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First, Harry and Skyshadow are like conjoined/twin Sparks, with Harry, while the stronger of the two, taking the backseat while his 'Other Self' grows and developes into his own 'bot. Skyshadow perceives Harry as a murky extension of himself that is still 'separate'. Harry is mostly dormant and 'immersed' in Skyshadow, effectively feeling and being Skyshadow while keeping the Harry-ness out so Skyshadow can evolve on his own.

Second, Skyshadow is able to pass himself off as an immature adult not just because he's intelligent, has Harry and he has been around only adult Seekers and Soundwave, but also because he would be approaching three metacycles old, and I am working under the idea that a metacycle is between 11 and 13 human years, so he is actually older than Harry was when he died by this point. It is around 2025 in this timeline.

Skyshadow is able to pull off 'adult' like some drunk people can pull off 'sober'. It works, but only for a little while... And he is gonna come off as really affection-needy later in the story.

Despite how much I like the Twins and Jazz (who is alive in this story) and some of the other 'bots, I know who I am pairing him with and will not budge.

Skyshadow perceives himself as a Seeker. Seekers are loyal to Seekers and loved ones just like most races are most loyal to their family unit and clans/countries before 'outsiders'.

Sorry this one is kinda short.

A Breem is about 8.5 minutes.

For further information on Transformers, I suggest Teletraan 1 Wiki.

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
John F. Kennedy

Ironhide reminded Skyshadow of Sideswiper without the hyper-awareness of the flighty Seeker programming. Ironhide was almost mellow in comparison.

And, after the initial meet and greet with the Twins, Bluestreak and First Aid, his designated mech-shield.

The Seeker tried to be subtle about keeping the big black mech between him and the Twins while he assimilated the data pack he was given, but after the seventh time he dodged a 'subtle' attempt at a grope, he swung around and hissed, flared his wings and rattling his armour...

…In a manner that was distinctly Seeker-ish...

...Which set off the Twin's battle programs, switching Skyshadow's status from potential berth-mate to enemy Seeker.

And Skyshadow got a first-class seat to a senior Sparked Warrior smacking down and reaming out two subordinate Warriors. Skyshadow was surprised to learn several new insults he hadn't heard before in the Seeker Eyries.

A sharp look from Ironhide was all the reprimand Skyshadow got as his hiss-and-armour-rattle was not only provoked but also only lasted a click before he fell into an agitated but unaggressive posture.

There were some odd, bubbly, wet sounds around their ped-joints.

Looking down, the Seeker squeaked at the small squishy things, suddenly on the verge of panicking and he lifted his wings and looked around frantically as more suddenly appeared. Harry-Aspect laughed at him from the back of his processors.

"What do I do?" Skyshadow looked around a little frantically, wings lifting so he could see the ground better.

Ironhide vented in a very put upon manner. "Treat 'em like ya would minibots. They have very distinct bio-electric patterns you'll learn ta recognise very quickly. After a while, you'll even be able ta identify familiar humans."

One of Skyshadow's helm sensor-spikes tilted in a manner similar to a human's raised eyebrow. "Yeah. Problem." Was his drawled response. "I was Sparked not long before the unrest began and I don't believe I have ever actually seen a minibot."

Ironhide paused. "Ah. Then you'll likely be on a steep learnin' curve. I'll let Prahm know."

Then he turned, crouched and spoke to some of the humans.

With that obvious dismissal, Skyshadow, very carefully mind, wandered over to First Aid for a field check-up.


Skyshadow, in his alt. mode, was tied and tarped to the back of a human vehicle, and he was Not Happy.

Apparently he'd taken more damage than he'd thought, damaging the sensors in his right shoulder struts and the gauges in his Energon and coolant tanks, which had pinhole leaks from the tips of Ravage's claws (for which she apologised).

Ravage, under the designation 'Catalyst', was also detected by the medic First Aid and deployed to be scanned for damage.

Her sinuous form had been streamlined and enlarged slightly to alter her shape away from the one Soundwave had given her, her hind legs not quite as bandy, her optic larger and containing a cover that changed the red to violet, a ridge of spines down her back and two large piercing claws on the insides of her front peds.

His excuse for her not being damaged was that she hadn't been necessary for the battle as he'd only caught the tail-end of the fight, having been out on patrol when the call came through. His partner had rushed in and gotten offlined while he'd hung back and sniped as best he could before the base was blown up, leaving no survivors.

He probably could have put up with the humans crawling all over him, and the tarp hiding him from the rest of the world, but not being able to see while the wind whistled past him was playing merry hell on his flyer instincts.

Skyshadow dismissed the slight readings in his sensitive communications systems as white noise.


Updraft crooned his approval and preened at having carried such an excellent, world-shaking flyer.

Starscream was very impressed and made a note to have Skyshadow go through the Heir Trials for the Winglord title. He world be a good Winglord; better than Starscream himself, if he was honest about it.

If only he wasn't so small...

Skywarp couldn't help a sort of sad fondness for the little Seeker he'd helped Spark, but also knew said little Seeker thought him an unacceptable mate for Updraft. Not that Skywarp disagreed.

The black Seeker glanced at the Seeker crooning over the recording of their Seeklet's first real flight and couldn't help but notice how close Starscream was to his fellow scientist.

Skywarp knew the two had a past, even that their respective Carriers were Trinemates, but Skywarp and Thundercracker had already been Trinemates and were looking for a third to replace Mirrorwing when they met Starscream, who had just lost his first Trinemates early into the war, long before he had become Winglord.

Three Winglords had fallen since the war began (Stormfront, Eventhorizon and Windblade), but Starscream had lasted by far the longest.

Thundercracker and Skywarp hadn't known what it was that drew them to the quiet Seeker mourning his loss in the hanger, but they hadn't regretted approaching him and inviting him to fly with them.

Now knowing Starscream as he did, Skywarp believed the two scientists would be good for one another, even if they never Bonded.


Deep under the Arctic ice, where the light barely reached, a small signal falteringly struggled out a small crevice after millions of years of dark, cold silence.

Fly, Little Seeker, Fly!