A/N: Hey! Listen this is a mini-mini one shot and my A/N at the end of this story would explain.

Screen names





MTTESS-Alice (MTTESS:more than the eye should see)


BellsInHell logged on

IhearVOICES logged on

IhearVOICES:Love,whats wrong?

BellsInHell:Well hello to you too EDWARD!

EMOtion logged on

EMOtion:Edward,whats wrong with Bella? I mean,she is sending me anger , like mad!

IhearVOICES:I do not know.-sigh-

BrotherBear logged on

BrotherBear:Hey guys! Happy Birthday Bells!

IhearVOICES:Birthday? umm...happy birthday!





MTTESS logged on

BellsInHell:It's your fault Edward! You and your fucking RULES!

MTTESS:Wow, never heard you swear before Bells. B.T.W. no-one mention her birthday, though I saw you took care of that already. Ya know? You guys are idiots.

BellsInHell:UGH! birthdays. Just another notification that reminds you that you're getting older and your idiot vampire boyfriend won't turn you!

IhearVOICES: I am so sorry but...

BellsInHell:Yeah, yeah, I know, your fucking rules and blah blah blah... you know what Edward? Just fucking leave me alone! You may not see me until you change me, understood? GREAT! BYE!

BellsInHell logged off

IhearVOICES:What am I going to do? -sobs tearless-

MTTESS:Well, I don't know...maybe you should just...CHANGE HER YOU IDIOT!


IhearVOICES logged off

MTTESS: What do you think guys?



BrotherBear: Wow...


PerfectRose logged on

PerfectRose:What happened? Never mind, don't care.

BrotherBear:Hi Rosie!

PerfectRose:Hi, how you doin' Babe?

BrotherBear:I just saw Bella mad...never ever get on her bad side...she's scary that way.

PerfectRose:What did she do to you?




BrotherBear: What?

PerfectRose: Alice just told me what happened -laughs again- Edward is in for it now! When a girl gets mad, BEWARE!

BrotherBear: She didn't type anything to you.

PerfectRose:She told me in person, idiot!

EMOtion:What is it with girls and the word idiot?

PerfectRose: Jasper? You're here? You have barely typed a word, no wait, you typed nothin' since I came. Well,you're always silent so that's is no surprise.

MTTESS:Jazzy, we use the word idiot so much because guys are idiots and we love you.

EMOtion: What's with your sn?

MTTESS:It stand for- More Than The Eye Should See.

PerfectRose: Em?

BrotherBear: Yeah Rosie?

PerfectRose: I'm waiting for you...in red lacy lingerie...

PerfectRose logged off

BrotherBear logged off


MTTESS:Hey...Jazzy...Come up to the bedroom...wanna show you somethin'.

MTTESS logged off


EMOtion logged off

(1 minute later)

BellsInHell logged on

IhearVoices logged on

IhearVOICES:Love, you still mad at me?

BellsInHell:No. I'm sorry Edward, I thought about it and I realized that if we schedule the wedding earlier, the day would come earlier. All I need to do is tell Alice we are gonna wed earlier.


MTTESS logged on

MTTESS:Already taken care of, Bells! YAY! B.T.W. Edward I already saw you given' in...eventually!

MTTESS logged off



IhearVOICES:Well...I guess...whatever makes you happy, love. -sigh-

BellsInHell: YAY! I love you Edward!

IhearVOICES:I love you too. Bella please change your screen name.

BellsInHell: Why?

IhearVOICES:It sounds like you in hell. I do not like it.

BellsInHell change username to LovesEdward

LovesEdward: Do you like it now?

IhearVOICES: Yes. Can I come over now? I am dying to see you.

LovesEdward: Of course Edward! No need to ask.

IhearVOICES: OK. I'll be there in 5 minutes. I love you.

LovesEdward: I love you too.

IhearVOICES logged off

LovesEdward logged off

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