14 Wishes for a New Life!

By Leila Michaels

Profile: Leila Michaels

Age: 13

Birthday: May 25, 1997

Brown hair, blue eyes,

Likes: sushi, boys, sports, TV, phone, email, friends

Dislikes: Daria & her posse, teachers, sunburn, bugs, camping

Dating Status: Nope, Singleā€¦.for now!

Nicknames: Jordan, Lilypad, Alexandra, Alex, Lexi

Quote of the Day: A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. - Leo Buscaglia

School: Plus Preparatory Middle School


Ariella (Cheeto) Andrea (Andy) Isabella (Izzy)

Shay (Shay-Shay) Elise (Aqua)

Chapter 1

After a long week on a cruise around the Caribbean, chasing my little brother around the sky deck, and making sure I finished everything for school, I was a little happy to be home and as we drove home from the airport, I imagined my new life as and 8th grader. As soon as we got home, I said goodnight to my parents, helped them bring the bags in, and promised to unpack after my first day of school. I jumped into bed and soon drifted off into dreams of Mike and my friends.

"Leila Alexis Michaels! Wake up this instant or you will be late for your first day of school!" was the first thing I heard when I woke up. When I looked at the clock, it read 8:17 and the bus leaves at 8: 45! I had less than thirty minutes to take a shower, eat breakfast, and get my backpack ready for my first day of 8th grade. As I jumped out of bed, I called to my stepmother, "I'll be down in just a minute."

As I air-dry my long brown hair, I pick out my favorite new school outfit, my black beret from a Paris trip, black leggings and a vest, blue converse and a blue tunic, and a blue jean skirt. I adjust my beret and run down the stairs and pack my new backpack with the locker essentials. As I eat my bowl of Frilly Curls, I imagine my new life as an 8th grader. I think about my list of fourteen wishes for my 14th birthday taped on the inside of my closet door.

My list goes a little something like this:

I want to get the most popular boy, Mike, as my boyfriend

A room makeover

5 thousand dollars in cash

Be on my favorite radio station

Have my song I Do Love You Still recorded

Be on my favorite TV show, L.A. Scribes

A new phone

Be the most popular girl in school

Get straight A's all year

Make my parents actually understand me

To be able to get my permit early and pass To

have the best birthday party in the world

Have a new laptop

Get a sea mist blue porche

If each of those things came true, I would have the best life in the world. I thought about my healthy life three weeks ago at sleep away camp. We ate lots of healthy foods, and it tried to help us make good habits. Sure like that would ever happen! My parents sent me lots of candy and snacks. As I finished my Frillys, I heard the old, yellow, rickety bus pull up next to the curb. I said goodbye to my parents, my baby brother, James, and ran outside to the bus to begin a new life as an 8th grader.