The next morning , a certain white haired Senju slept quietly in bed, smiling like a kid taken to a candy shop. His dream must've been very good for him to smile like that. Well whatever it was, Tobi better enjoy it as much as he can…

"UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" A loud cry was heard which made poor Tobirama bump his head on the headboard. "Ouch…" He said, rubbing his head. Then, in an attempt to get back to his dream, he tried covering his head with a pillow to block out Izuna's cries.

But the baby just wouldn't have it. He cried even louder and soon, he was just FORCED to get up. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" He replied sarcastically, lazily dragging his feet off the bed. "What's up, Izu?" He asked, walking towards the crib in the room a door away from his. He picked the crying baby up and figured he was hungry.

While fixing a bottle, while at the same time balancing the already cranky Uchiha in his arms, he couldn't help but stare at the other figure in the bed near the crib. Little Madara was sleeping like a log, snoring away. "Geez… What a heavy sleeper… Izuna's cry practically woke up the whole clan. And here he is, sleeping like there's no tomorrow." Tobirama sighed.

Once he finished the bottle, he stuck it inside the baby's mouth and he immediately started sucking. Once Izuna had finished, he set him in his crib again and gave the child a toy to play with. Izuna held the stuffed bear in his chubby hands, giggling with every touch. "That should satisfy him for the meantime…" Tobirama smiled, walking back to his bedroom. As he laid back on the mattress, he thought he could get a moment of peace and sleep.

He was wrong.

As the Senju started to drift off to sleep, he felt something heavy on top of him. By instinct, he jolted upward, meeting face to face with the demon he feared more than anything in the world. "G'mornin, Senju." Madara greeted his sitter with a smirk. "What do you want?" Tobirama exclaimed. "It's 6 frickin' 30 in the morning!"

"I'm hungry." The boy pouted. "So?" "Make breakfast!" "Fine, Fine! I'm up!" Tobirama said in defeat. Madara leapt off his sitter and watched him get out of bed. "C'mon! Let's go, Let's go!" the little Uchiha said, dragging Tobirama through the hallway. Madara was really acting like a kid today.

After cooking breakfast and watching Madara devour it like hell, Tobirama noticed that the food supply has been going down, fast. He would have to go to the marketplace today, with the kids. "But what if…" He thought, looking at Madara who was still eating. "Someone suspects that these kids were from the enemy territory? The council will have my head on a platter if that were to happen…" He thought, remembering that the council put him and his brother in charge of their enemies and they had to keep it secret.

There were so many problems… First of all, Madara and Izuna looked nothing like their other clansmen. Their raven black hair, pale skin, and deep black eyes were just traits that were unique to the clan they belonged to. Second, He knows that Madara was the adventurous type and could get easily lost in the busy marketplace. And if someone found him and kidnap him, it would cause bigger problems. Third, he can't leave them all alone in the house.

"What's the perfect excuse…?" He thought for a while. "I could say they're from another country and… No that's stupid." He scolded himself. "Or what if I told them these kids weren't from our world and were actually summoned by mistake from another realm! Nah, that's too unbelievable… Aha! I got it!"
He snapped. "Madara, go get dressed. We're going to the market!"

"Wow!" the little raven haired boy exclaimed, looking at all the interesting colors in the surrounding. "Hmm… You seem excited. First time you've ever been to a place like this?" Tobirama asked the boy. But Madara didn't hear the words, he just continued looking around the different stalls, eyes opened wide. Tobi actually smiled. Who knew Madara had the ability to be so cute?

"Hold on to me, Madara." He told the boy, slipping his hand into Madara's much smaller one. The Uchiha looked up at his sitter, confused by the action. When Tobi saw the look on Madara's face, he explained, "You don't want to get lost in a place as busy as this." "I won't get lost..." the younger pouted. "I'm a ninja. I can handle myself."

They stopped from stall to stall, buying items from vegetables, fruits, rice and other things. But in every shop they visited, there was one question every salesman asked. "Are those kids yours?" Honestly, he didn't have any idea why people asked those things. Madara and Izuna looked nothing like him, save for the skin color which was almost alike but a few shades paler than his own.

"I swear… If one more person asks if you two are mine, I am so gonna-" "Tobi-kun?" a sweet voice asked from behind, which made him of course, turn around. "Ah… Akira-chan…" he slightly blushed, smiling at the kunoichi in front of him. Madara looked up to the stranger the Senju was talking to. "Wow. She's pretty." He whispered to himself.

She was indeed a beauty. With a very curvy figure, short dark brown hair, fair skin and honey golden eyes, she was the only female to ever catch Tobirama's eye. "I didn't expect you to be here in the market…" "Uhh, Nii-sama's away on a mission which leaves me no choice but to do the housework on my own…" "Oh, Tobi-kun, you're so responsible!" A wave of being flattered overwhelmed Tobirama.

Madara took his chance. He gently slipped his hand out from his sitter's and went off to explore the rest of the market.

"Speaking of being responsible, whose baby is that?" Akira said, pointing to little Izuna wrapped in his blue blanket. "Oh, him? I'm just babysitting him while another relative is out somewhere in another country." He lied rather confidently as if speaking the truth. "Aww… so cute! Can I hold him?" She said, holding her arms out expectantly. "Oh, sure." Tobi handed Izuna over Akira and she cradled him gently, stroking the baby's black hair and little Izuna giggled in response. He couldn't help but smile at the scene in front of him but then he realized something that should've been in one of his hands had gone.

"Where the hell?" He exclaimed, looking around. "What's the matter, Tobi-kun?" Akira asked, noticing Tobirama's frightened expression. "Did you see another kid standing by me?" "Uhh… No, sorry. You mean there are two kids you are taking care of?" "Yes. The other one's the baby's older brother to be exact. He's only 6 years old and I lost him! OMG, Nii-sama's gonna kill me if he finds out about this!"

"I'll help you find him." Akira offered. "Really?" Tobirama asked and Akira nodded. "Let's go!"