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Chapter 16

I followed him downstairs and found the entire family there. Apparently family-night was a big deal for the Cullens. Everyone was gathered in the living room. Emmett has Rosalie sitting on his lap, his big, muscular arms wrapped around her thin body. If she weren't as scary, I would have thought they were a cute couple. The kind you see walking through the streets, holding hands and you think 'aaww'.

Alice sat on one of the couches, patting the spot beside her and I quickly took it. She smiled at me and took my hand in hers. "Are you okay?" she asked. I nodded at her, smiling.

"So… Since someone didn't want us to play spin the-

"Don't even start, Emmett…" Alice growled at him.

Emmett held up his hands in a defensive manner and grinned at her. "Okay, okay… Won't mention it again. Just what exactly are we gonna play now?"

"Pictionary?" Alice suggested.

Emmett 'hmpf-ed' and stuck his tongue out at her. "No, you cheat when we play Pictionary! As does Edward…"

"They cheat at everything, then," Jasper butted in. Emmett nodded and looked to be deep in thought. Thinking of something where foresight and mind reading wouldn't be an issue.

"Twister!" Emmett shouted. His enthusiasm made me laugh, but when Emmett came back into the room carrying a box containing the floor-mat with all the colored dots I started to think rationally.

"Wait.. Emmett, do you want me dead?" I asked. He smiled at me, dimples showing again and shook his head. "No, Alice'll see if you break your neck, no worries!"

"I challenge Bella and Alice for this game…" He looked at me, challenging, indeed. I sighed and agreed to it, Alice didn't stop me so I figured I would be fine. She, too, smiled and narrowed her eyes at Emmett. "I can still cheat, you know." He shrugged and went over to the mat. He threw the board with instructions at Rosalie and started stretching, his antics made me laugh.

"Right… Emmett, left foot on green," she said.

"Bella, right hand on red."

"Alice, right foot on red."

After about 3 minutes I had fallen because Emmett had 'accidentally' bumped into me, which made me lose balance. I carefully got away from the two twisted vampires who were trying to stay in the fatal position. Alice of course had a huge advantage, being so small and thin. And of course, she won. Emmett mumbled something I didn't quite grasped but figured it must've been funny as it made Alice grin like the Cheshire cat.

"You're a sore loser, Emmett!" she sang at him. He growled softly at her, in a playful manner and went back to the couch, where his beloved wife was still situated.

"Now, why don't you and Edward play each other, honey?" he encouraged his wife.

"Pointless, I always win…" Rosalie mumbled, but she stood up anyway. As did Edward.

"Edward, right foot on blue," Emmett said. Edward did as Emmett instructed and the game was on.

This went on for the entire evening and I even managed to defeat Carlisle and Jasper in the end. We had lots of fun and it definitely brought me closer to the family. After the first three games were played Rosalie even started to act somewhat nice toward me and showed me her kinder side. A side I had never expected to see.

At around 11 Alice called it quits, she decided it was time for me to sleep.

"Night Bella!" Emmett boomed. "Be safe you two!" The latter comment made me blush fiercely.

All the others wished me a good night, even Rosalie. Esme came up to me to give me a motherly hug and she made me think of my own mom. I missed her. A lot. But I knew I had Esme now, she would without a doubt be able to be my mother figure here in Forks.

Alice carried me upstairs, despite my complaints about being able to climb the stairs myself.

"You're too slow!" she said, smiling, and the second we entered her room the put me on the bed. She sat next to me and kissed me softly. "Goodnight, Bell," she whispered. Just as she was about to stand up and leave the room I grabbed her hand and kissed her once more. My hand found the base of her neck and I grabbed it tightly, knowing it wouldn't hurt her at all.

A second later I felt her cold hands tracing patterns on my back. It made me shiver, in a good way, of course. Her soft lips caressed mine and her tongue did wonders. This girl was too amazing for her own good. I knew that much.

My hands started moving on their own account, it was like I wasn't in control over my own body anymore. They made their way to the hem of Alice's shirt, we broke the kiss and she nodded at me. My hands slipped under her shirt and moved towards her back, I caressed it and my hands slowly made their way to her breasts. Her amazingly, perfect, soft breasts. She moaned as I cupped them with my warm hands and kissed me hungrily.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Bella?" she asked me, shyly. I nodded eagerly and we started kissing again. She got rid of both my shirt and her own and started doing some butterfly kisses on my belly. She moved up to my breasts and ripped off my bra, assuring me she'd buy me a new one. The second her tongue touched my sensitive nipple I let out a soft moan. I opened my eyes and looked at her, her beautiful, dark hair tickled my skin and when she looked up, her gaze meeting mine, I saw the love and lust in her eyes. I wanted to make her feel loved, it was what I wanted most.

I slowly turned us around and started kissing her all over. I made my lips cover every inch of her skin and her breathing started to change. "Bella, you smell… so… good!" she moaned and tangled her hands in my hair.

When I was done making love to her nipples I moved down to her skirt. I thanked her silently for wearing a skirt, that was so much easier than some tight pair of jeans. Easy access. I quickly got rid of both the skirt and her panties and started kissing her again. She answered my kiss and made me take off my jeans.

Her fingers made their way down to my wet folds and started doing wonders. I was so turned on that it didn't take too long for me to climax. My tongue made its way down to her inner thighs, I started kissing my way up to her vagina, when my tongue came in close proximity to her clit she gasped. "Oh, Bella, please!" I smiled and decided to give in to her pleas. I licked her to an orgasm which seemed to be pretty intense as all her muscles contracted, she moaned and whispered my name. "I love you, Bella! So much," her words made me smile and I felt like I was radiating happiness. "I love you so much more, Ali. I do."

I softly kissed her lips and we laid down on the bed together. She wrapped her cold, comfortable arms around me and I buried my face in the crook of her neck. "Tell me you'll never leave me, please?"

"I promise, never." Alice promised me.

For the first time since I woke up from the coma I really felt that everything would be okay. And I was right.

Alice and I stayed together, we loved each other very much and the Cullens fully re-accepted me into their family. Even Rosalie eventually accepted me and told me what had happened to her before she became a vampire.

Edward left the family for a while, spent some time up in Alaska, where apparently another veggy-vampire family lived. He stayed there for a few months and when he came back he took a blonde beauty with him, Tanya. None of us was sure if it would last, but if it would make Edward happy, I would be happy for him, too.

Charlie was delighted to find out that he could speak freely to me again, he told me about the past year. He answered all my questions, and we became closer again. My mom was also happy that she didn't have to watch her tongue anymore, even though we never spoke each other that much.

And Mike… Well… Mike had stopped trying to convince me to go out with him when Alice and I came out at school. He knew better than to try and convert me to the world of hetero-ism. The day we came out was the day Jessica stopped ignoring me. Our group, Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric and I grew close together again. And we had lots of fun. We went to the beach numerous times, unfortunately Alice couldn't come with us, due to the treaty.

We didn't really hear of the wolves again, they didn't cause any trouble for the Cullens and so the Cullens didn't cause any trouble for them. Emmett sometimes wanted to cross the treaty line just for the sake of a fight, but Rosalie would make him promise every time that he wouldn't. And we all knew he'd do anything for Rosalie.

After we graduated high school Alice turned me into a vampire, like she'd promised. And we had our happily ever after. Everything was perfect… Well, close to perfect anyway.

The End

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