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Chapter 5: Alec's POV

Every day was like a painful stab to my un-beating heart. I would constantly see vivid memories of Renesmee, I missed her touch her smile, and her presence.

I glanced at the wooden door; I had left her so many times, when all I wanted was her love.


"I love you," Renesmee whispered a smile tugging against her luscious lips. A part of me wanted to say it back, and I would have meant it too, but I didn't say it. After a moment of silence, every second I could see her smile fading slowly.

"I don't," I smirked watching and enjoying hurt clouding her eyes, and tears threatening to spill. "You are nothing more than a pet, for hormonal proposes only"

She narrowed her eyes.

She was angry and upset, I enjoyed it, and the sadistic part of me was laughing. But then there was a par of me that longed to; beg and borrow; lie, cheat to keep her happy and mine.

I chuckled.

And with one last glance I turned on my heel and left.

End of Flashback

I then turned my gaze towards the bed. Where Renesmee's sent was the strongest. I had no good memories or conversations with Renesmee. All I provided was heartbreak. I wouldn't even let her

Talk to Felix and Demetrius for too long, fearing that she would fall in love, and leave me.

I fled from the room, trying to get her out of my head.

It had only been 2 weeks and already I was losing control. I walked through the halls, ignoring the longing and pain I was feeling, I wanted to curl up into a ball. Allowing myself to drown; in my pain and sorrow. I won't give in. No, I shall not give in.

1 week later:

I stare openly at the beautiful girl with bronze ringlets. Her stunning and endless chocolate brown eyes, her juicy lips and lightly tanned skin. Not to mention her perfect figure, slim and petite but she still had the right amount of curves. Renesmee Cullen. My recently found lust, someone I wanted and needed but did not deserve. She deserved better, but It didn't stop me form following her home.

She suddenly tensed, and turned around. Instantly getting lost in her eyes, I yearned for her in my arms, but she ran away without hesitation. And I, without hesitation followed her.

She closed the wooden door swiftly, with me already inside.

"Hello, pet." I whisper as she turns around meeting my passive expression.

"I am so disappointed. No letter, number or address." I state disappointment clearly showing on my face and voice. I paused expecting an apology, it never came. "Or permission,"

"Anyone would think you were running away." I continued my voice hard and bitter at the memories of my existence without her.

"What gave you that idea?" She asked glaring at my confused expression she continues. "The running away Part. Or the no letter part?"

I frown feeling angry and annoyed. Why couldn't she just hug me and kiss me like she normally would do.

"You're my mate, my wife," I said in a matter-of-fact tone. "You belong to me, like it or not."

She growled.

"Anyway, you have more fire now." I smirked "It's, how you say, "turning me on"."

I looked in her direction, feeling proud.

"Too bad," I hissed.

I chuckled lightly. My hands snaked themselves around her waist. And my lips dominated hers. I instantly licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. I missed her, and my body craved to be touched.

I tugged on her hair giving myself access. My tongue wrestled with hers for a long time. But then Renesmee pulls me into a bedroom; where we stayed for the rest of the night.

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