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"A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance." ~ Anatole France

Chapter 1: Start over

"Cornelia! Stay hidden and don't try anything stupid!" a boy shouted in the middle of a small forest, startling the birds in the tree above him, making them take off and fly away. The boy had messy brown hair and green eyes, about eight to nine years in age. He held a stern glare on his face, directed ahead at another boy with dark hair that held his arms crossed over his chest in an attempt to look more confident and powerful.

They would probably have been at each other a long while ago if it hadn't been for the jump rope that was tying the brunette to the tree trunk. The two grade scholars stood glaring at each other for a couple more minutes before the dark haired boy turned around and shouted into the forest, "Hey! Have you guys found her yet?" One moment later, a head jumped up from behind a bush and shook her head. The girl was at the same age as the boys, with her long brown hair but up in a pony tail. "Not yet. Simon says he haven't found her either", she told the black-haired one, pointing to a blonde boy that was sneaking around some trees a couple of meters to the left.

"Jackson, it's not fair that only we have to search, come help us", the girl told him in a displeased tone. The boy frowned, "Well I would, Cassidy, but someone needs to watch the prisoner", Jackson replied, annoyed, growing tired of nothing happening. They had been looking for the blonde girl for over ten minutes now, and there was absolutely no sign of her.

"Maybe she gave up and went home without telling us!" Simon shouted over to the others on his team. Jackson cast glance over to him before he grinned and turned over to their prisoner. "If that's the case, we'll just leave Ken here tied up and go home too." The brunette came up with a shocked expression as he started kicking his feet forward in an attempt to reach Jackson, who was well out of reach. "I'll tell on you if you do that!" he threatened, not having any plans on staying there for the rest of the day.

"Hey! Don't blame this on me! Cornelia is the one that's supposed to rescue you, so it's her fault if she just left without saying a word", the dark haired boy defended, not wanting to be yelled at by him mom… again.

Ken stayed silent, pouting at the lack of responses he could come up with. "Jackson! Come help us look, and if we can't find her we'll just go home", Cassidy called out from behind a bush. Finally giving into the girl's complaining, he turned walked around a bush as he started searching.

Bright blue eyes lit up as the opportunity she had waited for presented itself. Lying on her stomach under a bush, she watched as Jackson walked away from her target. She started to crawl forward once he was out of sight and silently dragged herself over to the tree where Ken was tied up. Once there she jumped up and hid behind the tree and peaked around it to check if she had been spotted.

"This is Blue Hawk to Brown Bear. Do you read me?" Cornelia whispered into a toy walkie-talkie that she had had strapped to her belt earlier. Ken smiled slightly before replying, "This is Brown Bear. I read you loud and clear, over!" Cornelia nodded to herself as she kept a visual on the enemy team, making sure they weren't looking. "Blue Hawk now starting operation blue-4. Standby for a code 36 once you are in the clear", Cornelia whispered into the walkie-talkie before strapping it back on her belt. She tilted her gray plastic helmet a little up, so that it didn't block her sight.

"Roger that", Ken replied as Cornelia slipped around the tree over to where the knot was located. After a few seconds, the girl had managed to untie it and freed Ken, who gave her a grateful nod as they both snuck away from the tree and into the bushes. They crept away from the tree, successful for about one minute, before they heard shouting from behind them. Casting each other a look they started running; stealth was no longer needed.

The two kids couldn't help but grin and laugh like crazy as they made their way through the green scenery. After about two minutes, both of them emerged from the forest edge, but continued sprinting toward the many houses that stood by a road in the center. They didn't slow down until they had come up to a large white house with a big garden and a tall hedge surrounding it.

Once past the entrance, the team slowed to a jogging tempo, but kept going until they were at the door, opening it before darting in and slamming it shut behind them. Inside, they sat down with their back against the door, giggling, before giving each other a high five. "Mission completed!" the boy and the girl cheered at the same time.

Drawn to the attention in the hallway, Emilia stepped out of the kitchen with a ladle in her hand. Once she spotted the two children she smiled slightly and called over to them, "Hello Ken, would you like to stay for dinner?" Both of them threw their gaze over to Cornelia's mom with a humorous smile placed on their faces. "Yes, thank you! Mom won't be home from work for a couple of hours anyway", the boy replied happily.

"What are we having?" Cornelia chirped up, taking off her helmet since she didn't need it anymore. (Technically, she hadn't needed it at all.) "We are having vegetable soup, and blueberry pie for dessert." Before Emilia was even done with her sentence, both kids jumped up from the floor and ran into the kitchen, not stopping until they had located the pie that was standing by the open window.

Staring up at the steaming pie, Cornelia's mouth began to water as she reached up to touch the dessert, but her mother quickly grabbed her hand before she could get to close to it. "Careful! You'll end up burning yourself if you are careless", she told her, then cast another look over her girl before adding, "And I have told you to clean yourself before eating!"

The blonde blinked at the remark before looking down at herself, only to find her clothes covered in dirt from crawling around in the forest. Ken snickered slightly at her side, but Cornelia paid no attention to him as she trotted out of the kitchen. "I'm going to go change!" she shouted as she disappeared past the door, but popped back up a second later, giving Ken a suspicious look. "Don't touch the pie. It's for dessert" she ordered him, before retreating back out of sight, leaving Ken with a disappointed look on his face.

Jumping up the stairs, Cornelia made her way up to her room. Pushing open her door, she entered a room that should be too big for a lone child by far. The walls were painted in a light pink tone, with wooden floors, decorated with a big cream colored carpet in the middle. At the end of the room were two big glass doors, leading out to the girl's own small balcony, with two tall curtains at each side which matched the carpet.

A big four-post bed with curtains hanging down at each side, was placed to at the right side of the room, covered with pink and white pillows, bed sheets and a more colorful collection of dolls and fluffy toys. A mirror was covering part of the left side wall, with the closet door at the side. Different furniture decorated the room; a desk, a kid size sofa complete with a matching table, a box to hold all her toys and book shelf that mostly held fairy tale books, but also some school related literature.

Darting over to her closet, Cornelia pulled out a light-blue top, together with a darker skirt that went down to her knees. She stepped over to the mirror as she started throwing off her dirty clothes, placing them on the floor for the moment. She put on the top before stopping and watched her reflection in the mirror, smiling as her eyes landed on the green jewelry that was hanging around her neck.

Holding the black thread, Cornelia stared at the leaf-like rock for a minute with a grin placed on her mouth, then tucked it safely under her top. Her mother and father weren't aware of the necklace she had been holding on to for the past year, not that there was anything wrong with telling them, but the eight-year-old wanted to keep Catcher's secret for herself and that included the warm stone that hung around her neck as a reminder that her alien-friend would once return.

Cornelia giggled slightly at the thought of the hunter, looking forward to the day that they would meet again. Pulling up her skirt, she proceeded with twisting it slightly till the small heart mark was at her right side. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, the girl nodded in improvement of her get-up. Snatching up her old clothes, Cornelia jogged out of her room and into the restroom where she dropped them with the rest of the laundry. After having washed her hands, the blonde made her way back down to the kitchen where her mother was placing three plates filled with soup on the table.

Climbing onto her usual seat, Cornelia looked over at Ken who sat on her dad's usual place. "Is daddy still at work?" the girl asked, turning to her mother as she also sat down. "Yes, he's going to be late today. He's at a meeting, which will probably last a while." Cornelia stared at Emilia for a moment in disappointment, but didn't voice her unhappiness about the fact. Once the woman had told them to start eating, Cornelia grabbed her spoon and a piece of bread from a plate in the middle of the table which her mother had cut up for them.

"By the way, I need to go into town and do a bit of shopping after dinner. Do you want to come with me?" Emilia asked, looking up at the two children. Cornelia immediately started nodding, unable to speak because of the bread she had stuffed into her mouth a second earlier. Ken snorted in amusement at Cornelia before turning to her mother. "Sorry, can't. I promised my dad to finish my homework today", the boy told her with an annoyed tone to his voice, clearly whishing that he could have joined them.

"Ah well, maybe another time then, Ken", Emilia responded. "A promise is a promise." Cornelia flashed a huge grin at the last sentence, making Ken jerk back at the sudden action. "W-what's with you?" he asked, a little uncertain. The girl continued to grin as she turned to him, "A promise is a promise." Cornelia repeated, enjoying her own personal joke. Ken only stared at her for a moment before scowling and turning back to his food. "Stupid homework!"

"Are we there yet?" Cornelia asked form the backseat, staring out the window at the scenery fly by. Emilia checked her rear-view mirror once, before turning her eyes back to the road ahead as she replied. "Soon sweetie, we'll be there in a few minutes." The woman paused for a moment before looking back at her daughter. "While you are waiting, you might as well go over the ABC-rules to make the time pass."

Cornelia's eyes lit up as she set her eyes at her mother's reflection in the mirror up front. "ABC's rules for shopping in the city: Number one!" Cornelia started with a serious tone that didn't fit her personality. Though it was obvious that she enjoyed it. "Don't talk to any strangers. Even people who give you their name are still strangers."

Emilia nodded in confirmation from behind the steering wheel. "Number two: Never go anywhere with strangers. Especially if they tell you they have toys or candy for you", Cornelia continued, smiling slightly as her mother gave her another nod. "Rule number three: If lost, try to find a police officer which can help you. However, be cautious to the fact that some people dress up as officers and may try to trick others. Therefore, get a good look at his badge and check if something seems wrong with it."

Mrs. Campbell's eyes narrowed in confusion. She hadn't heard that last part before, turning to the mirror, she asked, "When did your dad tell you that?" Cornelia grinned and shifted slightly in her seat, "After he watched a new show on TV about the police." Emilia rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, "and the last one?"

"Right! Rule number four: Don't suddenly run off after seeing something interesting. Tell either mom or dad that you want to go somewhere, and one of them will follow you", Cornelia finished. "You want me to take the rules about playing and camping in the woods too?" the girl asked with a grin. The woman smiled slightly, "That won't be necessary, we are already here." She pulled the car into the parking lot outside of the shopping center, searching for a free spot where she could place her vehicle for the time being.

Once the car pulled to a stop, Cornelia hurriedly removed the seatbelt and jumped out the door and closed it behind her. She then ran around the car to meet her mother who was just about to lock the doors. The woman put her keys into her purse before turning to her daughter, offering a hand to hold, which the girl gladly accepted. Together, they walked in through the automatic doors and into the mall before the doors closed behind them.


The glass doors parted to the sides as the two females made their way back out of the building, Cornelia walking ahead with a plastic bag in her arms, holding onto the handle with both her hands as she searched for their silver car. Emilia walked behind with a bag in each hand, spotting her car before her daughter did, and made her way towards it.

Cornelia followed swiftly after her mother, before she stopped and unlocked the car, opening the trunk and put the bags into it. Her daughter copied Emilia's action, but with a bit more difficulty because of the height difference between them. However, she managed to push the plastic container over to the other two after a minute or two. The blonde woman closed the door once her daughter was done and continued over to the door on the driver side, opening to step inside, but paused as her eyes landed on a crowd that had gathered at the end of the parking lot, near the road.

Curiosity taking over, Emilia closed the door again and looked over at Cornelia who had been about to jump into the car, but stopped as she watched her mother and did the same. Closing the door, Cornelia ran around to her mother and looked in the same direction she had. "Can we go look?" the child asked, grabbing her mother's hand again as she nodded. They made their way over to the crowd. Emilia looked over the people and onto the street where an ambulance and police car stood parked. A little more to the left was a black car that stood with its front into a shop window, scratches and dents was present, but no real big damage seemed to have been done.

There was a slight tug at her hand which made Emilia look down at her daughter who was staring back up at her with a displeased frown. "Mommy, I can't see anything." The woman cast another glance to the accident scene, making sure there was nothing there which would be bad for an eight-year-old to witness. Finding no such thing, Emilia knelt down to her daughter and lifted her up on her shoulders, grunting slightly at the weight before she rose up to her full height, holding Cornelia's hands so that she wouldn't tip backwards.

Cornelia squealed with joy as she was lifted high above the ground, looking out past the mass of people. "I can see it!" The girl informed her mother in delight. "Could you please hurry, sweetie? Mommy is getting tired", the woman pleaded, trying not to sound as if she was about to collapse from the weight. Luckily, the girl took the hint and looked down at her mother, "Okay, I'm done."

The helmet display stayed zoomed in on the young female that sat on top of her parent's shoulders, a red line at the side which captured the sound waves when one of the creatures spoke. The display targeted the stone that hung around the neck of the female, checking once more to confirm its suspicions of what the object truly was.

The spying creature stood across the street, atop of the building which the black car had crashed into, the cloaking device preventing it from being discovered by any humans that would happen to look its way. It continued to watch the heat signature of both the child and the stone she was in possession of, but the two disappeared behind the surrounding humans once the mother had lifted her off her shoulders and back on the ground, out of view.

The Predator turned back to look at the incident it had caused only a few minutes earlier. The authorities was working on removing the dark car from the shop, the ambulance personnel helping to calm down a worried shop owner since no one had gotten any injuries worse that small cuts and bruises. The objective of this small 'accident', had been to figure out how the car's owner would react if anything drastic would happen, and the hunter hadn't been disappointed.

Five people had been in the car when it had crashed, and all of them had pulled out of the area in a matter of minutes before the police could arrive. All of them had remained calm, but on guard if the accident was actually an assault. When nothing had happened after a minute or two, the men dressed formally in black, had escaped the scene.

The Predator had not followed them, and he was rewarded for his patience shortly after. His helmet beeped once he had began scanning the area and found the rare energy signal of one of the nature stones of the Katuram planet in the Nactu'ra solar system, hanging around the neck of a young human female.

Watching the two humans that was now walking away from the crowd and over to one of the cars, which they entered shortly after, the hunter observed as the vehicle started its engine, turning his head to check on the black car beneath him once more. He had gotten what he needed, and there was nothing more he needed to do at the moment. Walking slowly along the edge of the building, he watched the road to his left as the silver Audi pulled out of the parking lot and turned to the right.

Emilia sat in the sofa in the living room later that evening with a book in her hand, and a lamp behind her pointed at the letters. Only a few lights were on, not needing too much light at the moment. She turned a page before looking up at the ticking clock that was hanging on the wall to her right. It was slightly past nine in the evening, and her husband hadn't gotten home yet. She knew he was going to be late, but three hours was a long time for a meeting to last.

She turned to stare out the window, a beautiful full moon light up the dark sky, the stars faint in the background. Cornelia had gone to bed a while ago, too tired to wait for her father to come home.

The woman sighed tiredly as she put a bookmark between the pages of the novel and put it down on the table as she stood up and made her way over to the kitchen, but stopped once she heard the familiar sound of the front door opening. She switched direction and made her way into the hallway where her exhausted husband stood, closing the door behind him and kicking off his shoes. Once he turned and saw his wife in the doorway, his face brightened as he made his way over to her and hugged her.

"Emilia! I missed you sooo much", he told her in a childish manner, closing his eyes as she returned the hug. Smiling slightly at his mood, she could already guess why he had been late because of his behavior. "That stupid Anderson wouldn't let me go home to my beautiful wife and my little princess! Kept arguing against the rest of us the whole time, and even when we agreed with him, he would change his mind and start all over again!" Aaron complained in his wife's embrace.

The woman simply let out a sigh and patted her husband's brown hair to show her compassion, which she always did when he was like that. "At least he let you go in the end" she reassured him, but felt him jerk a little at the comment. "Ah, about that… I kind of snuck out the door when he wasn't looking" the man admitted, earning him a soft giggle from his wife.

Aaron looked up at his wife with a smile as he leaned in and gave her a kiss. She kissed him back before they let go of each other and walked together into the living room, where the man started looking around restlessly. "Has Cornelia gone to bed already?" Aaron asked, a little disappointed. He had been hoping to get a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek from her, to cheer him up after a long day at work.

"It is past her bedtime, and she was pretty tired today, so she went to bed about half an hour ago or so", Emilia told him with a small smile before moving on to the kitchen, "I'll warm up the dinner." Aaron smiled at her retreating back, "Thanks dear, I'll go check up on our little princess", he told her and made his way up the stairs and over to a closed door. The man carefully twisted the handle and pushed the door open, sticking his head through the doorway and gazed into the room before stepping inside, letting the door stay open behind him.

He tip toed over to the bed where Cornelia lay sleeping, the covers drawn up to her chest as she lay with her head on the side and her favorite bunny lying on her outstretched arm. Her eyes were closed, her breathing slow and mouth slightly open. Aaron stood at the side of a bed with a smile on his face, before he slowly bent down and kissed his daughter on the forehead. "Good night, Cornelia."

He tucked her in before he straightened up and looked at the sleeping girl for a moment before he looked away from her and over at the open glass doors that led out to the balcony, the curtains waving softly back and forth from the wind. Aaron strode over to the opening and peered outside into the darkened outside world, the lights of the city visible in the distance. He cast another glance up at the moon and the starry sky above him, which Cornelia loved so much.

Smiling slightly, her father closed the door.

The man walked back to Cornelia's bedside and gave her another quick kiss, then walked out of her room, gently closing the white door behind him. Soon he had made his way down into the kitchen where his wife was pouring some of the left-over soup into a bowl and set it down on the table. "Thank you, dear", Aaron told her as he gave her a kiss on the cheek before sitting down.

He grabbed his spoon and tasted the soup with a pleased expression. "Mmm, delicious", he complimented his wife, who in return sent him a smile and sat down beside him with a glass of water in her hand. The man continued eating while Emilia sat at his side, telling him about their day. Aaron stopped eating for a minute and turned to face her, "By the way, I Closed the balcony door in Cornelia's room. Was afraid it would get too chilly in there."

Emilia stared at her husband, a little surprised. "I haven't opened the doors. They were closed when I told her good night."

Aaron looked up at the blonde, both of them staring at each other for a minute before the husband shrugged and offered his wife a reassuring smile, "Guess she must have opened it herself, then." Emilia nodded back in agreement. After all, who else could it have been?

The cloaked hunter stepped out from his place in the dark corner and walked over to the bed where the small human girl lay sleeping. She stirred slightly as the disorientated figure loomed over her, and turned to the side with a frown on her face. Slowly, the Predator stretched out a hand and dragged the fabric a bit down, revealing the green stone that had fallen out from the girl's top.

Pausing to look at the object for a moment, the hunter let out a series of pleased clicking sounds as he reached for it. Something he should never have done.

Once the sound had escaped him, Cornelia's eyes snapped open and she hurriedly sat up with wide eyes. "Catcher?" the girl managed to shout before her head collided with the metal of the wrist guard of the humanoid. A huge 'cling' could be heard in the room before Cornelia fall back onto her pillow, both hands clutching her forehead in pain. "Ooow!"

The predator sweat dropped as he stared down at the child, finding the incident a little funny. He turned his glance down at his retreated hand as an electric current was sent through his camouflage as it started to disappear around him. The hunter pointed an accusing glare at the girl. She must had accidently deactivated his cloaking devise. He only hoped she hadn't disabled it as well.

Cornelia continued to clutch her throbbing forehead as she looked up as the creature at her side started to materialize, instantly recognizing what was happening. She instantly flashed a huge smile as she watched the alien take shape in front of her.

Dark Green and brow reptile-like skin showed under the fish netting, pieces of gray metallic armor on the feet, knees and waist, accompanied with a brown belt. They were all different from what the girl remembered, and her smile started to slowly fade away as she continued to stare with wide eyes. The chest piece was in four parts, covering most of his upper body, and huge scar right below it that went almost horizontal at his side. A necklace made of bones hung around his neck.

The mask soon materialized, revealing a much wider eye area that kind of looked like a ski-mask. Of the dreadlocks hanging from the side of his head, the first two was twice as long as the others, reaching down to his chest. The other dreadlocks where shorter and had had fever rings on them, not to mention that they stood out and made it look a little spiky.

Silence dawned on the room as the cloak completely disappeared and the two creatures stayed still as they stared at each other. Cornelia's face filled with shock, confusion and… disappointment.

"You are not Catcher."

To be continued…

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