Carly nervously peeked around the corner of a hallway at school, checking to see if the coast was clear.

Tip toeing across the hall, she ran for the stairs, but not before someone leaned out an tripped her, causing her to fly headlong down the stairs with a muffled groan.

In an effort to get away from everyone, she had tried to get to school early so that people couldn't tease her about the issues that had come up over the weekend.

Obviously, that didn't work, since she was now falling down the stairs.

That weekend, Shannon had a birthday sleepover at her place, and practically every girl in the school was invited.

Carly and Sam went, only because Shannon had given them both birthday gifts, so they felt obligated to go to the slumber party.

While they were there, of course, there were the normal games, including truth-or-dare. That's when things went downhill.

Not wanting to be made to do anything stupid, Carly chose truth, and of course the question had something to do with kissing. Of course.


"Carly, it's your turn. Truth or dare?" Shannon asked, her cheeks glowing pink from laughing at the last dare.

"Truth" Carly replied nervously.

"Okay... What's the name of the first boy you kissed?"

Everything went silent, all eyes on Carly, who was blushing furiously.

"Er... I've never been kissed"

All jaws dropped except for Sam's.

"Well. I guess you're just special" Shannon said.

-flashback end-

Yeah. She was special alright. Apparently the definition of 'special' had changed from 'distinguished' to 'virginal loser'. She was just waiting for the right guy, what was wrong with that?

Which came to why she was now speeding towards the ground, having been tripped by Shannon's rhinestone-studded converse.


She hit the floor, the pain in her arms and knees almost bringing her to tears.

"Carly?" She heard Freddie's voice, but ignored him, opting to just lay on the floor for a few moments before the pain began.

"Oh my god! Carly, did they kill you?" Freddie started going into hysterics.

"Dolt, she's fine. See? She's getting up" Sam stated, waving her hands at Carly's now standing back.

Carly turned to them, tears streaking down her face.

"No. I'm not fine" With that, she threw her stuff to the side and ran down the hall.

"What is going on?" Freddie asked Sam, never having seen Carly cry for no good reason.

"She didn't tell you about this weekend?" Sam asked, pulling Freddie aside.

"Um, you mentioned something about a 'freaky teenage witch party'" Freddie replied.

"Oh. Well, Carly's a lip virgin, and she's getting teased by the whole world because of it"

"Harsh" Freddie said, looking down the hallways that Carly disappeared down.

"You know, it wold be so much easier if someone just kissed her" Sam said boredly.

You could almost see the lightbulb go off over Freddie's head.

"Carly!" He yelled, running down the hall after her.