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"Marian (Change's human name), keep pushing! You're almost there!" The nurse called. The woman in labor grunted as the contractions continued. Her husband waited outside. He was a Void Sprite, one of the magical beings that were quickly disappearing from the face of Earth. Void Sprites were the rarest of all sprites; one appearing every century only if it was needed in some way.

"I-I'm trying!" Marian/Change muttered. She was glad that her previous reincarnations had all been male, as she would not want to wish this pain upon anyone again. After a few more struggling contractions, a bloody form was revealed. The nurse immediately hung it upside down and spanked it. The baby began to wail. Satisfied that the baby was breathing, the nurse turned to leave.

"Boy or Girl?" Thomas asked as the nurse bustled by.

"Oh, it's definitely a boy." The nurse said. She cleaned up the baby and put him in the incubator. He was a most curious-looking child. His upper body was most definitely human, but his legs were hideously deformed and looked like bird's feet. Also, there were two small flaps of skin extending from his back, but those could be removed without too much trouble, she hoped.

Marian and Thomas smiled at each other.

"I can't believe we actually had a child. We tried for so many years…" Marian said as she remembered watching other women and their children enviously.

"I know. We were almost going to just give up and try to adopt one." Thomas replied. "But God must have taken pity on us."

"Yes, that must be it." Marian said. She yawned, exhausted. Labor was such a long, strenuous process. She couldn't understand why women would want to have more than one child. And pregnancy itself was no picnic either.

"You're tired, so I'll let you rest." Thomas said as he left. He was lucky; Void sprites resembled humans, more than any other sprites. He could pass for a human, unless you noticed the aura of sheer emptiness that hung around him. Marian had been his light in the darkness. He had admitted that he wasn't human after they had married, but to his surprise and happiness, she hadn't rejected him.

Change watched as he left. The nurse came in, wheeling the incubator. Change glanced at the child and frowned. All her other children had been birds. Why was this one so different?

"… And the skin flaps may be removed, but his legs will stay deformed no matter what we do." The nurse finished.

Change looked carefully at him again. She saw now that he had the beginnings of wings, without the feathers yet, while his 'deformed legs' were actually bird's talons. She smiled. At least he would look like a bird when he was full-grown.

"Marian? What should we do?" Thomas asked frantically.


"I mean, look at him! He's hideous! I cannot believe that he is my child! There must have been a mistake somewhere! He looks like a hybrid between bird and man! And those are evil creatures!" Thomas shouted.

"Why should we do anything?" Change asked. Her mild brown eyes were suddenly glowing with an inner flame. Thomas noticed this and stepped back a little.

"Now darling, I'm not saying that it's your fault-."

"How can you talk like that? He's our child for goodness' sake! It's not his fault he was born this way!" Change shouted.

The nurse left, not wanting to witness an argument.

Change continued to rant, growing steadily more violent. Thomas was forced to call upon his rarely used powers to try and subdue her.

Change growled and used her own power to lash out.


Thomas winced. "You never told me you were a sprite!" he muttered as he rubbed as his burnt arm.

"I'm not. I'm a pokémon."

Thomas stared in disbelief. "WHAT?!"

Change let off a high-pitched shriek. Thomas could only watch in mingled horror and surprise as the legendary birds appeared in flashes of light.

"Yes, father?" Several voices asked.

"Father?! You're a girl now?"

"I was a guy. Until I was reborn as a woman." Change muttered. * Should have gone for a nice nymph or something. *

Change closed her eyes and reverted back into her bird form. Thomas found himself staring at a rainbow-colored phoenix.

"Oh my god…"

"I've never had much luck with spouses." Change remarked. "Kill him."

Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno took their positions. Phoenix, Thunderclap, and Honou followed them.

Thomas desperate threw all his energy into an Element Barrier.

Moltres lashed out with her Flamethrower attack, Articuno with her Blizzard attack, and Zapdos with his Thunder.

The tri-attack split the Element Barrier. Thomas gasped and started opening a Black Hole.

Phoenix threw out her Flaming Thunder, Thunderclap with her Hydro Thunder, and Honou with his Rainbow Beam.

Thomas was vaporized by the attacks.

The nurse chose this time to come in. She fainted dead away.

The birds gathered around Change, offering comfort.

"Thank you." Change said gratefully. She picked Ash up. Ash cooed.

Wait. A telepathic voice spoke. Change looked up and saw Serebi there, followed by several other legendary pokémon.

We must give him his gifts.

"Gifts?" Change asked.

You will have to leave him. In order to ensure that he survives and will come into power, we are blessing him. Lugia explained.

"I will have to leave…"

You will be reborn. Mew said. He needs care, but none of us will be able to provide that without attracting undue attention. I will find foster parents for him.

"All right…" Change said.

I will go first. Serebi said. I am the oldest of all here. I know the past, present, and future. Time has no meaning for me. I travel it at will. The Staff of Paradox appeared in her hand. She took it in both hands and held it over Destiny's body. He giggled and reached up to touch it.

I give you the gift of foresight. You will able to see your future, the paths which you may take, to make your choices easier. Serebi said. You will also bear the burden of hindsight, to feel regret for your choices. This alone you possess of all the legendaries. Blue-green light washed over Destiny's body, as he gurgled.

We are next. Spirita and Spiritis chorused together. The Wreath of Scales floated between them. You will be a child of balance. Fire and water, earth and air, all will exist, but you will remain neutral. Neither side, neither light nor dark, shall conquer you. Purple and yellow light mixed together washed over his body. He sighed.

I am a phoenix. Moltres said as she stepped forwards. I give you the power of regeneration. For phoenixes rise from their ashes and are reborn. Gray dust floated down from the sky onto Destiny's body and was absorbed.

My power comes from the storm. Zapdos stated. I give you the power of storm. Storms are deadly, but there is calm within them. Your power shall wax and wane with your emotions, and the seasons will help you. There was a bright flash of lightning as Destiny started to cry. Change glared at Zapdos.

And that was supposed to help? She asked coldly. Zapdos shrugged.

I will go next. Thunderclap interrupted, breaking up the argument, since Zapdos was her child after all. The storms are terrifying, true, but they wash the earth clean. I grant you the power of purification. Blue and gold light washed over his body in waves and he stopped wailing.

Change looked at Thunderclap and Zapdos. * Oh yes, I forgot. Thunderclap is Zapdos' mother. * She reminded herself.

You must not let your emotions control your actions. Articuno stated as she stepped up. The feelings within your heart are powerful, but if you act on them, they will destroy you. I grant you the same gift that was granted me – you will never feel the pain of love or the sting of rejection. Powdery snow accompanied this pronouncement. Articuno stepped back and waited.

Of all the pokémon, dragons are the rarest and the most powerful. Lugia told Destiny. You are too young now to understand this, but when you are older you will comprehend it. I give you the gift of friendship. Pokémon will be drawn to you, and you will be their friend. You will build strong bonds of friendship, and it will help you. I present you the first of your friends. With that, Lugia closed her eyes and a Dratini appeared. Destiny hugged it.

You gave him friendship?! Change asked.

He should not be alone. Lugia retorted.

Honou cleared his throat. Ahem. I believe I am next?

Go ahead.

You will be powerful, as Spirita and Spiritis said. The elements will come to you, and create an element of your own. Rainbows only come after rainstorms. Honou finished. There was a bright flash of multicolored light.

Change stood up. She kissed Destiny's forehead, before she disappeared from view. The legendaries dispersed.

The nurse woke up. Mew quickly picked up Destiny and teleported away.

The nurse took two aspirin for her terrible headache.

We will take care of him. Elementeon offered. Us eevelutions could do it.

Okay! Mew said. She gave Destiny to Flareon.

Flareon took Destiny back to the cave of the eevelutions. And that is where Destiny grew up. The Dratini was left in Lugia's care.

Charm! Destiny said, making his opponent – an Eevee stop attacking him – for three minutes.

Bite! Eevee said, as it finally launched itself at Destiny.

Light Screen!


Destiny rubbed his eyes. He couldn't see anything. Uh… Double Kick!

Ouch. Take Down! The Eevee rammed into Destiny's side, making him faint.

Easy, Eevee. He's just a child. Espeon said.


It's okay. I can heal him. Espeon said. She used Morning Sun on Destiny to get him to wake up.

Destiny giggled.

Espeon licked his face. Come on, little one. It is time for dinner.

Are we having fish again?



Mew smiled happily. It had been six weeks since Destiny had gone to live with the eevelutions. They had accepted him readily. He probably thought he was an eevelution himself. Not that that was a bad thing, but still…

Two years passed…

Destiny and three eevees raced through the meadows, following Umbreon, who was teaching them how to hunt Rattatas.

Now remember, children. You have to break the Rattata's neck with the first blow, otherwise they will bite you, and that would be bad. Umbreon instructed.

Okay! Four voices chorused. They split into pairs of two. Destiny was paired with Sunny, a three-year old Eevee who wanted to evolve into a Jolteon.

Do you see any yet?

Nope. Destiny looked into the grass again. He sighed. Shouldn't Rattatas be easy to see if they're purple?

Yeah. I know. Sunny said. There was a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. Shh. There's one over there.

Grr! Sunny shouted as she pounced on the Rattata. However, she didn't pounce hard enough and it bit her leg.

Ouch! Sunny cried.

Bite! Destiny said as he killed the Rattata. Sunny looked relieved.

They split the Rattata and ate it. Umbreon came back a while later.

So, did you catch any? The Rattata seem to be pretty scarce this year.

Yeah, we got one. Sunny said.

That's good. Umbreon told them. When it finally got dark they had caught two more Rattata. Umbreon led them home and went out to hunt on its own.

That night…

Destiny, what do you want to evolve into? Jasper asked. He was a Flareon who had just evolved.

I don't know. I would probably want to be an Espeon. Destiny confessed.

Cool! Personally, I think fire is cooler, but hey, its' your loss.

Yeah. I know. Destiny looked up at the stars. I might want to be an Umbreon, though.

Well, the evolution ceremony occurs when you're five. You still have two years to decide.

Aren't the stars pretty tonight? Destiny asked, hurriedly changing the subject.

Uh-hmm Jasper agreed.

A couple of days later…

Hey Destiny! Let's go fishing! Sunny said.

Coming! Destiny said. He and Sunny ran towards the stream. There were plenty of fish there. It was very difficult to grab them, though.

Got one! Sunny cheered seven minutes later. In her mouth was a fat, flopping trout.

You're better at this than I am. Destiny sighed. He came up with a mouthful of pondweed and blanched.

You have to wait until the fish is directly under you. That's when you jump.


Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. Sunny reassured him.

I can only hope. Destiny muttered as he came up with another mouthful of mud.

Sunny laughed. You look like a mud monster!

Destiny scowled, but soon started laughing also.

Mew smiled. It had been a good idea for him to stay with the Eevees.

Two years later…

We are gathered here today to celebrate the coming of age ceremony. Elementeon said. Destiny, please step forward.

Destiny nervously walked up. He glanced at the many legendary eevees, one for each type. Mixeon, the fire/water one, Flareolteon, the fire/water/electric one, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Blossomeon (grass), Morpheon (psychic), Phantasmeon (ghost), and Elementeon, the most powerful type of them all. Rainbow.

Um, hi. Destiny managed to stammer out.

You are old enough to understand what has been hidden away from you for so long. Morpheon spoke. Destiny blinked.


An Espeon and an Umbreon walked out, each carrying a stone in their mouth.

We are ready. Blossomeon spoke.

The 11-eevee evolutions, plus the leader of the Eevees who did not wish to evolve, sat around Ash in a circle.

Light beyond darkness, darkness beyond light, Undo these wrongs and make them right! Fire and water, wind and earth, darkness and psychic, joy and mirth. Grass and poison, ghost and light, normal and fighting, lightning and flight. Elements combine, elements merge, the power of rainbow shall now emerge!

Destiny stared as multiple strands of colored energy wrapped around his body. White wings sprouted from his back, as white feathers covered his thighs and his lower legs changed into bird's talons. Feathery fringes appeared around his black hair while several long white tail feathers appeared also.

Some of the assembled eevees gasped.

Mew appeared. Destiny. You have your powers now, but it would be better for you if you learned about the world of humans for now. Come with me. She extended a paw and Destiny took it.

Good-bye! Sunny and Jasper cried, along with some other young eevees.

Good-bye! Destiny replied, before Mew teleported them away.

Destiny found himself in a cave. They were underwater! He started panicking, but then he noticed that he was breathing normally and that he was inside a small clear bubble.

LUGIA! Mew called.

A majestic white/dark blue dragon rose from the shadowy cave, followed by a Dratini.

Yes, Mew. Oh! You have brought him here. Lugia said.

I know. I have to come to take him back to the human world. He has much to learn.

Very well. We will watch over him, never fear. Storm will accompany him. Lugia indicated the Dratini.

Kay, let's go. Mew said. Destiny climbed onto Storm's back. He turned back into a rather regular-looking human.

Hi, Storm. I'm Destiny.

I know who you are. Storm said, smiling. We'll have plenty of time to try and get to know each other.

Let's be friends. Ash said. They shook fins/hands.

Ahem. Mew said. The three of them continued on their journey.

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