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Chapter Twenty Five- Rejection and Deflection

"What do you think about starting fertility meds?" Cuddy stared wide-eyed at House for a few seconds. That was the last question she thought House would ask her. Excitement bubbled up inside her all the same. House was finally doing something solely to benefit them, not just him. The fact that House wants to try to have another child with her is amazing, but is she ready to go through with that disappointment again?

Fertility meds rarely ever work the first time through, and I just had a miscarriage. Could I really handle the failure? Sure the payoff is great, but do the ends justify the means right now? No, they don't. House saw Cuddy debating his proposition in her head, while he was waiting for an answer he stole a glance at Emma who was playing with her toys on the floor, blissfully unaware of what is going on with her parents.

"House…Greg, I really appreciate your offer, but for right now I am going to have to decline." Cuddy said softly, but with all the conviction she could muster. "I love the fact that we could have another baby together, and I do want to, but I just had a miscarriage." Cuddy reached out to caress House's cheek, internally begging him to understand. House did, he knew that fertility was something Cuddy struggled with even before they got together.

That didn't soften the blow of Cuddy's rejection. All his life, House has faced the rejection of his father, telling him what a worthless human being he would turn out to be. Now it was Cuddy.

"Good, I didn't want to become another victim of your biological clock anyway." Cuddy was stunned by the bitterness in House's tone. What the hell happened? House went from the nicest thing he has ever done for Cuddy to the nastiest thing he has ever said to her. House knew exactly what buttons to push when it came to Cuddy. Cuddy looked down at Emma, willing herself not to cry or snap back at House. Cuddy adamantly refused to fight with him in front of their daughter, because fighting with House either ended up in makeup sex or one of them swearing and screaming. Both of those options are not something a one year old needs to see.

"Why don't you see if Wilson is free tonight?" Cuddy whispered and left the room. House winced when he heard their bedroom door slam shut.

Damn it. Why the hell did I have to say the one thing that hurts Cuddy the most? House's brain screamed at him to go and apologize to Cuddy, but it was clear to him that he was the last person she wanted to see right now. House needed to get out of here, but Cuddy couldn't take care of Emma by herself. Emma looked up from her toys to rub her eyes. House silently sent a prayer to Ra or whoever was up there and scooped Emma up.

"DADA NO!" Emma yelled and pounded her little chubby fists on House's chest.

"Come on squirt it's time for your nap." Emma tried to squirm out of House's grasp to no avail. House limped into the nursery and gently put Emma down in her crib. House shut off the light and closed the door slowly making his way to the master bedroom. The door to his own bedroom was like a threat to House. "Go on, knock, but you won't like what is on the other side" it said. House rapped on the wooden frame.

"What?" Cuddy's voice, thick with tears, answered back to him.

"Emma is down for a nap, I'm going out," Because it's too painful to be here after what I said to you. The unspoken thought echoed inside House's head.

Cuddy didn't come out of the bedroom until she heard the sound of House's motorcycle slowly fade away, like smoke in a fire.

"Wilson, open up!" House relentlessly pounded on his best friend's house. Kim answered the door, her large pregnant belly protruding out. "I asked for Wilson, bimbo."

"Wilson is in the shower, gimp. Let me guess Cuddy kicked your sorry ass out?"

"Cuddy didn't kick me out, per se, I left voluntarily." Kim glared at House and opened the door wider, letting him come in.

"I would offer you a drink, but drinks are for guests, not annoying nuisances who never leave." House smirked at Kim's snarkiness. No wonder Wilson fell in love with her; she is the female version of me!

"I'll take a scotch; feel free to direct your bitchiness at Wilson. It's not my fault he chooses to be friends with me." Kim rolled her eyes, but went to the kitchen to make House's drink. Wilson came down from the shower a few minutes later, surprised to see his best friend sitting on his couch.

"House what can I do for you this lovely afternoon?" Kim came into the living room to hand House his drink. Kim sat down next to Wilson who wrapped his arm around her.

"Sorry, Boobs McGee, you are fun to stare at, but you can't handle this conversation." House snarked at Kim, who anxiously looked to Wilson for guidance. Wilson rolled his eyes at House, and signaled for Kim to go upstairs. Kim slowly got up and walked by House, "accidently" smacking him in the arm.

"OW! Wilson, control your woman, she almost made me spill my drink."

"Why are you here House? I thought you were taking care of Cuddy."

"Yeah well, I said something I shouldn't have and Cuddy kind of kicked me out." Wilson audibly sighed, whatever it was must have been bad, Cuddy isn't the kind of person to get mad over a little comment. On the other hand, House knew precisely what to say to Cuddy to piss her off.

"What did you say to her that she got so mad?"

"It doesn't matter, it will be fine, all I need to do is hide out here for a little bit, and she will forgive me eventually."

"House quit deflecting, what the hell did you say to her?"

"I knew she was having a hard time with the miscarriage, so I offered to start her on fertility meds," House paused after a smile appeared on Wilsons face. "Oh stop smiling; you are going to want to kill me in a few minutes anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, so she declined saying she wanted to wait a little until she was fully ready."

"Okay so, what, I don't get it."

"That's because I am not done with the story Jimmy, I was pausing for dramatic effect. After she told me that IsaidthatIdidn'." House finished in all one breath. Wilson took a second to sort through what House just said. House felt Wilson smack him upside the head a second later. "OW! Wilson, I am very sensitive you know!"

"Apparently you are very insensitive either you idiot! I'm surprised Cuddy didn't kill you and hide you in the basement! How could you be so damn stupid?"

"I…don't…know, I didn't mean to say it, it kind of just slipped out."

"Go apologize then! Cuddy isn't unreasonable, she will forgive you. Obviously you screwed up, now you need to go get it right. Seriously, get out of here and go make up with the only person you have ever loved." House sagged his shoulders as he set his empty scotch down on the coffee table. Wilson shook his head as he heard House's motorcycle tear down the street.

Within an hour House returned to his home with a salmon colored rose in his hand. House cautiously knocked on his bedroom door, and this time Cuddy answered it.

"What do you want?" Cuddy bit out. House traced the tracks of Cuddy's tears with his eyes feeling like crap for putting them there.

"I wanted to say I am so sorry and to give you this." House handed Cuddy the salmon colored rose which she accepted hesitantly.

"Why did you say it?" Cuddy whispered, not entirely accepting his apology. House didn't have an answer for that question, none that she would like anyway.

"Honestly, I don't know. I saw your rejection as my father telling me what a worthless SOB I am." Cuddy felt so bad for House, he looks like a puppy that has been kicked too many times.

"Greg, I didn't reject you. I just can't do the meds right now. It has nothing to do with you; I just don't want my body to go through the fertility drugs so soon after the miscarriage." House nodded sympathetically, from a medical standpoint he could see where Cuddy was coming from.

"So what you are saying is there could be a second Cuddy-House in the future?"

"You can bet on it, but for now let's just worry about practicing for one." House's face lit up, and he wagged his eyebrows mischievously.

"I am great at practicing!" House exclaimed with child-like enthusiasm.

"Then what are you waiting for?" Cuddy asked and grabbed his shirt, pulling him into their bedroom.


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