Title: Frenemies Mine
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Peter, Sylar
Summary: Peter resolves to take a leap of faith and join Sylar's life whole-heartedly.
Warnings: Death of side characters
Notes: Last chapter, and I want to repeat my thanks to Lornrocks for her two chapters (6 and 7), her permission in publishing them here, and her assistance in beta'ing mine. This is the last chapter.

They were still on the couch, now just holding hands, other than Peter's leg hanging a bit possessively over Sylar's. Peter had been lost in thought for a while. He knew what he wanted to do. He knew what would fill the void in his life. There would be a cost, though, both on his soul and outside of it. He would pay his part of it willingly, even eagerly. His soul didn't matter so much to him anymore. But for the other part…

There was only one person who could really stop them – Peter and Sylar. Sylar had been fortunate that Hiro was just a bit dim and self-absorbed, easily manipulated by others, by stories and tales and false representations of reality. Hiro didn't look deeper into events or people very often, taking his orders at face value.

It was remarkable, really, that no one had ever made a determined effort to have Hiro use his powers to bring Sylar in. Peter suspected he knew why that was – his mother wasn't done manipulating him, or was saving Sylar back for some purpose. It might have been acceptable if the people involved knew and were involved in the decisions, rather than being hunted and manipulated and chased around the chessboard. The emotional cost was too high. Peter was sure of that.

He looked at Sylar and asked, "If I fall, will you catch me?"

Sylar blinked. After a long beat, he said, "Of course."

"That doesn't sound very definite."

"It's tough to be definite when I don't know what you intend to do."

Peter leaned over and kissed him, letting it deepen. Sylar felt the tingle of Peter taking a power. "I think you'll like this," Peter murmured against his lips, then leaned back. Peter looked back and forth between Sylar's eyes for a long moment, hesitating, then he said, "I'm not going to do what my mother did to… does to you, to us, really, so I'll explain. I've taken Intuitive Aptitude. I'm going to activate it."

Sylar's brows rose, but he didn't object.

"I'm going to call Hiro and tell him to come here. He will, and he won't even ask why, because he's stupid. And then…" Peter swallowed and looked away. "I'm going to kill him."

Sylar's brows rose as high as they could go. "Peter?"

"I'm going to. If… If I have to kill someone, it might as well be him. There's… there's a lot of people who deserve it more, but his ability is too…" Peter shook his head. "If the power to change the past is true, then Hiro ends entire realities when he uses it. If it isn't, then it's a shit power that doesn't really make a difference. But if his power really works that way, then no serial killer or mass murderer or genocidal dictator or anyone in history even comes close to the atrocities Hiro commits, without even understanding what he's doing. There are simple experiments he could do to test it, but he hasn't, because that's not how a comic book hero would use their power. They'd have… 'faith' and whatever the fuck."

Peter shook his head again.

"Teleportation would be nice to have," Sylar said evenly.

Peter nodded. "That occurred to me. They're going to know. I had to… Last week I had to blackmail Matt Parkman into keeping quiet about us. I lied to my mother about it. The look she gave me… I think she knows. Or at least suspects." Peter exhaled forcefully. "I'm not going to have you killed or imprisoned because of us." He leaned over and kissed Sylar passionately, pleased that his emotion was returned in full.

When they parted, Peter said, "If she doesn't know already, it's still only a matter of time until some other precognitive, or her own dreaming, gives us away. I'm not going to allow that. With Hiro's teleportation, they can't come after us and we can go wherever we want."

"Peter… the ability… you should know this, since you had it, but it affects your thinking for a while. You're not rational during it. Not at first. You'll think you are, but you're not."

"I know. That's why I asked if you'd catch me. Because for a while, I'm going to really need you." Like I've never needed anyone before, Peter thought. Keeping himself in line wasn't a burden he would have put on anyone else, except Nathan, and that wasn't an option anymore.

Sylar studied him for a long time, then asked in a low, calm voice, "Do you really understand what you're getting into, Peter? You can't turn it off if things don't work out as you like."

Peter looked down, then up at Sylar. "No. I'm not going to pretend I do." He was quiet for a moment, then said, "You've made it a long time with it."

"It's made me crazy, Peter."

He swallowed. "Would you have been crazy if you had someone to share it with? Are you crazy now?"

Another long silence stretched between them until finally Sylar said, "I'll catch you."

"Hello?" said an accented voice on the other end of the line.

"Hey, Hiro. I need your help. I have Sylar here." Peter found what he wanted in the coat closet and stepped back, easily hefting a baseball bat. Sylar shrugged. It would work fine. He was just glad, at the moment, that Peter had enough focus to continue on with the plan rather than getting distracted by the first special he saw - who would, of course, be Sylar. Sylar was staying still, not talking, and trying to avoid drawing attention to himself. Things would get awkward fast if Peter fixated on killing him.

"Where is 'here'?" said Hiro's voice on the phone.

"Right here in my apartment. I have him. I need your help though. Can you come right away?" Peter showed the bat to Sylar and grinned, waggling his brows up and down. His brain chemistry was already changing to accommodate the power, making him receptive to new abilities… and also making him a little unhinged. His voice was tight. Sylar remembered hefting the amethyst, saying something stupid to his own first victim, bludgeoning him right in the middle of the store.

"You have him?" Hiro said. "Yes! Yes, I will be there right away!"

"Wait, Hiro!"


"Bring Ando." Peter mimed a kiss at Sylar, who gave him a small, worried smile. Ando hadn't been part of the plan.

Within seconds, Hiro and Ando were standing in the living room. Peter hung up the phone and said, "That was even faster than I expected."

Ando said, "We were playing Magic: The Gathering together." He looked at Sylar and jerked back.

Hiro looked confused. "He is awake!" he said of Sylar, who was still sitting on the couch.

Ando added unnecessarily, "And unrestrained."

They both looked to Peter, who was standing slightly behind them. "That's right. That's why I needed your help. Watch him." They glanced between Peter and Sylar uncertainly. "Watch him!" Peter said abruptly, a strong note of alarm in his voice. Both men turned to look at Sylar, their attention fixed on him for a moment, even though Sylar was doing nothing at all.

Neither saw it coming when Peter hit Hiro solidly in the back of the head with the bat. Sylar reacted instantly. He might have looked calm, but he'd been poised since Peter activated the ability. Now he lashed out with telekinesis and seized Ando by the neck, hoisting him up from the floor and choking him. Peter crouched over Hiro, digging his fingers into the smashed portion of his skull. The frenzy was overtaking him now that he had a victim to hand.

Peter looked up at Sylar, grinning madly, then went back to his task. Sylar slashed Ando across the throat and dropped him to the floor, far enough away from Peter that his convulsive kicks didn't endanger him. He moved a little closer to Peter and said softly, "Here, let me help." He raised his finger and cut open Hiro's skull. "Now don't mangle it, because I want it after you're done."

When they were finished, Sylar tried to pull Peter into the kitchen to clean up. Peter was babbling about how he understood everything now, how profoundly a person's emotions influenced their thoughts and vice versa, how the body affected the brain with hormones and chemicals, how the brain in turn formed the thoughts, why Peter hadn't been able to see it before because he was focusing only on one thing at a time, but it was so beautiful as a whole…

He was crying about some of it, which Sylar thought was a weird reaction. When it had overtaken him, he'd been much more intellectual about it. He assumed this was some interaction with Peter's empathy. In any case, it would pass soon, which was too bad. Peter would lose the sensation he had at the moment of near omniscience. Sylar certainly hadn't turned his nose up at the offered materials so it wasn't like he didn't have the same feeling. He'd just had more experience to leaven it with. Sylar held Peter's hands under the water and scrubbed at the blood.

Peter finally started washing himself, having regained at least a little of his presence of mind. It wouldn't be long before the regret hit him, Sylar knew. At least, he hoped the regret hit him. Peter just wouldn't be Peter if he didn't at least feel bad about what he'd done.

Sylar kept hold of him, a steady presence, a continual grip, constant contact. If Peter teleported somewhere, Sylar would have no idea where he went, but if he was touching him, then Sylar would go with him. Until Peter gained regeneration, he was mortal. Sylar couldn't bear the thought of something happening to him.

He was barely done cleaning them both up when Peter stiffened. "We have to go," Peter said. "There's one more thing I have to know. Sylar, I have to know!" And with that, Peter vanished. Fortunately, Sylar had a hold of him and went too.

They both appeared inside the Petrelli house. Sylar blinked, looking around, and Peter strode away rapidly. "Wait! Peter!" He gave chase.

Peter hunted through the rooms, teleporting to the second floor rather than taking the stairs.

"Shit!" Sylar said, pursuing him. He hadn't been this reckless when his power was new, had he? He heard Angela's scream from down the hall and rushed to the end. Peter had hold of his mother and was trying to drag her into the bathroom, probably to dash her brains out on the granite countertop of the sink.

Sylar grabbed him around the neck from behind, putting him in a choke-hold and yanking him back. Peter struggled, but thankfully he was in no frame of mind to borrow an ability that would help him escape. His mind was consumed by one thing only. Angela recoiled against the wall, huddled on the floor. She watched while Sylar saved her from her son.

"No! No, Peter!" he told him, tightening his grip, locking his arm down and cutting off blood flow and air. He kept it up until Peter's body began to slacken, then immediately stopped. A moment later Peter roused.

"Peter, please! Listen to me… Listen to me. I love you. I love you. Listen… listen…" Peter wasn't fighting him, so he was listening, but he was still coiled like a spring. Sylar eased up just a touch on the pressure, making sure Peter had enough air. Peter lifted his chin and shifted in his grip, but there wasn't enough give to get loose.

"I'm here, Peter." He kissed the back of Peter's head. Peter turned his head a little so Sylar kissed the side of it too. "I'm here. You don't have to kill. You don't have to know. I know it feels like it, feels like you do, but you don't. You can control it. Let me help you control it. Don't kill her. You don't have to."

"I have to know why! Why did she try to get me to blow up New York? The real reason, not that bullshit about the fucking election! She caused you and she's not done, either! She doesn't deserve what she has… any of it. I'll take it and then I'll know!" He arched his back away from Sylar and struggled again, getting nowhere fast. He stopped before he passed out this time.

"It's okay, Peter. It's okay." He nuzzled the side of Peter's head desperately, trying to give him some human contact, trying to distract him from the homicidal mania.

Angela looked past the two of them, entwined almost as lovers, at the door. Her intent was clear, even if she hadn't yet moved. Sylar paused for a moment to tell her, directly and in a harsh tone, "Angela, stay right there." She locked eyes with him for a moment and gave a single nod. Her eyes went to Peter's.

Peter's face contorted. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't, Sylar."

"Because you'll regret it forever. Trust me, I know. Not her. Not her. Not your mother. Please don't, Peter. There are others. I'll even help you. But not her… not her." He relaxed his grip, feeling some of the tension leave Peter. He was partly leaning back against Sylar, panting and trembling now, trying to get a hold of himself.

Sylar slid his arm down around Peter's chest and he petted his head with the other. He whispered into his ear, calming him, "Easy. Easy. I love you. It'll be okay. It'll make sense later. I'm with you. I'm not going to leave you alone with this ability like I was left alone - so alone. I'll be with you. You asked me to catch you if you fell. I'm catching you. Don't fall, Peter. I'll help you. It's going to be okay."

Peter turned suddenly and buried his head against Sylar's chest. "I love you," he said in a small voice.

Sylar sucked in his breath and exhaled in a huff that was almost a bark of laughter. He hugged Peter to him. "I love you, too."

"I killed…" Peter said softly, almost a moan.

And there's the regret, Sylar thought. The mood swings had taken him months to figure out, but he expected Peter would be much faster, with his understanding of emotions. Sylar kissed the top of his head and soothed him. He suspected that having someone with him, to stand by him and support him through it would speed things too. Sylar had been so wretched when he first got the ability - he'd wanted to, tried to, kill himself. He kissed Peter again, holding him protectively.

Angela slowly stood, as if aware the threat was gone. She'd seen this ability manifest before, Sylar was sure. Otherwise how would they have known so well what to do in managing him?

"Thank you," she said softly.

Sylar scoffed. "I didn't do it for you, you evil bitch. I did it for him." He led Peter away. They had a life together now, ahead of them and no one was going to come between them.

The End.