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So some of you people may remember that I posted a story called 'Undecided Story' some time ago with three ideas I had for a story. Most of you voted for the second choice and then the 3rd then 1st. This story I just updated is actually the 1st option. Though most of you voted the 2nd option, I'm also going to be working on that story as well. But for right now, I'll be updating more chapters on this story! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Also, just as a note, this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best!

Summary: In the 21st century, 14 year old Ciel Collins leads a pretty normal teenage life, until he starts to have reoccurring dreams of his past life in England. But what happens when he gets kidnapped by a certain demon and is taken back to England? Who is this mysterious person and what does he want with Ciel?


It was Saturday morning, around 10:00 a.m. The sun had taken its place in the light blue, cloudless sky. There were kids playing in the nearby park; swinging on the wings, sliding down the slides and playing hop skotch. The adults sat on a bench, cheerfully watching their children, so full of energy on such a bright morning, while conversing amongst themselves on various adult-related topics. The birds chirped and chased each other around the calm and peaceful atmosphere until…..

"CIEL! WAKE UP HONEY!", exclaimed a high-pitched female voice.

It came from a mansion located on top of a high elevated hill, secluded from the rest of the town of Morrisville, North Carolina. The mansion was a deep blue color, like that of the night sky. In the front yard, there were flowers of various kinds disseminating across the whole entire landscape; ranging from daffodils, tulips, petunias, and red, white and peach-colored roses. Directly in front of the mansion, there were two staircases on either side, with flawless marble steps glittering in the sun, leading up to the grand entrance. In between the stairs laid a magnificent fountain of a breath-taking mermaid sitting upon a rock with a crown of roses adorning her head.

Poking his head out of his blankets, a young 14-year old, who went by the name of Ciel Collins peered around his room, taking in his familiar surroundings. On the far side of the room, across from the door, there was his king-sized bed, with scarlet bed coverings and navy blue bed drapes. On the left side of his bed laid his night stand, with his navy blue table cloth, a deep red-colored lamp along with his navy blue cellphone currently beeping signaling it was out of battery. To the left of the night table laid his desk. Homework assignments were scattered about that there was no part of the desk that was visible. His laptop lay atop the sea of papers with another scarlet-colored lamp to its right and binders stacked up on its left.

Groaning, Ciel lifted himself off his bed with his elbows and glared at his overly obnoxious mother who was now pulling back his Navy Blue curtains to let the overwhelming sun shine through.

"Ah, Ciel, Good Morning honey! How did you sleep last night?" his mother asked, her chocolate brown sparkling with delight to see her adorable son just waking from his slumber, along with a smile stretching from ear-to-ear.

"…It was good, I suppose," Ciel groaned, being grumpy and pissed off at his mother for waking him up so early in the morning, to him at least, when he had the intentions of sleeping in.

"Yay! You've no idea how happy that makes me sweetie! Did you have any special dreams?" his mother asked a little over-enthusiastically. After hearing this, a slight tint of pink slowly made its way across Ciel's face. How does she know about the dream? Wait, what am I talking about….of course she wouldn't know, its not like she's psychic.

"...Mom, I'm 14 years old. I'm much too old to be having dreams. Surely you didn't think that I would?"

"Ciel~ You're never too old to have dreams! You can have dreams about your friends, your future, your past, handsome young me-."

"MOM!" Ciel exclaimed a little too loudly.He started glaring daggers at his mother, signaling for her to keep quiet. Ciel's mother looks startled, as if she had just seen a ghost. Really, did she have to go that far? It's none of her business what I dream about. On top of that, it most certainly doesn't help that she was right on the spot.

"As I've told you before mother I am much too old to be having dreams. And even if I did, it's most definitely none of your business what I dream about," Ciel said with a furious tone, one that said that this discussion had no room for any argument.

"Ciel….," his mother said with a downcast look. But it was quickly replaced by an overjoyed look as if she'd just won the lottery.

"That's fine! You don't have to tell me you don't want to. I'm preparing breakfast right now, so get ready and be down within the next 15 minutes okay?"

"Sure, whatever," Ciel said, with a get-the-hell-out-of-my-room look directed towards his mother, who was now walking towards the door and closing it shut, but not before looking back at her son and flashing another smile.

"I swear that woman is on drugs cause there is no other person I know who is as delirious as she is." Ciel insinuated to himself. Pulling himself out of the comfort of his bed, he made his way towards his bathroom. Viewing himself in the mirror, he absorbed the results of himself after 11 hours of deep sleeping. His midnight blue hair was ruffled as if someone had just given him a noogie. His smooth porcelain skin devoid of any signs of aging, although he gave off a mature and sophisticated look. Standing at a mere 5'3", he gazed at the mirror, with his deep blue eyes staring back at himself. Thinking back to his dream the night before, a noticeable blush spread across his soft white skin.

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