Title: Because You're Always Right

Authors: Takada Saiko & Gabrielle Day

Disclaimer: Yeah, we don't own them. We don't own much, but if CBS or USA would like to hire us, we're game.

Note: So I'm an old-school TV-show junkie and when I found out they were remaking Hawaii Five-O and love, love, love the remake. So what is my next step? Suck Takada Saiko into it, of course. :D Plan win. Since we're only two episodes into the first season, we thought we'd do some one-shots, of which this is the first. Please read, enjoy, and review!

"I am frequently not on boats." Danny said flatly, glaring at Steve who was standing twenty feet away near the middle of the boat. Steve glared back, whether at him or the man holding a gun to his head, Dan couldn't tell. He shifted uncomfortably and took a quick glance at the water rushing by them.

"What?" Steve asked.

"I told you I didn't like boats." Dan said.

"No, you said you don't like swimming. You never said anything about the boat."

"I say I don't like swimming which would imply that I am probably not crazy about large bodies of water and what do you want to do? Chase the suspect onto a boat. Guess where boats are usually located? Where we are now! In the middle of a large body of water on a boat!"

Steve gave a minimal shrug so as not to throw off his aim. "As long as you don't hit the water we're fine. Adams! Let him go!" Steve demanded.

Dan tried to remember how they'd gotten into this situation. It'd been a typical day - too hot, too much sand, too beachy - when the case had crossed their desks. Arms dealing. It always had to be something. Arms dealing he could handle, but arms dealing on boats he'd told Steve he could go by himself. Of course, he hadn't actually sent Steve off by himself because Steve was a magnet for trouble.

The fact that he was too he pushed off on the idea that his partner attracted it first and he was just along for the ride. Therefore, all of this was Steve's fault.

He shifted in his captor's grip. "You could shoot him, you know. That's typically what you do when you hold a gun on someone."

He paused and glanced back ever so slightly to the dealer behind him. "That's not an invitation."

"Would the both of you shut up?" Adams snapped. "McGarrett put your gun down and I might not blow the head off your little friend here."

"You know that's not going to happen, Adams. You're not going to shoot him, and I am not going to put my gun down. If you tell your guy to stop the boat now and come in with us, we might be able to cut you a deal. I know that you're working with someone else. Give him up and we'll what we can do."

The dealer rolled his eyes. "You guys beginners at this? Is this the part where you expect me to cry big tears and confess and give up my evil ways? Screw that."

"Well you don't have to confess. We already found the guns." Dan said.

Steve shot him a look.

"What? I'm just sayin'."

"Do you not realize that I have a gun to your head?" Adams growled, roughly indicating with the barrel against Danny's skull.

"You know, I knew something was off. Thanks. Steve, shoot him!"

And then Steve gave that look. That one that Dan had come to know well in the very short - and getting shorter all the time - partnership that the two men shared. It was that look that told Dan: he's about to do something crazy.

The driver had done his best up until this point to continue on as his boss had instructed him. He had no weapon to speak of, and looked highly uncomfortable by the drawn ones around him.

Steve moved faster than any of the other men could follow. The gun dropped, he had his hands on the driver and launched him up and over the side before the man knew what was happening. The boat swerved, throwing him and the others to the side. Steve's gun was up and he fired, hitting the arms dealer. In the same instant the former Seal grabbed at the wheel.

"See, Danny? Everything under control," he called over the waves and the wind. He looked back, eyes searching. "Danny?"

In the instant the boat had jerked, the dealer shoved Dan away from him to keep the added weight from sending him over the edge. With the added momentum of the boat, Dan didn't have a chance and was catapulted towards the edge of the boat and into the water.

The first time his head broke the surface, it was a stroke of luck. He gasped and sucked in a deep breath of air, eyes focusing on the boat that was quickly speeding away. While he was focused on the boat and cursing Steve's idea of a plan, he was fine.

In the split second he focused on the water, he was finished.

He felt instantly disconnected from his limbs and like the whole ocean wanted to swallow him at once. He floundered for a moment before disappearing beneath the surf.

Steve turned the boat around and brought it to the halt. He ran to the front and scanned the ocean. At first he saw nothing and he balled his hands into fists so tight his knuckles turned white.

"Come on, Dano, come on..."

He saw what he needed to. He took a running start and dived off the boat.

Everything was pulling him downward and Danny couldn't seem to fight it anymore. Exhaustion tugged him towards the depths and he felt the world around him fading. He couldn't breathe, couldn't see, and couldn't hear anything other than the frantic beating of his own pulse in his ears around the crashing waves. He mentally whispered his apologies to Grace as he slipped and as everything faded to black he thought, just maybe, that he felt a slight tug upward.

Steve kicked towards the surface, one arm tight around his partner's middle. Danny had once told him he was glad Steve had no fear of anything, but if Danny could be in his mind at this moment he would know that it was far, far from the truth. It hadn't seemed like a long time between the boat and getting to his partner, but then he hadn't been the one underwater for the duration.

Steve broke the surface and hoisted Danny up against him to make sure he cleared as well.

"Danny? Danny!" Steve placed his fingers against Dan's neck, cursing softly as he fumbled to find a pulse, both the water and his trembling fingers making it difficult.

But it was there.


The other man was slack against him as he struggled the way back to the boat. The waves slammed against them and he grabbed for the decking off the back. After several tries he hauled both of them up onto the boat and laid his partner out on the back seating, completely ignoring the dead body of their arms dealer. He leaned closer, listening and feeling for breath. None came.

"Danny!" he hissed, pushing hard against the blonde's chest.

Once, twice, with no response. Finally Danny made a choking sound and coughed up water, his blue eyes fluttering open.

Steve briefly touched his face and put his had back on Danny's chest to make sure his pulse was steady. "Hey. You with me?"

Danny patted his arm and took a couple of deep breaths. He laid his head back on the seat and shut his eyes. Steve was about to tell him to keep his eyes open when his partner looked at him again.

"That...that was your plan?" Danny rasped.

"Well, you going off the side of the boat wasn't part of it. That's where the plan failed."

"What the hell?" Danny grumbled. "I get thrown into the ocean and nearly drown and it's my fault?"

"You didn't hit your head did you?" Steve asked as he reached forward, checking his partner's head.

Danny waved him off, half slapping his hand. "No."

"So you can't swim, can you?" Steve pushed Danny's hands away and ran his fingers along his scalp.

"Oh, very good, Lieutenant Commander. Did that take all your detective skills or did you think I just wanted to drown myself in the face of your consistently life threatening and fool hardy plans? And I thought we agreed that I would get some sort of warning, you know, to let me know that you were about to take out the driver of the boat that is on the large body of water that I can't swim in?"

Steve, satisfied that Danny had no cuts or bumps, left one hand tangled in the blonde curls. "You took in a lot of ocean water. You probably shouldn't talk so much."

"Whose fault is that?" Danny growled, the words fading off into a coughing fit. Steve supported his shoulders until it was over.

Steve leaned closer to him.

"Never would I want anything bad to happen to you, nor would I purposefully let you get hurt." He squeezed Danny's arms and patted his back as he stood.

Danny half turned his head to look up at him. "Steve..."

"You know how to drive this thing or what? This body isn't going to keep for long."

"Why the hell would I know how to drive a boat? And you're the one who shot him! Go find the driver and pick him up. Unless he drowned."

Steve scanned the water and saw a figure bobbing in the near distance. "Nah. You're the only one in Hawaii who doesn't' know how to swim. We'll pick him up, question him, and then..."

"Don't you even say it."

"Then you can book him, Dano."