Chapter 1

One night after Rory and Lucas's engagement party they are getting into his car without Jamie since he's staying with Lorelai and Luke.

''wow I can't believe you proposed and we are actucally engaged.'' she says

Lucas smiles ''I know baby but I love you and I want to marry you and be with you forever.'' Lucas tells her

''that's sweet of you and I love you and want to marry you too and this ring is pretty freaking awesome!'' Rory tells him

''well yea it better be.'' Lucas says

''so do you think that Jamie is happy?'' Rory asks him

''well I don't know if he fully understands but yea I think he gets it and think he is.'' Lucas tells her

''good me too.'' Rory says

''good c'mere.'' Lucas tells her

Rory smiles and leans over and kisses him.

Lucas kisses her back with his hand softly on her cheek.

after a few minutes Lucas pulls away ''so?'' Lucas questions her

''yea?'' Rory questions him

''home?'' Lucas asks her

''oh yea!'' Rory tells him

Lucas laughs ''okay good!'' Lucas says and drives them back to thier apartment in NYC and carries Rory upstairs in the wedding fireman's carry and kisses her almost all the way upstairs and lets her down to unlock the door and carries her inside to the bedroom and lays her down on the bed and crawls on top of her kissing her.

''mmm goddd I love you so much.'' Rory tells him

''shh.'' Lucas shushes her softly and goes back to kissing her

''mmm.'' Rory moans in his mouth holding his face