Hashirama was about to head out the door, ready for the mission he was about to undertake. But, one thing is stopping him from doing so. His younger brother was clinging to him like mad.

He pleaded mercifully, digging his nails to his brother's skin. He was also pointing towards the 6 year old Madara seated on the Sofa, scribbling on a piece of paper and the 12 month old Izuna snoozing in his crib.

"Tobirama Senju." The elder began sternly, looking at his brother in a commanding way. Tobirama stared back with eyes as wide as dinner plates. "I thought we talked this over last night! Until we find a solution to bring them back to normal, we are responsible for anything that happens to them. So, to avoid any unnecessary accidents while I'm gone, I'm putting you in charge of them."

"B-B-But Nii-sama! Those are Uchihas you're leaving me with!" The future 2nd hokage reasoned out, still looking fearfully towards the 6 year old and the 12 month old who used to be their mortal enemies. "So? They're kids!" Hashi replied, his tone sounding like he didn't get his brother's point. "S-S-Still!" "Calm down, outo-oto…" The First Hokage said, taking his brother's hands off of him. "You'll do fine. I'm only gone for 3 days or so. When I come back, I promise you'll get a whole week off from the kids." "Oh, fine…" Tobirama agreed at last.

"Good." Hashirama said and began to head out the door once more. "A messenger will come by once in a while and report everything that happens to me, ok?" He reminded before heading out. "Ok…" the younger Senju replied. "Bye!" "Bye! Be safe! Return home in one piece ok?" He yelled the joke from the door. "Oh, very funny…" The long haired man managed to reply before mounting his horse and heading his way.
Tobirama closed the door and sighed heavily. He's never been left alone with kids before. So in short, he has completely no clue on how to handle kids… Especially a baby. He peered at the clock… 6pm. Then he pulled out the list his Nii-san gave him.

"6pm… Start to prepare dinner and give Madara-chan a bath…" He read. After this, he walked over to the sofa and stopped, looking at the toddler who was still scribbling. "Madara." He said sternly, clearly asserting his authority over the boy. The black haired boy looked up. "What are you still doing here?" The 6 year old asked, surprised. He dropped his crayon and looked at his babysitter. "I'm babysitting you tonight, which means, I AM IN CHARGE around here…" Tobirama declared, smirking devilishly.

"That's crazy talk!" Madara squealed. "I don't follow any Senju except for Hashi-tousan!" "Well, your Tousan ain't here tonight. He's on a mission. And he left me a list on what to do with you two pests while he's away…"

He pretended to scan the list from top to bottom and Madara pouted while he was doing that. "Ah. Says here You have to take a bath now…" Tobirama smirked. "What?" Madara screamed in disbelief. "That's right, Uchiha. Now march up the stairs to the bathroom!" He commanded. "It's kinda funny to hear myself commanding the 'all powerful Uchiha'… He he he…" Tobirama chuckled in his mind.

"NO!" Madara screamed and hopped off the couch, crossing his arms and pouting. "YOU'R NOT THE BOSS OF ME!" He rebelled which immediately pissed the babysitter off. "Oh YES I AM YOUNG MAN! And when I say you take a bath, you'll take a bath right this instant!" "MAKE ME!" The little Uchiha rebelled more.

"And Nii-san says he's different as a kid… If you ask me, he's still the same old bitch that pisses me off…" Tobirama thought, keeping his hands from wringing the kid's neck. "Uchiha Madara, You are going to march up there and take a bath…!" "OR?" The kid challenged him. "Or…" He fumbled, trying to think of the correct punishment. He smiled and began to form handseals. "Or I'll have to give you one myself!" He said, nearly finishing the seals.

"STILL NOT GONNA MAKE ME, SNOWY…" Madara said, finishing it off with a demeaning nickname. Then as the babysitter was about to yell again, Izuna cried out loud. It didn't help with him keeping his cool.
"Nii-sama… Are you punishing me ore what?"