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Chapter 1

"I don't remember," his golden eyes were piercing through me. But somehow it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Normally when someone looked at me that way, it would make me feel uncomfortable, but not this time. Not with this man. He had a certain tranquility hanging around him. Maybe that was just a doctor-thing.

"What is the most recent memory you have?" His voice was like velvet. And beautiful, very beautiful. This man was beautiful. I felt like I should remember him, but I didn't. My most recent memory he wanted to know. I remembered my childhood. The divorce of my parents, my mom taking me with her to Phoenix. Growing up there, high school, her meeting a new guy, Phil. Their wedding. Me offering to go live with my dad, saying goodbye to my mom, getting on the plane. But that was it. I couldn't remember a day of my new life in this awfully small town, Forks.

I told him this and he nodded. "I see. It sounds to me like somehow your mind has blocked out the reason for your accident which happened while you were living in Forks. Sometimes, after a traumatic event, the mind rids itself of the memories that have something to do with the event. Which seems to be the case. Maybe the memories will come back to you later, but I'm not sure about that right now, Isabella." His eyes were gentle and compassionate. Without knowing him I could tell he was a very nice person.

"So, there is a possibility that later on all the memories will come back to me?" I was hoping he'd say yes. I'd been here for little less than a year and it would be such a waste if I couldn't remember anything. I didn't even know what life I had here. Did I have friends? A boyfriend maybe? How was I doing at school? How was I supposed to get on with my life if I didn't know anything about my life?

"I would think so. It has happened before. But I can't make any promises. I would tell you about the things that have been going on in the past, but I can't. I think it's better if nobody told you what has been going on because it's better for you to find it out yourself. I'm not trying to punish you or something, but it usually works better that way." He seemed to know what he was talking about, of course he did, he was a doctor. But I didn't like the sound of this. How the hell was I supposed to pick up where I left off if I had no idea where the hell I left off?


"Of course I can't force your father or your friends to this, but I really believe it would be better. Maybe it would be better if you could start over…"

I felt like there was a double meaning behind his words. But I had no idea what that meaning would be. I just nodded at him and after prescribing some kind of medicine to me he let me go. My father was waiting for me just outside the room, apparently the doctor had already told him about everything and my father had agreed with him on not telling me anything. Which kind of annoyed me. I wanted to know.

"So, Bells, how are you feeling?" He was a little awkward, this wasn't new to me, though. Whenever I would visit him over the summer holidays he would be awkward too. We both were, we looked a lot alike. He was rubbing his neck in nervousness while asking me the question. We started walking and made our way to the car, well, cruiser. My dad was chief of police in this small town.

"Well, a little annoyed. How can I go on with my life, go back to school without having a clue what we've been learning at school, or who I used to hang out with? It's impossible Charlie," he winced at me mentioning his name. I supposed he wanted me to call him dad. Well, we may have bonded over the past few months but I couldn't remember that, so calling him dad didn't feel right to me.

"I'm sorry, Bells. But Dr. Cullen has asked me not to tell you anything. And he's a well respected doctor. We're lucky to have him here, while he could be a doctor in a much bigger hospital. He knows what he's talking about," he seemed to really regret not being able to tell me anything.

I sighed and leaned into the seat of Charlie's cruiser. "Fine, I'll just… start over, I guess," my father seemed relieved at hearing my answer.

"But, are there any important people I should know about? Like.. a boyfriend? I mean, it wouldn't be fair to… ehm… you know, ignore him," talking about this was always a little weird, especially with Charlie.

"No, no worries, Bells. No important people you should worry about." I nodded and silence filled the car. The ride home was pretty short and as soon as we got there my dad showed me to my room. It looked a little different from what I remembered and figured that I must have made some changes during my stay here.

"Do they know about the accident at school?" I had to know this, it would be weird if I wouldn't recognize anyone and them not having a clue what was going on.

"Yeah, Bells, you've been out for a few weeks, of course they know. They also know that you… you know, don't remember much." I nodded again. I seemed to nod a lot.

"Oh and Bella, you probably should call your mom, she's been asking me to tell you to call her as soon as you'd get home," he handed me a phone and I sighed. He got out of my room and left me to it. I sat down on my bed and dialed my mom's number, on the second ring she picked up.

"Charlie?" Her voice was worried, it made me smile. I knew my mom had been worried, my dad had been telling me that, but it still made me smile.

"Mom, it's me, Bella," I heard her sigh. Probably a sigh of relief.

"Bella! I'm so happy you're home. How are you feeling honey?"

"Physically I'm good, though nobody wants to tell me anything about what has been going on so I have no idea what my life has been like," this fact bothered me a lot.

"Why is that?"

"Because almighty Dr. Cullen has told dad not to." There was a silence on the other side and I just knew my mom agreed with the doctor. Great!

"Bells, if he's a doctor he probably knows what he's talking about. I know that it must be really hard on you, but you'll be fine. If you want to get away from there, you can always come here," she offered. Yeah, it would probably be a good idea. But I could see how happy Charlie was that I was living with him, it would kill him if I wanted to leave now.

"Nah, I guess I'll just have to get through this." We spoke a little longer and when we hung up I had tears in my eyes. I missed my mom, and I felt terrible for not remembering anything. It sucked that nobody would tell me, I hated being in the dark and now I was definitely in the dark.

Charlie took me out for dinner, mumbling something about having lost his cook. I figured I was the one to cook here, since Charlie sucked at it and I hated eating junk food all the time.

"You want me to cook from now on?" I offered. He smiled appreciatively and nodded, accepting the offer.

The diner we went to was small and supposed to be cozy. Though I didn't find it cozy at all. The waitress seemed pretty nice as she asked me if I would like the usual. I just nodded, having no idea what the usual was. Charlie got steak, and somehow I had this feeling that he always got steak. He just seemed like that kind of person, I guess.

A little while later the waitress got back and brought our food. I had a lot of green stuff on a plate, at least they knew I was a vegetarian. The meal didn't taste too bad but I was still happy when we got out of that place. It probably was a good thing I offered to cook from now on, because that diner really was quite terrible.

As soon as we got back home I started thinking about the next day. School. I'd have to go back to school, where I didn't know a soul. Or well, I wouldn't remember a soul. The thought of having to go there really freaked me out and instantly brought tears to my eyes. I never hated school and I was pretty sure that first days weren't that bad. But this, this first day was. I had no idea what people knew of me and how repetitive I was going to be. I'd have to start from scratch, and that scared me.

That night, I cried myself to sleep. Not noticing the small girl sitting on a branch of the tree outside my window.