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Harry Potter appeared first, his wife, Ginny, only landing a few seconds later. Teddy, who was carrying Lily in his arms, weren't too far behind. They all steadied themselves – although Harry has been apparating since his teenage years, he STILL couldn't quench the want to throw up.

Ahead of them, only a five minute walk, stood the large Weasley house – also known as the Burrow – tall and proud as ever.

Ginny smiled at the house, memories of her childhood running through her mind, as it did every time she visited her parents. Trying to keep her nerves in check – she was, after all, meeting her brother (previously dead, might you be reminded?) after all those years, and a lot has changed since then.

Harry, who could read his wife like an open book, reached to his left and grabbed ahold of her hand, squeezing it tightly and giving her the support she needed.

Looking behind her, she spotted her youngest daughter and Teddy talking quietly, a low giggle emitting from Lily every now and then.

"Lets go." Harry spoke loudly, bringing the attention of Lily and his Godson to him.

They both nodded, and once Lily was back down on her feet, they began the short trek up to the Weasley house.

The silence was deafening inside the Weasley kitchen as Molly Weasley sat on a chair, watching as her son, the one she mourned for after the Final Battle, swallow two whole plates of lunch. Apparently, coming back from the dead made the arrivals quite hungry.

Her husband stood behind her chair, also watching Fred in awed silence, while Ron, their youngest son, sat by Fred's side and made small talk with his brother.

The shock of having their son back still hasn't worn off, and Molly and Arthur could only hope this was permanent.

Suddenly, she heard quiet voices speaking from the field outside. Looking through the window, she saw her daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and Teddy walking up to the back door, all sporting different expressions – ranging from nervousness to excitement.

Molly smiled widely, and slightly in relief, as she rushed forward to open the door for them. She greeted each with a tight hug, and even a kiss of gratitude on the cheek for Harry – although he did absolutely nothing to bring them back.

The chatter of Ron and Fred had ceased as they both stood up.

"Come on in dears." Molly said, moving aside to let them in.

Fred watched from his place next to Ron as a young man entered first, one he didn't quite know, but seemed a little familiar. Next came a girl, around the age of 8 or 9, with red hair and brown eyes. Fred held in a gasp as he came to the conclusion that she was Harry and Ginny's daughter.

Following the young girl came Harry, who came forward and shook his hand with a large smile on his face, and lastly, Ginny entered, a nervous smile on her face.

Fred couldn't hold the large grin that fought to dominate his face. His sister, although was a beautiful girl in her teenage years, had grown into a gorgeous adult.

He watched as his only sister froze in her place, her eyes landing on Fred. Her eyes immediately welled up in tears, and her hand flew to her mouth, covering her apparent surprise. Although he assumed Harry had told her about him, he understood her reaction.

"Fred." She whispered, choking on his name. Rushing forward, she threw herself at him, flinging her arms around his neck in a tight embrace. She had began sobbing by then, soaking his shirt wet with tears, yet Fred didn't care, because at that moment, his sister was the most important.

Everyone watched with a smile on their faces – although Lily looked a bit confused -, while Molly had erupted into tears once again. She watched this scene with a hand over her heart, and her grasping onto her husband tightly.

A few minutes later, when Ginny refused to let go of her brother, Harry came forward with an amused smile on his face, "Come on, Gin, before you suffocate him."

Ginny gave a strangled laugh, and slowly retreated from the embrace. Her husband came behind her and placed a comforting arm around her shoulder as Ginny gave a hesitant smile to Fred, who was beaming with amusement.

"Its good to see you too Ginny, but I'd like to stay alive this time, thanks." He joked. No one laughed. Looking around, he saw everyone giving him glares, "Too early for jokes, then?"

"I would say that." The young man he thought looked familiar, yet couldn't recognize, spoke up from his position next to the door. He was holding on to the young girl's hand, and seemed to be watching the family reunion with a happy smile on his face.

Fred looked at him in confusion, and the man immediately saw this. Chucking, he walked forward and stuck out his arm, "Teddy Lupin. I've heard a lot about you Fred- you were famous for your pranking in Hogwarts, but I think I can give you a run for your money."

"You don't say…" Fred mused, a small grin quickly forming on his lips as he grabbed the other man's hand and shook it vigorously, "We'll have to see about that, my friend."

"Ah, but lets not forget who's son I am." Teddy replied with a cheeky grin, and Fred instantly knew he was referring to being a Marauder's son.

"Enough pranking talk, boys." Ginny said, interrupting them.

"Why don't we all sit down in the living room while I prepare some tea." Molly suggested, and Arthur nodded in agreement.

"Before we move into the living room…" Fred began, walking forward and stopping in front of the young girl, "I'm afraid you and I haven't been introduced, young lady." He said, kneeling down to her height.

The girl grinned widely – a grin, Fred noted, which resembled that of Harry's – "I'm Lily. Lily Luna Potter."

"It's nice to meet you, Lily. I'm your uncle, Fred. Also known as the Cool Uncle."

"I'm sorry," Lily said, "But Uncle George already claimed the role of being the Cool Uncle."

Everybody laughed at that, Harry and Ginny, who hand her arm around her husband's waist, were watching with large smiles on their faces.

"Is that so?" Fred said between chuckles, "Well then, I'll make sure I'll win that role soon."

Lily just laughed in reply. Standing back up, Fred leaned down and grabbed Lily around the waist, swinging her onto his back and ignoring her yells of fright.

Looking around the kitchen, Fred smiled and said, "Living room?"

They had ended up staying for over an hour, and by the time the sun had completely set, and the time read 9:30, Harry and Ginny, along with Teddy and said good-bye to everyone and left.

The entire Weasley family had come to the Burrow after receiving news of Fred's arrival, and George and Fred's reunion was most shocking. Instead of crying at the return of his twin, George had given him a tight hug, and immediately, they entered conversation on pranks.

Harry and Ginny stopped by their house with Teddy, and spent the next half an hour preparing the guest bedrooms. One for Lily and James, one for Sirius, and one for Regulus. After that, they quickly stopped by Teddy's flat, where he also prepared the extra room for his parent's arrival.

By 10: 30, the three were ready to Floo to Hogwarts and pick up their family members.

They landed into Professor McGonagall's office, only to find it completely empty. They walked down the steps and exited the office, and slowly made their way to the Great Hall – and no one spoke a word. Excitement filled the air around them.

Pushing open the door of the Great Hall, Harry was met with the sight of several Aurors walking around, ticking a check next to the names of those who were leaving. He watched as many witches and wizards embraced their Arrivals with tears streaming down their faces, and smiled slightly at the sight.

Spotting Headmistress McGonagall off to the side, speaking to Professor Flitwick and Albus Dumbledore, he gave all three of them a wave and lead Ginny and Teddy towards the Chamber which held the Arrivals.

The Auror standing guard at the door looked up at the sound of footsteps, ready to ask for the letter (which had been sent out to the Arrival's loved ones) for confirmation that hey were here to pick up some people, saw that it was his boss and opened the door for him, smiling kindly at Ginny and shaking hands with Teddy, already familiar with the both of them.

They all entered the dimly lit room and immediately, their attention was brought upon those they came to pick up, as they were the loudest in the room – their laughs echoing against the walls. Chuckling, Harry assumed his father and Sirius were telling the others some jokes, and walked forward.

"Back already Harry?" Sirius joked as soon as he spotted them. Harry just chuckled and shook his head.

"Sorry we took so long, we just had to stop by the Burrow, and prepare the guest rooms." Harry apologized, accepting a hug his mother gave him.

Teddy stood unnoticed by the door, watching his parents quietly, as Ginny stepped forward and took Harry's hand. "Anyway, mum, dad, this is my wife Ginny."

"It's nice to meet the bird who caught my son's attention." James said, reaching forward and giving her a welcoming hug.

"Looks like Potter boy's falling for read-heads is a genetic thing, then." Lily joked, also giving her daughter-in-law a tight hug.

"It seems so." Ginny agreed with a chuckle.

"Its weird, seeing the young Ginny Weasley now a grown adult." Remus said as he and Tonks embraced her.

"I always liked you. And I always knew you and Harry would end up together in the end." Sirius commented, almost tackling her with a hug.

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius, "Oh come off it Sirius, you always thought Harry had a thing for Hermione. Which reminds me, you own me some money, Pads. Looks like I won the bet after all."

"What?" Harry laughed, "You guys bet on me?"

"Yep. Sirius here thought you and Hermione would end up together. I told him it wouldn't happen in a million years. You two were as close as siblings." Remus told him with a smile, and a look of victory at the pouting Sirius.

"Yes, well, it seems like Sirius' observing skills were quite off back in the day. It was quite obviously that Hermione had a massive crush on Ron, and vise-versa." Ginny said with a teasing grin.

"How about we get off this subject, yeah?" Sirius said grumpily, "Where's Remus' kid anyway?"

Remus and Tonks both turned to Harry with a questioning look. Harry just turned around and motioned with his hands to a person standing by the door. A young man stepped forward, sporting bright blue hair and amber colored eyes – those resembling his father's.

"Guys, this is Teddy. Teddy, these are your parents, Remus and Tonks." Immediately, the two reached forward and embraced their only son in a tight hug, lasing over a minute. Simultaneously, they all stepped back and grinned at each other.

Suddenly, Remus' grin dropped and he looked at his son questioningly, "Are you a…?"

"A werewolf?" Teddy asked, before shaking his head, "Nah, the only thing that happens to me on Full Moons is a crazy craving for raw meat… and I'm a bit temperamental, but that's it."

Remus sighed in relief, "Thank God. I was worried."

"We know, Remus." Tonks, Sirius and Harry all commented at once, smiling mockingly at him.

After Teddy was introduced to everyone else – and Remus was teased mercilessly by James and Sirius – they all sat down and chatted for a while.

"Anyway, how about we all get going so we can get some sleep?" Ginny suggested. They all nodded in agreement and stood up.

"I'll go call Reg." Sirius said, before walking off.

Turning to Teddy, Harry said, "Why don't you guys go home? We can have lunch tomorrow? My place, at 1:30?"

"Alright, sounds great. You ready do go, Mum and dad?" Teddy asked, receiving nods in return.

"Its great to see you both again." Harry said, giving them one more hug each before waving goodbye. The Lupin's all exited the Chamber and were out of their sight.

Sirius soon returned with Regulus, who, although seemed hesitant, was thankful that Harry was taking him in. "I should be the one to thank you; you basically helped us find Voldemort's horcrux, the locket, all those years ago."

"Destroyed them, then?" Regulus questioned with a hatred gleam in his eyes.

Harry nodded, and Regulus gave a tight smile.

"Ready to go?" He asked the four of them. They all replied with a yes, and together, they left the chamber and took a portkey from one of the Aurors. Only seconds later did they arrive in the Potter's residence, and not long after, all the inhabitants of the house was fast asleep.

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