At the pool

June 18, 2010

9:10 PM

Gabriella: *sits by the pool*

Troy: *jumps in the pool* hey! I'm so sorry I'm late.

Gabriella: *stands up* doesn't matter.. *starts to leave*

Troy: *catches up to her* Gabby, what's wrong?

Gabriella: like you don't know..

Troy: I don't. Please tell me.

Gabriella: *sighs* Taylor told me you had "it" with Sharpay.

Troy: oohh..

Gabriella: yeah. So, is it true?

Troy: uuhh- yeah- I'm so sorry.

Gabriella: what's wrong with you?

Troy: I'm so sorry. Please. One thing led to another.

Gabriella: yeah, I know you are. But I can't forgive you.

Troy: no, please. It was a mistake-

Gabriella: *ignores him and leaves*

At the golf course

June 19, 2010

1:10 PM

Sharpay: what do you mean your leaving?

Troy: Did I stutter?

Sharpay: You can't! But the talent show and-

Troy: too bad.

Sharpay: what about me?

Troy: what about you? I made a mistake. You can't tell me if I'm staying or not

cause I'm not. *leaves*

Resturaunt's kitchen

June 20, 2010

7:16 PM

Chad: hey. What's up?

Troy: I-It's Gabriella. She left. I need your help finding her.

Chad: call her.

Troy: I tried. I went to her house and no one was there.

Chad: alright. I'll help.

Troy's room

June 20, 2010

8:38 PM

Mr. Bolton: *comes in* you ok?

Troy: *mumbles* no.

Mr. Bolton: *gives him the newspaper* Sorry…

Troy *looks at it*

Daily News

Gabriella Montez missing!