East High School

April 13, 2010

1:51 PM

Troy: I will spend my whole summer with you and no one else.

I promise.

Gabriella: Ok. You better keep your promise.

Troy: Don't worry. I will.

Lava Springs

June 18, 2010

12:13 PM

Gabriella: Hey.

Troy: Hey Gabby. Dinner tonight at eight?

Gabriella: I don't know..

Troy: Why not?

Gabriella: Remember last time? Sharpay is always trying to ruin

Something that we plan together.

Troy: Not this time.

Gabriella: Fine.

Golf Course

June 18, 2010

2:15 PM

Sharpay: So, I was thinking about you participating in the

talent show..

Troy: I don't know..maybe.

Sharpay: whoever wins gets a record deal!

Troy: wooow.

Sharpay: you should do it. Since you have a great voice.

Troy: thanks. *smiles*

At the pool

June 18, 2010

8:00 PM

Taylor: hey.

Gabriella: hey.

Taylor: where's Troy? I thought you two had a date tonight.

Gabriella: we do.

Taylor: he's late?

Gabriella: I guess.. but it wasn't like an official date or something.

Taylor: all dates are official.

Gabriella: I think he'll come.

Taylor: I gotta tell you something.

Gabriella: I'm listening.

Taylor: Troy had "it" with Sharpay last night

To be continued..