the mail if you two don't mind getting harnessed up, Hank and Keno are already harnessed up...oh Kodi, your mother wanted to talk to you before we go..." Dusty said with a sleepy yawn.

"Oh I wonder what my mom wants..." He said looking a little confused and left for the boat

"Well lets get harnessed up..." Kirby said taking a step out of the door into the bright sunny day.

" and Dusty were going to talk a little then go to the sled and get harnessed up" Ralph said still a little confused about what happened last night.

"Ok but don't take to long cause I wont you two at the sled when Kodi gets back and with that he left for the sled.

Ralph and Dusty walked out of the boiler room as soon as kirby was out of hearing range and walked into the allyway that the boiler room let to.

Dusty looked at her feet and Ralph feeling sorry for her and still a little confused about what happend between Kodi and Kirby not that he was confused about gay sex it's just he didn't understand how two males were attracted to each other but he wasn't going to look to interfere into it ether, he respected their privacy but what was bothering Dusty, Ralph was going to find out.

"Dusty whats wrong...your quite today" He explained

"Its nothing ralph" She lied with her head down

"Now Dusty I know to well to think nothing is you can tell me what is it? He said laying down on the ground

"You're going to laugh if i tell you" She said putting her head up

"No I wont...I promise" He said giving his word

"Well..." Dusty said as they came to the end of the allyway and truned to walk on the wood bordes that was bordered the shop.

"Come on Dusty you can trust me..I won't tell" He said in sweet kindness

Dusty jump up onto a bunch of boxes that were staked up against a wall then she layed down " I think I'm in love you.

Ralph's eyes widened "Wow! I never tought that you would go for a dog like me

After she said that, she turned bright red, her fact still covered.

Ralph then just thought wow in his mind but he said" wow Dusty...that's...well...I don't know what to say"(yeah ralph is very open minded)

Dusty couldn't stop blushing and in the same soft voice she said" Y-you should go and g-get hooked up...I'll meet you there later"

Ralph still a little suprized nodded and left Dusty to her thoughts, so when he went to sled and got hooked up with a smile on his face