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Part 4: What happened at the beach

            "Yay! We're going to the beach today!" Ash said happily, doing a little dance on the floor of his room. Sunny blinked blearily at him.

            Ash! It's three in the morning! I am trying to sleep here! Sunny scolded him. She yawned, wondering if Delilah was up yet. Apparently not, since faint snores could still be heard from the other bedroom.

            "Sorry." Ash apologized. "I know we're not leaving until eight, but I was so excited that I couldn't sleep!"

            Sunny shrugged and lightly shocked him, causing him to fall asleep. At precisely seven fifteen the alarm clock rang, waking both the person and the pokemon. Ash quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth, before changing into jean shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt. Sunny sat still as Ash washed her face also, before both of them headed downstairs.

            The aroma of pancakes filled the air. Ash sat down at the table, with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other, ready to devour the pancakes the instant they came out of the frying pan. Sunny sat next to Ash's chair. She had already finished the bowl of poke chow Delilah had set out for her, and was waiting for some pancakes. Ash usually gave her some of his meals.

            "Good morning, dear." Delilah said, sliding a tall stack of pancakes drizzling with butter and maple syrup in front of Ash. "Did you sleep well?"

            "Too excited." Ash admitted. He began cutting the pancakes into eighths and shoving them into his mouth piece by piece. Sunny butted his leg to remind him that she wanted some too. When Delilah's back was turned, Ash slipped Sunny a pancake. Sunny licked his hand in thanks and began chewing delicately.

            "Can I put some whipped cream on mine?"

            "Go ahead." Delilah said, handing him the Reddy-Whip. Ash squirted a generous amount onto his pancakes and happily ate. A while later, when all the pancakes were done, Delilah packed a picnic lunch for them, changed into her swimsuit, and started the car… Soon, they were at the beach.

            "Let's go swimming!" Ash said, dragging Sunny behind him. Sunny shrugged. Delilah laughed as she began setting up the towels and her umbrella.

            "I'll call you when lunch is ready!"

            "Okay, mom!" Ash said. He and Sunny dashed into the surf, scattering water droplets left and right as they splashed and played in the water. As time passed, their caution lessened and they swam out into deeper water.

            "This is fun!" Ash said, treading water. Sunny nodded as she dog-paddled next to him. The water was so cool and refreshing.

            However, they were so busy playing, that neither one noticed that the current was pulling them farther and farther from shore. When Ash finally noticed, he could barely see the beach.

            "Yikes! Sunny, we have to swim back now!" He said.

            Sunny was about to pout when she noticed how far out they were. You're right! Let's start swimming back now!

            The two of them began swimming back towards the beach, but the current was very strong and they were starting to get tired. Or at least Ash was. Finally, his body could not take it any more. He started to sink.

            Sunny panicked. She began to try and drag him to shore, but he was too heavy.

            Help! Mew, somebody! This is an emergency! She called.

            Lugia looked up from her T.V., where she was watching Drake, the Orange Island Champion, battle a challenger with his Dragonite.

            What is it?   She asked. She could feel turbulence in the seas, coursing through her body, but it didn't bother her.

            This is Sunny! Ash, I mean Destiny, he's about to drown! Sunny said.

            WHAT?! Lugia asked. Where are you? I'll send a pokemon to rescue him. How could you let this happen?

            Sunny burst into tears. None of us knew! We were swimming and suddenly he just seemed to run out of energy!

            I'm dispatching a team of Dewgongs to find you now. Lugia said. I hope we're not too late…

            A few minutes later, a Dewgong surfaced next to the frantic Jolteon. Where is he?

            Sunny pointed to the spot where he had been a few seconds ago. The Dewgong fished around for a few precious moments before coming out with Destiny on his back. Sunny followed them and they swam to shore.

            Is he okay? Sunny asked anxiously. He was so pale and lifeless! Would he really be all right?

            The Dewgong was silent. I'm not sure. We may be too late. Humans cannot breathe underwater, and in this form…

            Anything else Sunny would have said was halted when Ash's body burst into flames.

            Oh no! Sunny said, as she backed away. You have to put him out or something! He's going to burn up!

            No, he will be okay.

            What do you mean? Sunny demanded.

            The Dewgong laughed, his rich crescending tones cascading over poor Sunny. Don't you understand? That was his gift from Moltres! The power of rebirth! After all, accidents happen, and if he died this easily, what good would it do to the world?

            Oh! Sunny's eyes went wide. Soon enough, when the smoke and flames had died away, Ash sat there, looking quite surprised, but quite wholly alive.

            Ash rubbed his eyes. Sunny bounded over and began licking his face. The Dewgong smiled, before jumping into the water and swimming off. Good-bye, guardian. And mind that you keep a closer eye on him from now on!

            I will! Sunny promised. Then, she noticed that Ash had lost his swimming trunks in the rebirth process. She frowned, humans disliked nudity for some obscure reason, and it wouldn't be good to lead him to his mother like this.

            Fortunately, Sunny was a very resourceful Jolteon. She bounded over to an abandoned beach umbrella. Within minutes, Ash had been wrapped in an appropriated, dark blue terry-cloth towel with some wet sand stuck to the outside.

            "Where are my swimming trunks?" Ash finally asked.

            Sunny shrugged. I think they fell off while we were swimming. Too loose, I guess.

            "Okay, I'll tell mom." Ash said. "But right now, let's go get lunch!" He set off towards Delilah's umbrella. Sunny followed.

            Thanks, Lugia.

            No problem. Just try to keep a closer eye on him next time! Lugia replied. It is lucky he can be reborn, otherwise, humankind would be severely doomed.

            I know. I'll do a better job from now on, I promise! Sunny said, before she sat down next to Ash and began eyeing lunch intently.

            Yes, don't worry, Mewtwo won't revoke your license just yet. He'll understand how it was inevitable. Good luck in the future! And with that, Lugia ended the conversation and turned back to her exciting pokemon match.

            Delilah laughed when Ash told her how he had lost his shorts. "Don't worry dear, these things happen. But it is rather amusing!"

            Ash blushed. "Well, I guess." Sunny nibbled on her portion of the tuna fish sandwich. Ash was so innocent and cute! He wasn't even aware that he had died. At least that made him easier to take care of.

            Yes, she would pay much more attention from now on. After all, school would start soon, and he would need her protection.

End part 4!

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