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Zack Gets Wet

Zack shivered as he walked down the dark alley towards the back entrance of the Tipton. It was another cold and wet November evening in Boston for which he was underdressed. Despite the late time, he'd only just got out of school. He'd been kept in detention by his science teacher who'd objected to Zack making a fetal pig explode at the back of his class. Zack found it entertaining, but the faculty didn't. He'd been scrubbing and mopping the classroom for the past 3 hours. His hands stung from the disinfectant spray that he was so unused to.

Zack knew he was in a bad mood and the small voice at the back of his mind whined and complained to him. " Though justly so," he thought to himself.

He was praying Cody hadn't told their Mom where he'd been. He would be grounded for weeks if she found out he'd had another detention. Second that week, sixth that month. Hence the back entrance. He wanted to slip in unnoticed. He knew Moseby tracked his every move when he went through the lobby.

An old couple were getting out of the elevator. Both elegantly dressed, they looked in disgust at the dripping wet and filthy boy who shuffled towards them. Zack would've usually delighted in their horror, but he was frankly too tired to care.

There was an amazing smell coming from the suite; he knew Cody must be baking something amazing like he did every Friday night. It was so much better than the crap Carrey always served up. You have to be a really bad cook to screw up mac & cheese and make a cupcake taste like drywall. Luckily as she worked most evenings they lived mostly off takeout.

Cody hated being alone in the suite. Even though Zack was often (always) loud and obnoxious, he loved being around him. He hated to even imagine the hideously bland life he would lead otherwise, even without a constant deafening soundtrack of gunfire and screaming from Zack's many, many video games. He'd spent the entire bus ride home perfecting his cover-story for their Mom about how Zack had been invited to Max's house for a sleepover, but it turned out there was no need. Carrey had a gig booked at a local piano bar before her regular Tipton appearance, so she was already gone. Just a note and 20$ stuck to the fridge for pizza. They rarely saw her in the evenings; on the few occasions she wasn't doing a show (he suspected) she'd hook up with some of the more distinguished guests.

Baking was his vice for such times. There was always another pie or cheesecake or soufflé to be made.

With the combination of the Tipton's overenthusiastic heating, the oven and knowing he would be alone for a while: he wandered around the apartment in his underwear. While he knew Zack preferred boxers, he had a big collection of brightly colored boxer-briefs. He wasn't even sure why he did , it just amused him to be doing something he considered indecent. Today was horizontal lime green and gray stripes. Most of them had been bought a year or two ago (he'd grown quite a lot since being 13) and having slightly shrunk in the wash, they were definitely considerably tighter than the manufacturer intended. Although he would never admit it, he loved the way they looked and felt. He always changed in a corner in gym class so nobody would notice, Cody suspected they might not have been the cool choice for guys at their school. He wished the school would put in booths and curtains in the locker rooms and tried to avoid such scenarios.

He dusted the apple pie with brown sugar and put it in the oven. He made it because it was one of Zack's favorites. Cody knew that he always came back from detention in a terrible mood, but pie always cheered Zack up. He loved making his Zacky happy.

As Zack entered the suite he could hear Cody humming to himself. He liked how happy Cody often seemed. Whenever he seemed worried, it was about the small stuff that in the great scheme of things never mattered that much. Essays, papers, cramming another book, cupcakes not rising perfectly. It was a bit like having an over eager puppy for a brother. Not that he'd ever tell Cody that, who would probably take it the wrong way.

Cody jumped as he heard Zack's book-bag drop to the floor in the hall, almost knocking a glass off the counter.

Zack got a brief glimpse of Cody darting into their room in what looked like the smallest pair of underwear he'd ever seen. He knew his brother liked that sort of thing, but he was surprised blood could even flow to Cody's legs wearing those. Cody emerged a few seconds later wearing a bath robe and looking slightly flushed, but immediately grinned widely seeing Zack standing there.

Cody handed him a towel to dry his hair. He felt instantly calmer being in their home.

Cody practically shrieked, like a cat whose tail had been accidentally trodden on, as Zack entered the living room.

"Mom's just had the carpet steamed, she'll kill us if you drip all over it and stain it. I'll get a plastic bag for your stuff." And scurried off.

"Here…" Cody handed him a large black trash bag.

Even though they shared a room, he felt weird stripping his sweatshirt, vest, pants and socks while Cody just stood there, watching him, expressionless. He knew his damp boxers must've been almost transparent and completely plastered to his skin; tight enough to compare to what he saw of Cody's earlier. He awkwardly plucked at the fabric for a second to give himself a little more room to move and scurried off into the bathroom. He thought he could feel Cody staring at him, but he didn't turn back to find out.

The warm water from the shower felt hundreds of degrees hotter than it's actual temperature when it hit his icy skin, searing in. So painful, he almost screamed, but he resolved to toughen up and wait it out and soon his shoulders relaxed. He just stood there, for almost 15 minutes letting the water splash over him, thawing out. His mind kept wandering back to his fleeting glance of the almost naked Cody disappearing into their room. He felt strange, not quite understanding it. But he didn't care. Something about it just brought out an intense, carnal urge.

His 5 inch circumcised penis was rock hard as he picked up the bottle of lavender bath gel that Cody often smelt of and squirted some into his hand, using it to slip faster and faster up and down his shaft. Brushing against the head, but never quite over it. He moaned softly. In his mind he carefully constructed the image of Cody he'd seen earlier. He wanted to take it further, to see more flesh, but couldn't do it. His brain was too overwhelmed to go further.

It took him less than a couple of minutes before he was panting, propped up on one hand, watching his semi-opaque white fluid run down the drain.

And suddenly he felt embarrassed, not quite disgusted, but he desperately wanted to forget his recent session, even though part of him desperately wanted more. He picked up Cody's bath brush (Zack would never own one) and vigorously scrubbed at his skin. He resolved to drown his sorrows in whatever Cody had baked and Halo 3.