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1: Murphy laughs at your so-called 'Perfect Plans".

Author Unknown.

Harry Potter was only vaguely aware of what was happening, caught between waking and sleeping as he was.

He got the impression of size from the person who was holding him so gently in their giant armour-clad arms; comfort from the deep, crooning, oddly metallic voice; love/sorrow from the round red eyes that glowed at him from the darkness above him.

The world as cold outside the arms that held him, and he could see stars behind the person's silhouette spiked helmet and what might have been wings.

Harry wondered if he should have been afraid of this dark, red-eyed giant, but all he could bring himself to feel was comfort and total adoration as he reached his hands up towards the person's face, an odd, purring gurgle somewhere in his throat.

'My Most Beautiful Little One.' The person crooned to him, voice sounding like recordings of the same voice saying the same thing being played at the same time. The voice was rough and oddly gentle. 'My Precious Seeklet. My Little Skyshadow.'

Harry wondered how this person knew he played Seeker in Quidditch, then remembered he was famous.

One of the person's fingers brushed against his face, a distinctly hooked claw attached to the end of the gauntlet.

Harry yawned and the person crooned again, the sound vibrating in the large metal chest plate that radiated warmth. When he listened, Harry could hear a low humming sound that throbbed a little faster than a heartbeat.

Surrounded by comfort, Harry went to sleep.


As time passed, Harry had since realised that he was not human; that he had died and had been on a train platform talking to Dumbledore when a voice had wailed with such grief that Harry had had to try to comfort them.

He had found a small orb of blue light, he remembered. He had picked up the flickering light and held it to his chest to protect it. The flickering orb had sunk into his chest and something had pulled him into a dark place with stars. Moving his suddenly heavy form in confusion, the wailing had cut off to be replaced by the crooning sobs of his Carrier as the Seeker's stillborn Sparkling came to life.

Harry, or rather Skyshadow, was hidden part of the time in the vent shaft attached to his Carrier's berth-chamber, which was shared with two other Seekers in rotation. The vent shaft was cosy for something the size of a teenager with wings, but not nearly as small as the cupboard under the stairs had been to eleven-year-old Harry. The small area had been padded with surprisingly soft metals for him to 'recharge' on.

Still, the little wizard-turned-Seeklet particularly enjoyed it when his Carrier, Updraft, would take him on patrol with him, securely hidden in what Harry thought might have originally been the birth-chamber but connected to his Carrier's senses through a small cable.

Harry did so want to learn how to fly with his wings.

He supposed that his easy acceptance of the situation and only a vague recollection of his past life were due to his young age. Updraft often complimented him on being such an intelligent Seeklet, but that could have been just parental pride talking.

Skyshadow, as Harry had pretty much resigned himself to being, was black with brilliant emerald-green panelling, impressive spikes on his helm, pauldrons and hips, hooked digits, large red optics and, for his size, humongous wings. Updraft assured him that his slender, gargoyle-like frame would broaden and fill-out as he went through the second of his five Youngling stages, which he wouldn't reach for at least a vorn, depending on how much energon and metal scraps Updraft could sneak him.

The first thing Harry had learnt was that no one other than Updraft could know he existed until they rejoined the Winglord and Air Commander, Starscream. Starscream would be able to protect them from the grounders, but until then, Skyshadow had to remain a secret to even the other Seekers.

The Sparkling didn't know why, but he assumed that he would be told when he got older.

Until then, Harry would bask in the knowledge that he had a parent who loved him.


Ten Earth Years Later...

It was a long time before the Winglord called the Decepticons to a small, vaguely familiar solar system.

Updraft had been transferred to three different outposts since Skyshadow's birth. During the course of the second move, Updraft's Trinemates, Tailspin and Nosedive, had accidently found out about the little Seeklet and had been equal parts exited and terrified.

It was during the following conversation about ways to keep the Seeklet a secret that Skyshadow first learnt his Co-Creator's name.


Skyshadow had learnt all about Skywarp and the rest of the Command Trine from listening in on the other Decepticon's conversations. Skywarp was very like how he thought Harry's Co-Creator had been, but slightly stupider. The Seeker was also known for being able to teleport, a rare gift Updraft was hoping had passed onto Skyshadow.

Updraft was, oddly enough, dark green and red, reminding the Harry part of Skyshadow of his human Carrier, Lily. It gave the little Seeklet a strong sense of déjà vu.

Now that he was able to interact with more Decepticons than just Updraft, Skyshadow found that Updraft was a very intelligent, mild-mannered (for a Seeker) mech who had been a scientist who had worked with Starscream before the war.

Tailspin was the youngest aside from the Sparkling, only just an adult when things went pear-shaped on Cybertron. He reminded Skyshadow of a little human femme with red hair and a denta-baring grin whose name he could no longer remember.

Nosedive was the Trineleader, and big for a Seeker. He was big, sturdy and aggressive, ready to fight denta and claw for his Trine and model-type. He had followed the Decepticons because his Winglord had, just like most of the other Seekers.

Skyshadow was almost sure that tall mech with the vectors from the second outpost had known he was there, but hadn't said anything. For some reason, the little Seeklet got the strong impression of sameness from the mech. His name was Sound-something.

But now they were approaching the fourth planet in the solar system, Skyshadow securely curled up in the Velha Chamber, which was a purely Seeker space functioning as both incubator and marsupial-like pouch.

The Nemesis, the large ship that functioned as a mobile Home Base to the Decepticons not stationed on Cybertron, was anchored in a large crater on the small red planet, covered by the brick-coloured silt.

Skyshadow was nervous and excited. He would not only be meeting his Co-Creator, but also Winglord Starscream!

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