Potions and Snitches series

Disclaimer: Don't own this! Harry Potter is owned my JK Rowling.

Summary: In which Severus Snape finds a drunk incoherent Harry Potter and goes ahead to nurse him back to health.

Drabble 15: Discovery

Severus Snape is amused at all. He had to find Harry Potter drunk and looking like he was drugged out of his mind in the Slytherin dungeon. He'll have to help fix the Potter boy so that he can punish him.

"I'm nothing – hic – but a screw up! No one – loves – me" Harry told him after he launched his arms around Harry to steady his feet. Severus wanted to know what was going through Harry's mind.

"My family – hic – don't love me. They beat me – hurt me – just yesterday Uncle Vernon hurt my ribs," Harry kept on telling Severus about his home life.

"Such a pretty shade of blue," he heard Harry stating after drooling on his shirt. Severus was more worried about Harry's stupor if anything. Seemed like Harry was still out of it. He had to find the potions that will help Harry not be incoherent drunk and figure out what drugs Harry took. And then give him a detention and find Albus Dumbledore.

After giving Harry the potion, he saw that Harry fell asleep in his office. He goes to fetch a blanket.

"20 points from Gryffindor for being drunk idiot, Potter! And 15 points to Gryffindor for coming to me to heal you," he stated quietly. He had to go find Albus Dumbledore and talk about Harry's home life. He doesn't want another kid to go through the abuse he went through when he was younger. It sounded like Harry had a lot worst. Dumbledore had some explaining to do.